Monday, September 19, 2011

Scattered Things

I had French Toast for breakfast, chips and salsa and an extreme amount of watermelon for lunch and McDonalds for dinner.

Thank you for listening and understanding. I feel better already.

(Only really, I feel rather disgusting having rehashed all of that, but at least my conscience is cleansed.)

It's high time you all met Baby Miley. I assume that's how her Daddy spells it - Miley. I don't know. All I can say is that my baby girl and my baby boy spend roughly 25 hours a day arguing over her. She's popular, this one. At least as of two weeks ago. Sure, she looks all cute and well-mannered there, but I've come close to chucking her out with the garbage scraps a time or two. Sister friend causes a whole lot of mayhem up in here.

Remember when I said I needed more color in my life? :)

This one wrote the book on color. And she learned how to whistle this week. She practices all the time. I, on the other hand, have never learned to whistle. Or roller-skate. Or do a proper cartwheel. True story.

If it seems like I'm purposely changing the subject from our impending move and uncertain future, I promise, I'm not. I just have a thing about not talking about something big before I know it's a done deal. There are things maybe-kinda-sorta in the works. But none of them are done deals. When they are, you'll be the first to know. Heck, I may even spill the beans when the deals are only half-done. It could happen.

But in other news, there's Silas. He's still slaying me hourly with his "Keen I?" It's my newest very favorite. He has also started the "Why, Mom?" over the past week. It's cute, too. For now. But its days are numbered.

We found a praying mantis. Ruby eagle-eyed it, as usual. She calls it a Prain Mantis. I refused to go near it because it's super creepy. But then I saw it sitting there in its yellow cage, looking all forlorn, praying for freedom, so I carted it outside and flung it into my flower bed.

Now who's the animal lover? Huh??????

Speaking of random, I'm unveiling another giveaway sometime tomorrow. It's all FPFG and it's all random, baby. Be warned/scared.

In the meantime, check out this post. My friend Danielle and her husband are raising money to fund an adoption. There is some major swag being tossed around over at her place, and you can enter for just a $10 contribution. It ends in just two days. You all know I'm passionate about adoption, so I won't bother rehashing all of that. But what I will say is this: Just because you might not be "called" to adopt doesn't meant that you're not "called" to contribute to those who are. Adoption is priceless but it's also pretty dang pricey. And there are millions of children waiting for their Mama. So go help a sister out. And hey, maybe you'll even win some loot!

(Did I just get a little soap-boxy there? I did??)

And speaking of supporting others, this post stepped on my toes a bit last night, in the very best way. We're all in this life together and I needed the reminder that "together" means the good and the bad and the fun and the work. I dare you to read it and not make a mental list of people in your world that might really need you in some small way. It's twenty-four hours later and my wheels are still turning.

I'll stop now. G'nighty, Peachy Pies.

Sleep tighty.


  1. That foster care post was a good nudging for me!!!

    I'm glad to hear your boy wants to play with his sister's doll because I've getting worried about the boy doll playing at our house.

    Ruby can pull off the best outfits. I want her wardrobe.

  2. I feel deeply that we need to re-hash the reason you are moving...(I forgot)! Maybe others would like a re-fresh too?

  3. srsly luuurve your blog. for reals sister.
    love your confessions, kiddos, and soap box about adoption.
    carry on my friend. . . you are amazing.


  4. I totally understand your not wanting to chat about the details of the potential sale. We just went through that earlier this summer as it was too crazy that our house was under contract after just 30 some-odd days when there had been zero movement in the real estate market in our area for months and there were 3 other comprable houses in our neighborhood also for sale. So yeah, kept quiet, held my breath, moved out of the house, moved across the country and then jumped for joy before the ink was even dry the day of closing. HUGE sigh of relief. So yeah, all that to say...I can relate and understand. Looking forward to the deets when they come. :) Off to go read the recommended reads you had.

  5. i just love you. also, i really like you a lot.

    miley, bless her heart, i can tell she's a trouble maker.

    ruby has fabulous taste. i hope she always chooses color! i usually dress similar to her. my outfits garner comments like, "oh, babe, you look kinda like an easter egg". my husband is honest like that.

    you appear to have the perfect build for roller skating AND cart wheels!! start practicing, no time like the present.

    amen. adoption is a pricey, priceless thing.

    off to read your friends post!
    shoot, is it too late for chips and salsa, because i never got mine today.

  6. HAHAH! This is awesome. Thanks for pointing me to the blog about Foster Care, it really spoke to me, I'm passing it along. We all need to and CAN do something! And when we do it's very exciting!
    I could really use some chips and salsa right now. I just ate a chocolate donut. it's 10:20. Whatev.

