Saturday, October 15, 2011

Funny Face and More Perfume

I have the house blissfully to myself. I just ate a cinnamon Krispy Kreme doughnut. I am still in my sweats.


I have big plans for today.

I am inventing a pasta salad for tonight's barn party. It will involve roasted cauliflower and penne. Maybe rigatoni. But probably penne, because don't you think the longish shape will better compliment the cauliflower florets? Me, too.

I will also be writing another chapter of my book. I'm feeling a bit of momentum. (Everyone knock on a door, desk, whatev, with me...)

But first, this.

"OK guys, line up! All in a row! No, line up! In a row! Silas, come back. No, a line! In a row! Thank you. Now, show me your happiest smile."

"Ruby, is that really your happiest smile? Show me a pretty smile!"

"Ruby River!"

(Cue Mommy laughing so hard that I had to put the camera down.)

"Moch bettah!"

(Because they love it when I talk to them in my awful British/Irish/Norwegian/Pakistani accent.)

I don't know what to say, except my kids are totally weird. Especially this one. The girl defaults to random. And I LOVE it.

She told me yesterday, out of the blue, "I love Mommy more than our old Explorer!"

Why thank you, dear daughter! Even though Daddy rolled it in the ditch and we haven't ridden in it in about a year, I'm happy that you love me more than that!

She also recently told me that she loves me more than her old tree house.

Homegirl has never had a tree house.


And finally, your nostalgic comments on my "Stuff" post have had me all up in stitches. I adore a good throw-back. Thank you for the reminders of Love's Baby Soft and Exclamation! perfume. I wore them both with pride, though I regrettably never did own the Debbie Gibson Electric Youth perfume that smelled faintly of cat pee.

In case you missed it, go here to read my homage to the scents of my adolescence (and beyond).


*Please tell me you know the true meaning of LOL.