Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tea for Three

Back around the time we set out to adopt Calvin, a Tea Collection catalog magically arrived in my mailbox and I was hooked. I dog-eared that thing to death and daydreamed about my one-day collage of beautiful, brown-skinned babies dressed in funky, cozy duds.

Six years later......

I can't tell you how funny I find this photo.

Jeez Louise, boys! Smile for your Daddy!

Much better.

Tea Collection contacted me recently to see if I would be interested in spreading the word about their line of children's clothing in exchange for some goodies for the kids. LetmethinkaboutitYES.

It was so much fun picking out what we wanted. Calvin is forever wanting to be "twins" with Silas, so I jumped on the chance. I nearly gave myself an ulcer trying to choose between all of the amazing dresses for Ruby. I think I finally resorted to" eenie-meenie-miney-mo", then I did the whole "My mother told me to pick the very best one and you are not it", followed by, "You dirty old dish-rag YOU", because I still couldn't accept the fact that I couldn't have them all.

The clothes arrived and I was as impressed as I knew I would be. Here are my favorite things about this line:
1) They use super-soft, super-comfy knit fabrics in fun and unexpected patterns and colors. There's no run-of-the-mill here, and I really dig that.
2) They are a global-thinking company. Each seasonal line draws inspiration from a different country. This line is Modern Mexico. A while back I bought the Seoul t-shirt from their Korea-inspired line.
3) The prices are reasonable and they offer fantastic sales.
4) The quality is top notch.
5) The children's clothing actually looks like children's clothing and not just down-sized big people stuff.

As much as we love the clothes, the photo-shoot was a bit of a different story...

I was inside making grilled cheese sandwiches after church. Silas kept yelling, "I a hungy bo!"

He totally knows how to say "boy", but I think he believes that "bo" is the correct word in certain situations. (I wonder how long we can continue to promote that idea? It sure it cute.)

At least amid Calvin's forced Jack-o-Lantern smile and Siley's angst, we have Ruby Girl.

This is an unfortunate optical illusion. Calvin will learn quickly that he must never stand down-hill next to his younger sister who stands eye-to-eye with him.

I flipped the last sandwich and ran out to join them.

(My dress came from here.)

Then we dined like royalty on grilled cheese and Spaghettios.

To nose around Tea's fun website, click here.