Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tea for Three

Back around the time we set out to adopt Calvin, a Tea Collection catalog magically arrived in my mailbox and I was hooked. I dog-eared that thing to death and daydreamed about my one-day collage of beautiful, brown-skinned babies dressed in funky, cozy duds.

Six years later......

I can't tell you how funny I find this photo.

Jeez Louise, boys! Smile for your Daddy!

Much better.

Tea Collection contacted me recently to see if I would be interested in spreading the word about their line of children's clothing in exchange for some goodies for the kids. LetmethinkaboutitYES.

It was so much fun picking out what we wanted. Calvin is forever wanting to be "twins" with Silas, so I jumped on the chance. I nearly gave myself an ulcer trying to choose between all of the amazing dresses for Ruby. I think I finally resorted to" eenie-meenie-miney-mo", then I did the whole "My mother told me to pick the very best one and you are not it", followed by, "You dirty old dish-rag YOU", because I still couldn't accept the fact that I couldn't have them all.

The clothes arrived and I was as impressed as I knew I would be. Here are my favorite things about this line:
1) They use super-soft, super-comfy knit fabrics in fun and unexpected patterns and colors. There's no run-of-the-mill here, and I really dig that.
2) They are a global-thinking company. Each seasonal line draws inspiration from a different country. This line is Modern Mexico. A while back I bought the Seoul t-shirt from their Korea-inspired line.
3) The prices are reasonable and they offer fantastic sales.
4) The quality is top notch.
5) The children's clothing actually looks like children's clothing and not just down-sized big people stuff.

As much as we love the clothes, the photo-shoot was a bit of a different story...

I was inside making grilled cheese sandwiches after church. Silas kept yelling, "I a hungy bo!"

He totally knows how to say "boy", but I think he believes that "bo" is the correct word in certain situations. (I wonder how long we can continue to promote that idea? It sure it cute.)

At least amid Calvin's forced Jack-o-Lantern smile and Siley's angst, we have Ruby Girl.

This is an unfortunate optical illusion. Calvin will learn quickly that he must never stand down-hill next to his younger sister who stands eye-to-eye with him.

I flipped the last sandwich and ran out to join them.

(My dress came from here.)

Then we dined like royalty on grilled cheese and Spaghettios.

To nose around Tea's fun website, click here.


  1. I think they are the cutest bunch. If only I can pull off the boots and knee highs. Love the look. I fear my short legs wouldn't fair so well and I would look cut off at the knees.

  2. YOUR DRESS!!!! I LOVE IT! (Esp. with the boots!)
    and of course the littles are precious in their new duds. :)

  3. Those boots Ruby has on are adorable! Love little Silas exspressions. You guys look gorgeous!

  4. Had never heard of this company! Love, love their stuff!!! And your dress+knee highs are totes awesome!

  5. You'll cherish those photos always, even the jack-o-lantern faces, angst and cheese grins.
    Lovely clothing. Yours, too.

  6. I love Tea!! I remember drooling over their catalog as a nanny long before I had kids.

    Your dress is divine and I love your boots. Hoody girl take the day off, did she? Good for her! You are too cute, as always :)

    Happy Tuesday!


  7. Your little one's are so precious...even with crabby expressions :)
    Lucky you for being given this offer!

  8. Very nice. If only my three girls were still little enough to wear these. But your dress, oh my. I'm feeling some Calvin inspiration and just might need to be your twin.

  9. Cute, cute, cute! I think I just might have to nose around the catalog for my niece and nephew. And I adore that dress you're wearing!

  10. Ruby, it such a young lady. And the boys are boys!!! And I love them all.
    A side note,thanks for the side bar about Tiny Hands, I dropped in and read and read about what they are doing. Lets just say I will be praying all day for their ministry and the children they are helping. I am going to contact them to get more info. Again thanks......Nepal....

  11. This brings back memories of a photoshoot I did in a similar location about this time last year. Come to think of it, there is a striking resemblence betwixt my adorable models and your adorable models.
    Now I'm sad.
    Miss you.
    And them.

  12. So stinkin' cute! Your kids are always adorable!

  13. i too have always loved Tea's line of clothes. Right now their Mexico line has almost sent me over the edge. Good thing it gets cool here so late in the year...all of this goodness will be on sale by then!

  14. My kiddo pix look a bit different...it's all blue jeans and rooster tails. It's quite a ride, being the only estrogen producer in a sea of testosterone (4 boys, ages 21 to 5, and 1 husband). That's why I take my mission to bring some pink think into the haze very seriously. (laffing)

    Very cute pictures.

  15. Goodness Gracious...your kiddies are so dang cute!!

    LOVE the clothes. I will take a look for my nieces and nephews.

    LOVE your dress. I just perused the site and found this one below. Guess why I like it so much? Yep, it looks comfy and they hooked me at the word "cozy"..I'm lazy:


  16. cutenessoverload! and tea clothes to review??...i agree...um yes please!! the clothes IS great...my boys love the pull on pants.....

    your dress is am.azing. on you..... great pictures my dear :)

  17. Oh, I just love that catalog! They all look so darling.

  18. oh my word. that first one. those are SOME LOOKS. :) they are completely smoochable. :)

  19. Beautiful. Cutest thing ever. I chuckled aloud at quite a few pics.

  20. i used to ogle tea with deep-sighed fondness when elle was a wee lassie. darn you for reintroducing us. :)

    love those kiddies of yours.

