Tuesday, October 4, 2011

31 Days: Letting Go is for Everyone

Well, you'll be happy to know that I did brush my teeth last night. But wouldn't it have been extra-dramatic if I hadn't?

I've gotta say, I was riveted by all of the snarky postmistress stories all'ayoun's shared. Is it some kind of epidemic we're working against here? Is there a good and gracious postmistress among us who might shed a little light? Because I need answers. Like why does it pain mine so deeply that I buy stamps with cash??

So, it's only day 4 and I'm already nervous that you're sick to death of talking about Letting Go. It's just that I think it's really important. As in, I never knew how important it was. I never imagined that I would care so much or think so often about it.

I want to make one thing really clear: This letting go that I'm doing? It's really pretty trivial. I know that in yammering on about it for 31 days I run the risk of over-dramatizing it. True, it feels dramatic, some days. But I also know that it's not even the half of it. Not even the tenth. Many of you could write a book on Letting Go, and you know what? Maybe you should. Because if there's something I'm learning right now, it's that it's good to know what to do next when you find yourself with your hands full of nothing but change.

So, today.

I did a really bad, supremely delicious, positively confusing thing. While the kids were napping, when I should have been packing, I grabbed the camera and took to the acreage. It felt like a sad last slow dance. For a moment or two, I thought I might cry.

But then I didn't.

Still, it was hard. It was hard because it reminded me of all of the different kinds of letting go. It's more than the house or the yard. It's letting go of dreams and ideas, identity and security. It's letting go of fundamental things that I have believed about myself from the time I was self-aware enough to believe anything at all.

It seems there's plenty left to say. I'm just warning you now. If you were hopeful that my 31 Days might veer off-course 'round about day ten, well, you've got 21 days of disappointment in your future.

But if you stick around, I think we might have some things to learn together. Because whether it's a person or a thing or an inkling of a dream, we all have something we need to unclench if we hold any hope of moving forward. And when you push past the jitters and the dark circles and the heartburn, there's a melty, cozy, tummy-flipping side to change that you might just fall in love with.