Friday, October 7, 2011

31 Days: When Letting Go is Easier Than it Should Be (At Least for Now)

Well, as it turns out, I do have some muscles in my legs and I know this because they're sore. I've been packing for days and days. We've been blessed by family and friends who have offered hours here and there, watched our kids, and brought us Subway, apple crisp and cornbread.

Off and on over the past week I've caught myself thinking of the rental house as a quirky little vacation condo. It always alarmed me when I noticed what I was doing. I can only imagine the free-fall to reality that would follow.

All day today, I've been at peace, even when Silas ran up the barn hill wall for the first time in his little plastic cowboy boots. I smiled and then had a flash of a thought, "Wait, shouldn't this be making me sad right now?"

Maybe I'm in denial.

Maybe packing up this place has been so much work that I'm ready to run away and park it for a while.

Or maybe all of the prayers you're throwing our way are working double-duty.

Maybe God really does know all about that invisible thread that tethers us to certain places. He gets it. He helps us cut that thread and he ties it somewhere else, loosely.

So, this is it, folks. It's my last night here in this gorgeous place. I find myself excited for the new owners. I remember my first day here thinking over and over again, "This is mine!" And I hope they feel the same way.

Though the blues lag behind a bit, they're probably sure to follow. And assuming they find me in the next 20-odd days, you'll hear all about it.

But for now, I'm just ready. I'm ready for my cozy vacation home. I'm ready to cook dinner in my duck-bordered kitchen. I'm ready to read the magazines that have been piling up. I'm ready for a winter of ginger-lemon tea and nights where Calvin and Ruby share the room on the other side of our wall.

We're bunking up. And though someone told me that we'll be doing this whole moving thing again in less than a year, I refuse to think about it right now.

One day at a time.

Don't you worry none.

We'll just take it like it comes.

One day at a time. One day at a time. One day at a time.

Flower Patch Rentalgirl

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