Friday, September 2, 2011

A Thesis For Today

This world of mine swings on the hinges of tiny shoes with laces that always end up getting stepped on. The days are strung together with clothespins that have been neglected into a driftwood-like existence, but boy, does the air smell good. Dinner is seconds-worthy but dessert is only half-finished. The sheets are wrinkled, the salsa has a kick.

Life is complicated and boring, it's magical and mundane. It's scooping up memories and holding them near. It's figuring out life and contemplating fashion for four straight hours on the leather sofa of a friend.

Happy long weekend, Homies. Take the grand and the iffy and mix it all up. Spike it with two shots of gratitude and garnish it with something decadent. Raise your voice only to sing. Wear your special occasion underwear. There's no better time than the one we're in - this one - right here.