Monday, October 31, 2011

31 Days of Letting Go: Bringing it Home

I was thirsty, and you gave me a drink. Matthew 25:35b

Somewhere around day 20 of this Letting Go series, I knew: talk was great, words can change things, but action is where it's really at. I'd lay in bed at night with the sheets up to my chin and the streetlamps bright enough to read by and I'd dream big. I did it with you in mind. I started to think that maybe we could be a part of something big together.

So, let's build a well for a community that needs one. I think we can.

It costs $10,000 to dig a proper well large enough for a community of roughly 500 families. $10,000. That's a lot of zeros. Does it scare you a little? Me, too.

Maybe it will focus our minds on the truth of the upcoming Christmas season. Maybe in giving and saving and scrimping and sacrificing and giving even more, our hearts will beat a new kind of truth. Maybe we can let go of all of the excuses we'll inevitably make and just do this thing.

Who knows, maybe we'll build two wells.

Be reminded that you, me, we're all wealthy. We can go this very minute to our faucet, turn it on, and walk away. We can send it on down the drain and not think twice. We have been given much, so let's give back. Let's give water - Life.

Don't do it because you feel bad, or because it will make you feel better. Do it because it's necessary.

The fundraiser is set up for six months, though I think we can best it. I'll be posting updates and reminders moving forward.

Homies, I'm excited! To say that we helped channel clean water to a community that had none? Amazing.

Let's pray it up and beg for changed hearts. Let's prop toothpicks in our eyes until we see the world beyond our little corner and refuse to look away. Let's take hold of this opportunity to be used by Christ. He loves us all the same, you know. Us and them, we're related. Let's give them water.

Since I'm all-things-nontechnical, I enlisted the help of our friend, pastor/graphic designer Ryan*. (That's his voice behind the camera here.) With precious little guidance from me, he created a perfect logo for this project.

Click the logo or here to enter the Flower Patch Farmgirl fundraising page through Samaritan's Purse. I will also have the grab-button linked on my sidebar very soon.

On your mark, get set...GO!

* If you're in the market for a button for your blog or a project of your own, Ryan would be happy to help! Contact him at .

**All photos straight from the lens of my sister.


  1. You bet we can do this!! Lets put our hand in His and let Him point us in the direction of action, to His children, our brothers and sisters that can't even imagine clean water. And knowing Samaritan's Purse, they will also come to know the Living water.

  2. This is so refreshing, to see someone do good things with their blog and for such a huge cause. I can't wait to see the results!

  3. Water =life. Without it, one will perish as countless do every day. God is also our source of life and through this prompting of the Spirit we can give Life more abundantly to them, our extended family, our brothers and sisters who are crying out and begging for us to not only lend an ear but step up to the plate and swing the bat for them.

  4. We love it when our Samaritan's Purse Gift Catalog comes in the mail. We pour over it studying the different needs. This is such a great way to give. Never would we be able to supply a well on our own, but joining together we can make that well a reality. Thank you for the series. It's made a difference.

  5. I love this! My hubby is in the Dominican right now actioning some prayers.

  6. Way to bring it home!
    I agree, more action ~ less talk, I've (personally-not about you 'cause your talk is beautiful) been feeling it too!

    God's already using you in GREAT new ways farmgirlie! Can't wait too see how His plan unfolds!!!

  7. LOVE it!! I was praying for the African people this morning,and I prayed,God,allow me,some way to be a conduit to meet their needs. Bingo. If I cant actually go there at the moment,this I can do. R.Miller

  8. Heard a song this morning, "If you are who you say you are, I've got nothing to lose." Get that button up here, farmgirl, I want to join in!

  9. I love that you're doing this!! If everyone who reads and loves your blog gave a little bit, this could be accomplished!

    I'm on board and excited to see updates!!

    You rock, kid.



  10. Count me in.
    We'll commit to giving 10% of the sales from our family rules signs in November....
    I'll donate it at the end of this month!

  11. Yes! Bring it home with hearts and hands and love.

    Thank you, friend.

  12. I LOVED your series! If I was a publisher, you'd have a check in hand.....or however that works. :) You ended it so beautifully!! I just KNOW the goal is going to be reached! Thanks for using your gifts to reach out to the less fortunate and to further His kingdom! xo

  13. Love this! Just a few weeks ago I got the "Christmas catalog" from Samaritan's Purse of all the tangible things you can give to those in need throughout the world. It got me thinking about what else I could do this holiday season for those who are really in need. We have so much. I'll be praying about how God wants me to give. This is exciting!

  14. I'm so in! Nice Job on the logo Ryno, beautiful pics, Keisha! Love love love this idea. Our Ladies' Ministry is trying to purchase a well as well (;)) this Christmas season, and I'm hoping to donate a few items to the auction to help. It's the year of clean water! Looking forward to grabbing that button later too.

  15. Hey! Is it okay if I write a post about this and use the graphic (with a link to the donation site) on my blog? You can email me at :)

  16. For the love of Pete. This is brilliant.


    This is why I love thee.


  17. What a great way to end your month! Thanks. For making it easy for me to put my money where my mouth is! Good season for it too! The upcoming Christmas season is always such a dual edged sword for me. On one hand I always end up spending more than I should, but at the same time, I am so aware of how I am racking my brain trying to come up with useful or wanted gift ideas for all my friends and family...which leads me to feeling how rich we all really are in comparison to others in the world. Being thrifty and careful with my spending to help with this is just what I need now!

  18. Do you know if there's a way to donate with paypal??

  19. Love it and loved the 31 days with this very cool ending!!

  20. Love this! Spreading the word and asking people to give to this instead of buying more stuff we don't need for my son. I hope that someday, he will look back and see that every person can help, even in small ways, to make a big difference. Blessings to you!

  21. I'm in!
    I blogged about this...hope it helps!!

  22. Thank you. Merry Christmas! I've been a stalker here for a looong time- so happy to be a teenie little part of this!

  23. You are inspiring to the point of giving me goosebumps on this cold December morning. I just found your blog and you definitely have a new follower! Merry Merry Christmas!

    Amanda@Bullfrogs and Bulldogs