Thursday, October 20, 2011

31 Days: Letting Go of Beige

I've already told you that prior to moving in I fancied this rental house my secret-hideaway vacation condo. I'm finding that it lives up to the hype, at least in some regards. It's quiet here (no home phone!) and it's small. And foreign. We feel tucked in and inspired to pick up a book.

I also believed that I would willingly embrace the fleetingness of this house. I would resist the urge to make it "me". I wouldn't care one bit that no one thought my digs were swoony. I would rise above it all. I'd prove to myself that I could.

Then we moved in, and my very first day I waged battle against The Beige. It's all beige, all the time, people. (And when it's not beige, it's swiney pink.)

I can do many things, it seems. I can wash dishes every night in the slow-draining sink. I can vacuum the kitchen and the mud room yet dust mop the bedrooms. I can step around puddles from leaky pipes.

I cannot bear the beige.

I was on an all-out hunt for color. Any thing. Any color. It didn't have to match. Functionality wasn't a requirement. I just. needed. some dadgummed orange. And blue. Etc.

So, the table is one of those six-footers from Sam's Club, but she's wearing her Thursday finest.

There's nothing pin-worthy happening up in this hood. You won't be impressed when you stop by and you don't have to pretend to be - it won't hurt my feelings.

As for me, I'm still busy learning. Today's lesson? When life hands you a beige rental, just sprinkle on a little confetti. You'll be fine.

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