Saturday, October 15, 2011

Funny Face and More Perfume

I have the house blissfully to myself. I just ate a cinnamon Krispy Kreme doughnut. I am still in my sweats.


I have big plans for today.

I am inventing a pasta salad for tonight's barn party. It will involve roasted cauliflower and penne. Maybe rigatoni. But probably penne, because don't you think the longish shape will better compliment the cauliflower florets? Me, too.

I will also be writing another chapter of my book. I'm feeling a bit of momentum. (Everyone knock on a door, desk, whatev, with me...)

But first, this.

"OK guys, line up! All in a row! No, line up! In a row! Silas, come back. No, a line! In a row! Thank you. Now, show me your happiest smile."

"Ruby, is that really your happiest smile? Show me a pretty smile!"

"Ruby River!"

(Cue Mommy laughing so hard that I had to put the camera down.)

"Moch bettah!"

(Because they love it when I talk to them in my awful British/Irish/Norwegian/Pakistani accent.)

I don't know what to say, except my kids are totally weird. Especially this one. The girl defaults to random. And I LOVE it.

She told me yesterday, out of the blue, "I love Mommy more than our old Explorer!"

Why thank you, dear daughter! Even though Daddy rolled it in the ditch and we haven't ridden in it in about a year, I'm happy that you love me more than that!

She also recently told me that she loves me more than her old tree house.

Homegirl has never had a tree house.


And finally, your nostalgic comments on my "Stuff" post have had me all up in stitches. I adore a good throw-back. Thank you for the reminders of Love's Baby Soft and Exclamation! perfume. I wore them both with pride, though I regrettably never did own the Debbie Gibson Electric Youth perfume that smelled faintly of cat pee.

In case you missed it, go here to read my homage to the scents of my adolescence (and beyond).


*Please tell me you know the true meaning of LOL.


  1. Lots of Love, TTFN, LYLAS, E.

  2. ruby is a crack up! love it!
    exclamation was the greatest, no doubt.
    happy weekend to you, sweet farmgirl! xo

  3. Ah yes, Love's Baby Soft...I had the spritz, the bath gel and the powder so I could layer that fragrance.

  4. LOL??? ;)
    The fact that you are loved more than a ditched broken down ol' truck is totally making me Laugh Out Loud! :)
    Did I mention I loved Exclamation! too? ;) Yes, yes I did!!!
    You will always be my favorite farmgirl!!! Have a boot scootin' good time at the barn party tonight!

  5. Exclamation! I wore that too! HOW did my mom tolerate that god-awful smell?

    Did you have a Debbie Gibson fedora, blazer with shoulder pads worn proudly with leggings and a bolo tie?

  6. Exclamation! I totally wore that... thank you for reminding me... i am giggling this morning!


  7. Oh, Ruby's "happy" face made me laugh so hard!! What a girl. I also wore Exclamation! I thought I was so cool.

  8. You and those 3 cuties always make me smile!


  9. What an adorable bunch of kids! You are one lucky woman :)

  10. Oh My GOSH. That face!!!!!!! I love her and I've never even met her live in in person. LOVE her that she is capable of that hilariousness....I hope she keeps it up her whole life!! I'm going to make that face at my kids right now - it's excellent. Thanks Ruby!

  11. Love of Leprechauns?
    Lots of Lovehandles?
    Loads of Laundry?


  12. Nowadays I can't take a picture without my son giving me this squinty eye cheesey smile. "Smile nice" CHEESE. "No, your nice smile. Not so big." CHEESE. Give up and snap it anyway.

    He also loves a good mommy accent-he favors my western/twangy/hill-billy one.

  13. I LOVED exclamation even though it gave me a wicked headache every time I wore it. I was also quite partial to the 'Smells like Giorgio' spray can. I was all class.

    I can't tell you how jealous I am that you have that stack of 'Teen' magazines. I might need to look into that and relive my youth:)

  14. LOVE all of your children! They are soooo adorable :)

  15. i've decided that everyone needs a Ruby. because who doesn't want to feel more loved than a broken down, banged up ol' Explorer?!

  16. Sister friend has the upper hand of face-making.

    Her sidekicks may have to take a notion for a lesson or two.

    Keeks is sporting her lion hair today. Made me think of Rubes all the live-long day.


  17. She is a funny girl. Love the last photo. Looks like they are doing just fine. I thought LOL meant "Laughing out loud."

  18. I do NOT have a clue,to the original meaning or the present meaning. Surely you didn't think I would have, did you????

  19. Love that Ruby girl!!!...reminds me of one of my crazies around here ;)

  20. I love this many funny things about it! I'm glad you shared it!

  21. What a hoot! Laughter is the best isn't it?

  22. Oh my gosh! My sister cleaned out her garage and gave me her old Debbie G. CD. I've been listening to it every day in my car and Electric Youth is Brooklyn's new favorite song. Anyway THEN I was remembering that I got the perfume for my birthday in third grade and it smelled SO good, so I wanted to see if I could find some on ebay. I haven't yet, and now that you've said it smells like cat pee, I'm actually not going to after all. :)

  23. Oh, I'm laughing out LOUD! Those funny faces and the Explorer in the ditch and my memory of that blue bottle of Electric Youth!

  24. this one? truly hysterical.
    i think ruby and i are secret soul mates.
    i totally love random.
    and funny smiley faces of littles.

  25. Oh, that face! And loving you more than a treehouse she's never had takes the cake!

  26. Had to pop in to let you know I just discovered your blog and am happily reading through your 31 day posts...your children are adorable, and Ruby is hilarious (the treehouse comment? priceless!). Will be sharing your series on my blog Tuesday:) Happy Week! xoxo

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