  21. Law.

    The cuteness overfloweth from these young'uns of yours.

    I went over and drooled over the catalog.

    Can Rubes just will that dress to Keeks? That would mark one off my wish list that grows every time I wander back over there.

    You are one stylish girl. I may be a twinge jealous. Not enough to call the preacher about.


  22. Fo' reals?! Your dress is adorable. I have eyed one very similar for months now at our local boutique. It carries a $289 price tag. I am so glad that I can now own a similar one! Thanks for the link!

  23. first of all, adore your dress! so so cute!

    and love your kiddos. they are so adorable!

  24. Adorable kids, beautiful pics and another wonderful post. I just can't get enough of your blog. Thank you for sharing! On my way to check out the link.
    -Julia from Seattle

  25. I am happy to see you in a pic or two! You hot momma (insert you blushing:-) Love the clothes and your sweet kiddos!

  26. okay where have i been? never even heard of tea collection. off to check them out. you look like a giant standing there. a really tall beautiful giant;) love the outfits.

  27. y'all are the cutest!!! oh, and because we share a mind link I was all making the grilled cheeses on Sunday too!

  28. How sweet are all of these outfits!! Oh my....and the boots with Ruby's dress. Completely adorable. You have a beautiful family.

  29. beautiful family in simply adorable clothes! =)

  30. oh how fun! cute cute cute! lovin your dress too!

  31. Thank you for the link to your dress. I am in loving the shop. My sixteen year old will also thank you once she gets home from school. I've already virtually worn many of the dresses. And I am one happy northern Canadian.


  32. Thanks for sharing the photos! You and your children are sooooooooo adorable! Love the one of them against the peeling paint.
    so sweet.
    xo, Cheryl

  33. They have that ticked off model look down pat!
    I don't think you could pay um to be any cuter!
    And girl you just keep getting more gorgeous....

  34. We LOVE tea at this house! I wish I could afford more of it. Their stuff really holds up well and has a classic look that can go through multiple kids. Love the boys shirts - if this next baby is a boy, we may have to get on of those.

  35. thank you for both new shops, wow! love them.

    please do tell, your boots???

  36. How cute are all of you!!!!!!!!
    have a pretty day!

  37. Seriously, can your children be anymore cute? I know that your children are adopted, but I truly believe they were brought into this world specifically for you and Cory to adopt and love. You all are just too perfect together. Your family makes me smile:)

  38. Your children are beautiful. Ruby's smile makes up for the boys, too :)

  39. Thanks for sharing...I had never heard of Tea Collection.

    I love Silas's look in the first shot!

  40. so funny that you would stop by today... i've been thinking about you... wondering if i should go to blissdom a la flower patch farmgirl... wish i had those guts!!
    planning on going this year??
    and those babies? beautiful! love the 'tea collection', love your humor, and i love the pics, too.

  41. I cannot tell you how much I love the photo of you and your kiddos!! Y'all are absolutely precious!!

  42. I need to go to a list format:
    1. Ruby girl is darling. She's got the sweet model pose down pat. And her boots! They slay me.
    2. The boys' faces are priceless. That first photo is a keeper.
    3. You know I love Tea! All of Si's {and my} favorites are from them.
    4. The photo of you with the kiddos is beyond sweet. I love every last detail.
    5. That salsa of yours better have been gobbled up today! I swear I dreamt of it during my nap.

  43. Ok, I think you have a few future models on your hands! Check out Siley in photos #1, #3 and #5 specifically. That homeboy has down the stance, and his look in #1 is killer! I can see it now. Also, Calvin in #1, look at the way his hand is holding onto his shirt, and Ruby in #2 and #3 with her little side stance is killer. Get thee(s) to thee runway!

  44. O.K...
    I think there's a pretty good chance that I'm a pleaser in denial! Dang it! I don't wanna be a pleaser!


  45. And now I'm airing my stupids too, because I commented on the wrong dang post!
    I'm going back to work....

  46. lovely children!! i adore tea collection!! we have given several fun pieces as gifts, but elijah doesn't own a stitch yet. hoping to remedy that soon...maybe christmas!

    also, you are one pretty mama. xo

  47. We love Tea clothes, too! And with three girls who will wear each piece, I can justify it. :)

  48. You wore a white dress? Amongst Spaghettios and kiddos? You are so brave!

  49. If ever three kids were more perfect for modeling Tea's clothes ... I have not seen them! Oh my gosh, they are so perfect for this brand. I hope Tea takes one look at these photos and decides immediately they must have them in their next catalog and they MUST be allowed to keep one of everything they model! I admit I have pined away for their clothing as long as I have had kids and have never quite made the commitment . Hmm, times they are a changing ...

  50. Would love to know where you found Rubby's boots?

  51. Please don't hate me... before reading anything you wrote, I looked at the first pic and thought, "Why did she put Calvin in a chiapet t-shirt?"

    ps those boots on Ruby are seriously cute.