Tuesday, September 20, 2011

This Isn't the Giveaway

My plans for today's giveaway were just derailed by the absence of a critical picture. As in, I just can't do it without it. As in, it's a no-go, Joe. (At least until tomorrow.)

Also, I'm kinda tired.

Also, I'm leaving tomorrow for St. Louie for the ACFW conference. I haven't packed or printed off any of the necessary documents, but I did make these caramel apple cheesecake bars (sans caramel). True to form, I spent my time baking a frivolous dessert when I had a million other things to do. And I won't even be here to eat it. And Cory doesn't have a sweet tooth. So, if you're in the area, please show up at my back door and demand a slab. You think I'm joking? It'd be criminal if it went to waste.

The bulk of my day was spent hauling Robert off to the dentist. No cavities! But do not act happy or surprised, because he takes great offense to the assumption that he might have had some cavities. On the way to take him back, he detailed the significance of something known as "mean mug" to the "ghetto fabulous" (his words) survival of a guy such as himself. I've got to say, I found the whole thing a little depressing and defeating, but I walked away with a sliver of new understanding. And a greater appreciation that the Robert we love is all smiles and hugs and dumb jokes.

Dinner was way, way late, but Calvin proclaimed my addition of elbow macaroni to the chili "better than beef-a-roni!", and those words just don't lie.

After dinner, Haven rolled in unexpectedly in her Subway uniform and flopped down in a chair like the good ol' days. She hasn't been with us now for about six weeks and it was fun to see her sitting across the island while I chopped my apples.

I stood there chopping and talking about important things and it struck me - I never would have pictured my life like this. I never would have known these blessings. It was the best kind of epiphany and it made me more excited than ever to roll out Phase II.

(FYI, I just ate a slice of caramel-less apple cheesecake Heaven. God bless Pinterest.)

I may be scarce over the next few days. I'll be all conferency with my fancy pants and my bookish jitters.

I'll be back soon with a full report. But I imagine you already gathered as much.


  1. oh my gosh, look at you going to a CONFERENCE! How exciting!
    I mean really.

    and what's with the hose? you're so random. me likey.

  2. look at me, i'm number one. ohhohhohh will i be number two?

    (this is meant to be sung. try it)

  3. YES!!!!

    (what if I do this to your blog the whole time you're gone? it's possible.

  4. somebody stop me.


    this is what comes from having a husband out of town and no dessert bars to speak of.

  5. Ha ha ha ha ha!

    Go read your book, Lady. (Do you have it yet??)

  6. have waaaaayyyy fun. don't pee your pants scared, k? laughing at ostrich girl up there^^^. do you think maybe you should get her out of her house ever so often?

  7. I want some of that cheesecake right this second at 11:40 pm : ) Should I make it?

  8. Your open door is truly inspirational! You're like the mom everyone wants (trust me, my daughter mentioned this). Have fun at the conference! I saw that Mesu was going too. You know her, right?? Looking forward to the SS party, maybe we can actually get a chance to chat!!
    That dessert looks scrumptious!! I wonder if I have an excuse to drive north to justify a piece? It must not go to waste. :)

  9. Have fun at the conference! I'm interested to know what you think of that one ... Also, just read that post about foster children - made me teary. So, so good. I interviewed a social worker about our counties foster care program a while back and I couldn't shake the interview for weeks. It did a number on me. Our family ended up signing up to foster. We'll see what God has in store. (Good luck at the conference :)

  10. oh, that is definitely something i would do; bake instead of showering, packing, actually doing laundry so my kids had clean clothes to wear for a few days while i was away...love that you do it, too. now i feel way less-loserish (it is too a word). have fun in st. louis!

  11. I've found your blog about a month ago. It is so beautiful. God's grace, mercy and love weave through every word you write and your sweet family! Thank you for sharing your heart here! It has been such a blessing to my soul!
    Im curious to know if you allow your blogging fans to follow you on pintrest too :) Im not a very creative gal, so I like to glean off of others creativity :D

  12. well i never. a bookish conference. so excited for you!
    i will be in california, grieving your absence at blog sugar. it's possible i will email you updates and anything else i think you need to know. mostly, i will be praying you have a super fun time!! xo

    i want that cheesecake, sounds amazing.
    and better than beefaroni? sounds legit.

    love ya.

