Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Broken (Part I)

So, the week's been a big, fat downer.

No, that's not really even true. It's been fine mixed with some really good and too much blech. Yada Prada. Bad weeks stink.

Today, things improved by about twelve-thousand percent, in every way possible. And I want to tell you all about it. I must. tell. you.

But first, there's something on my mind and I keep asking it to just move along. It's over and I won't lose sleep over it tonight. Still, nagging the back of my noggin is the thought that I need to speak up just a little. I think it's something that I might as well address, because Dr. Phil has taught us that we can't want what we don't ask for. Or we can't own what we secretly moan. (Something obscure and rhyming. Always, always the rhyming.)

Last night I received a comment that broke my heart a bit. I believe that it is right to share the truth about things, even the things that keep me up at night and make me cry. Even the hard parts of adoption and run-of-the-mill mothering. It's dangerous to paint too glowy a picture about things that are so real and important. I've done my best to gauge my sharing with sensitivity to the fact that my children will one day come back and read what I've written. I hope when they do that they get a clear sense of how hilarious they were, how their parents colored every day with love, the no-matter-what kind.

I'm washed alive by your words of encouragement that haul me to shore just when I'm about to drown. And general commiserating is like a linking of elbows. We're in Crazyville together! I can also appreciate honest, thoughtful words of advice. But if it something personal involving anyone other than myself, please, send me an email. (Just click the "contact me" tab up at the top.) And while we're already on this awkward topic, please sign your name to your anonymous comments. I come to you with a wide-open heart, fully me, the only way I know to be. Please honor that by doing the same.

I'm sorry to bother you with all of that. Please keep being awesome. Please keep cheering me on. I'll forever do the same for you.

Back in a jif....