Tuesday, September 20, 2011

This Isn't the Giveaway

My plans for today's giveaway were just derailed by the absence of a critical picture. As in, I just can't do it without it. As in, it's a no-go, Joe. (At least until tomorrow.)

Also, I'm kinda tired.

Also, I'm leaving tomorrow for St. Louie for the ACFW conference. I haven't packed or printed off any of the necessary documents, but I did make these caramel apple cheesecake bars (sans caramel). True to form, I spent my time baking a frivolous dessert when I had a million other things to do. And I won't even be here to eat it. And Cory doesn't have a sweet tooth. So, if you're in the area, please show up at my back door and demand a slab. You think I'm joking? It'd be criminal if it went to waste.

The bulk of my day was spent hauling Robert off to the dentist. No cavities! But do not act happy or surprised, because he takes great offense to the assumption that he might have had some cavities. On the way to take him back, he detailed the significance of something known as "mean mug" to the "ghetto fabulous" (his words) survival of a guy such as himself. I've got to say, I found the whole thing a little depressing and defeating, but I walked away with a sliver of new understanding. And a greater appreciation that the Robert we love is all smiles and hugs and dumb jokes.

Dinner was way, way late, but Calvin proclaimed my addition of elbow macaroni to the chili "better than beef-a-roni!", and those words just don't lie.

After dinner, Haven rolled in unexpectedly in her Subway uniform and flopped down in a chair like the good ol' days. She hasn't been with us now for about six weeks and it was fun to see her sitting across the island while I chopped my apples.

I stood there chopping and talking about important things and it struck me - I never would have pictured my life like this. I never would have known these blessings. It was the best kind of epiphany and it made me more excited than ever to roll out Phase II.

(FYI, I just ate a slice of caramel-less apple cheesecake Heaven. God bless Pinterest.)

I may be scarce over the next few days. I'll be all conferency with my fancy pants and my bookish jitters.

I'll be back soon with a full report. But I imagine you already gathered as much.