  13. I don't bake when I procrastinate. I sit in front of the computer. I'm not sure which is worse the sitting on my bottom or eating sweets. (I was supposed to be sewing right now. Well, not right now. It's almost 1 am. I'm supposed to be in bed right now.)

  14. I'm with Southern Gal on the computer procrastination, but I'd make time for anything with caramel or cheesecake in the name. Have fun at your conference!

  15. Have fun at your conference....
    and see pictures....
    and hear of the adventures....

    and you are SO right....GOD BLESS PINTEREST.

  16. I saved that recipe off of pinterest too! Wish I could drop by your place and partake.

  17. I love it when you get all conferency, Farmgirl. Have a wonderful time!

  18. Can't wait to hear all about the conference!!

    And, don't think I won't stop by for some of that caramel-less apple cheesecake ;)

    Have fun, I will miss your posts!!


  19. Those Apple Cheesecake bars are making my mouth water! ;)
    Thanks for the offer, but I'm a 'good' girl, so I won't be stopping by for a slab!
    Wishing you ALL the best at the conference!!!

  20. hmmmm, could these be the treats that are waiting for me at home :-)
    love ya and have a great time away!

  21. Ode to Siley.

    I love it.

    You rule the school, sister friend.


  22. He is a little cutie-patootie. Have fun at your get-away!
    xo, Cheryl

  23. knock 'em dead with your fancy duds and mad writerly skillz.

    i may need to be in the area. and not just for the bars.

  24. love your posts all the time, but especially as of late. God is moving and growing and stretching us. It's not all clear yet what that will look like for our family but I know that for the first time in a long time, we are sitting at His feet, willing to break free from the typical "American Dream" that we so easily bought into and open to our life looking a lot different and not making a whole lot of sense to anyone else around us. For right now, that looks like us still living here in suburbia. It is me beginning a volunteer position sitting with hospice patients at the hospice house every Thursday afternoon- praying and shaking before I enter their rooms- humbled that I get the chance to attempt to encourage them and praying God gives me some words of comfort to offer them and their families. It is keeping up our foster care license/training hours even though we just finished 2 years of horrible court dates that ended with the adoption of our sweet girl but left us worn out and broken over the system that is failing so many kids. It is sharing our foster care/adoption story with small groups and large groups and praying God uses it somehow. What I would really like is for God's plan to include a big move, a total starting over but for now He is having us start over right where we are and in a way it scares me even more. Anyway, all that to say, you sharing your family's story is so encouraging to us right now (I recap your posts to my hubby often) and I'm so looking forward to reading more about what God has for you guys!!

  25. will miss your posts here for a few days, but if an editor or agent at acfw sees how great your writing is and helps you be even further on the way to publication, then our temporary loss is well worth it! best wishes - and enjoy letting someone else cook for a change. :)


  26. Cory better bring the heavenly dessert this weekend -no matter the cost. Maybe I should remind Little C, since he has the memory AND knows we have "sweet teeth" on this side of the state line.
    Sorry you won't be joining us-- AND the cat carrier should be waiting for your arrival back 'home'.

  27. Looks like a fun conference-can't wait to hear about it.

    Those bars look amazing! I recently tried a recipe for chocolate chip cookie dough cheesecake bars. They didn't quite turn out-consistency-wise, but tasted delicious...but anything with cheesecake does!

  28. I would suggest you try Imo's pizza while in STL... it's a staple for my kids when we go to visit... but you either love it or hate it... there's no in between... the house dressing is good, too.

  29. Let me just start this by saying your posts touch me on a regular basis but yesterday you just cut to the heart of me. I hopped on over to Small Town Joy and had me some major toe steppin on moments. Needless to say, it was an eye opening and life changing trip. Thanks for sending me her way. Enjoy your conference and is there any cheesecake left? Patty