    It seems like your life is pretty colorful. I'm loving the Rubester and her style.

  7. I can't whistle either. Sean tried to teach me when we were courting. even tried to make it a pre-req to marrying, but then he realized it wasn't going to happen and married me anyway. That's what successfil parenting is, by the way, when your kids do things you never could. ;)

  8. Breaking down is to distinguish something concrete sections at random, and run in different directions: the wind scattered leaves on the lawn.

  9. 1st, congrats to Ruby on the whistling! Awesome! I love her outfit and Miley's, too.

    2nd, I totally deserved your friend's foster care post. Thank you both.

  10. What if I helped you learn to whistle while doing the very best cartwheel ever! I'll help a sista out!
    peace out-

  11. Do I dare tell you about my praying mantis story?

    Whilst standing on a balcony at Ball State one weekend in the late hours of the night, I was having a very intellectual (I'm sure) conversation with a particular boy that I liked when BAM! I was standing there with a praying mantis STUCK to my face like it was a hand trying to rip my face off! No joke.

    Since then, I've had a pretty strong diversion from them. However, caged he doesn't look too bad.

  12. My 2 feets have never had rollerskates on them. I do good flat footed, let alone with wheels.

  13. My knees won't let me roller skate. So I haven't skated or skiied in some years. Ruby can rock those colorful outfits like nobody's business! I wish I could, they look comfy!
    Off to read the post you recommended.

  14. Do you know what it does to a girl's heart when she clicks on a link and it goes to HER BLOG?

    Pardon the screaming.

    I can't cartwheel or roller skate either.

    Siley is the handsomest Siley I know. He is.

    We were so MFEO.


  15. We are in the beginning stages of applying to be foster parents - but our "case worker"(I think that is what I call her) is very scattered, and our interview has been postponed time and time again - just to get to start taking the classes. The "good" news is there is apparently a big wait list for the foster parenting classes here, so I take that as a sign people are stepping up.
    A good college friend and his wife are trying to get their daugther home from eastern Europe - so I just did an "adoption post." Piper says in terms of missions, go, give or disobey, and I think that is true with adoption - adopt, give or disobey.
    Sorry for the long comment.
    Sincerely, a fellow can't-do-a-decent-cartwheel-claw-handed-friend :)

  16. you've gotta watch those girls named miley...they're stinkers, they are. and the praying mantis is cool and all...and my kids would love it too, but i'd be observing from afar as well...get your zoom lens :)

  17. Thanks so much for sharing the foster care post.

    Totally made my day.

    It really IS the little things that are so helpful in day-to-day life.

    Thanks for the reminder.

    Lovin' Baby Miley.



  18. Thanks for sharing those links Shannan! I read your comment on the foster parents blog......John and Connie Shapland are foster parents right under our noses. I've felt guilty ever since I went to the adoption convention because they shared the very truth that you shared here - even if we're not called to adopt/foster - we are called to serve those who are! I feel very negligent to say the least. The entire church should be working with all their might to remove the need for foster parents because they take the orphans in - no need for fostering! I'm the Lord must work in my hubby's heart and he must listen :) Thanks for reminding me! xoxo

  19. Thanks for the link about foster care...a good reminder. I'll be looking for ways to care for others.

  20. I can't whistle or do cart wheels! I can't even snap my fingers & some days ya' just plain need a good snap!

    Those preying mantises are out in force this year!!! We seldom see them around here, but one gave me the heebie-jeebies when it landed on me in the truck last month, in the DARK! I swear that thing was at least 6 inches long. AND I'm pretty sure it was headed straight for my jugular!!! ;) YUCK!!!

  21. The post about helping those in Foster!! Oh so good <3 Thanks for sharing!!!

  22. i love a woman that not only eats at mcd's but lives to tell about it. all over her rock star blog no less. 3 cheers for mcd's.
    love your post

  23. FINALLY someone else that cannot whistle, roller skate or do cart wheels... I thought I was the only one!

    And although I come with a hockey playing family... I can't ice skate either :)


  24. whilst waiting for the bus in the 5th grade, i captured a praying mantis...and put him {or her} in my bag...i thought he {or she} would make an awesome show-and-tell item...but low and behold, when i arrived at school i found that my little friend had escaped....hmmm...

    on a side ruby's color. she can pull it off like nobody's business. :)

  25. May I suggest that you get yourself onto that sprawling land of yours and practice your cartwheels to perfection? Go for it! I feel like my childhood was built upon rollerskating and cartwheels. : )

  26. thank you. thank you. thank you.

    for your heart, for your words, for your donation.

  27. Good hearted foster care people who were sort of well off people that got very little assistance to take care of these children.