Monday, October 31, 2011

31 Days of Letting Go: Bringing it Home

I was thirsty, and you gave me a drink. Matthew 25:35b

Somewhere around day 20 of this Letting Go series, I knew: talk was great, words can change things, but action is where it's really at. I'd lay in bed at night with the sheets up to my chin and the streetlamps bright enough to read by and I'd dream big. I did it with you in mind. I started to think that maybe we could be a part of something big together.

So, let's build a well for a community that needs one. I think we can.

It costs $10,000 to dig a proper well large enough for a community of roughly 500 families. $10,000. That's a lot of zeros. Does it scare you a little? Me, too.

Maybe it will focus our minds on the truth of the upcoming Christmas season. Maybe in giving and saving and scrimping and sacrificing and giving even more, our hearts will beat a new kind of truth. Maybe we can let go of all of the excuses we'll inevitably make and just do this thing.

Who knows, maybe we'll build two wells.

Be reminded that you, me, we're all wealthy. We can go this very minute to our faucet, turn it on, and walk away. We can send it on down the drain and not think twice. We have been given much, so let's give back. Let's give water - Life.

Don't do it because you feel bad, or because it will make you feel better. Do it because it's necessary.

The fundraiser is set up for six months, though I think we can best it. I'll be posting updates and reminders moving forward.

Homies, I'm excited! To say that we helped channel clean water to a community that had none? Amazing.

Let's pray it up and beg for changed hearts. Let's prop toothpicks in our eyes until we see the world beyond our little corner and refuse to look away. Let's take hold of this opportunity to be used by Christ. He loves us all the same, you know. Us and them, we're related. Let's give them water.

Since I'm all-things-nontechnical, I enlisted the help of our friend, pastor/graphic designer Ryan*. (That's his voice behind the camera here.) With precious little guidance from me, he created a perfect logo for this project.

Click the logo or here to enter the Flower Patch Farmgirl fundraising page through Samaritan's Purse. I will also have the grab-button linked on my sidebar very soon.

On your mark, get set...GO!

* If you're in the market for a button for your blog or a project of your own, Ryan would be happy to help! Contact him at .

**All photos straight from the lens of my sister.