Sunday, September 18, 2011

My Bathroom Grew Up (Finally)

Well, now that we're moving, I might as well show you our bathroom.

For almost four years, we lived with it exactly like this:

The day we moved in, we stripped the wallpaper and then...well, that's it.

I thought the walls looked sort of like venetian plaster.

Okay, that's a lie.

Honestly, I didn't give it a whole lot of thought. (Oh, you noticed?) We were busy working one room at a time on the rest of the house and for some reason, the bathroom drew the short straw.

Plus, I've always been a fan of 1980's pastel-brushed linoleum.

You might not believe me, but that shell sink is not real marble.

Dear Heavens, we could have at least done something about that.

We had people over all the time. We have overnight guests routinely. And this is our main bathroom. It just never fazed me, I guess.

Once we put our house on the market, we knew we needed to spruce the place up a bit. Of course we did this on a budget, especially since we were doing it with the intention of the house selling.

We used the left-over paint from our upstairs bathroom re-do.

Cory tore out the tile on the walls and replaced it with inexpensive tongue-and-groove pine paneling from Lowes and painted it white.

I am in life-long amor with the paneling, by the way.

I found the cabinet for $20 at a garage sale.

The shutter was out in the garage, so I hauled it in.

I told you about the Beauty Full art a while back.

We strategically screwed some hooks in the walls for towels.

(Shower curtain is from Anthro, circa 2005-ish.)

The sink cabinet and closet doors were painted white. Hardware was on clearance at Lowes.

We replaced the sink-top with a new laminate counter top in the perfect shade of gray.

The Kohler sink basin was found for a song at a Habitat ReStore.

Faucet on clearance at Lowes.

Light fixture found on clearance at Lowes.

New linoleum flooring.

My windmill came from my friend Glenda's antiques store.

It is one of my favorite things.

The art was found at a thrift store on our vacation for a buck.

I popped it into a previously thrifted frame.

I mistreated another curtain. It's really the only way to go, if you ask me.

I dug out a remnant piece of Lowes drop-cloth. It already has seams, so I cut around them.

I found a lace tablecloth for $0.25 at a thrift store and cut the edge of it off.

Then I stitched it on, ya'll. With my own two claws. That was the only sewing involved in these curtains. Two straight lines. I didn't even cry or cuss in the process!

I could have hemmed and sewed the top, but why? I just folded them to the right length and clipped them up. I adore them. They let in the perfect amount of light and they are unfussy and fresh looking.

It will be ever-so-slightly difficult to not replicate the whole darned thing when we move.

I just really dig it, is all.

And speaking of the big move, things are heating up!

Thank you all so, so much for your kind words and prayers.

I'll have an update to share before you know it.

More re-dos here.


  1. I so get not being fazed by something you see everyday. I live with circa 1964 countertops in my master bath...white with gold flecks. Sooooooo lovely. NOT! Your bathroom is beautiful.

  2. LOVE your new and improved bathroom! It looks beautiful. Good job with the curtains and that shower curtain is making me fall in love.

  3. I am a bit swoony over those curtains.


  4. um, so if you decide to sell that shower curtain goodness as you move, i am totally calling first dibs. you don't even have to wash it for me. mkay?

  5. don't think for second that I didn't notice that you called your hands claws again..... :)

    love the bathroom...LOVE that your house sold!

    Mine did, too!

    I REALLY need to do a post about it.

  6. You amaze me.
    I really think that shell sink was pretty cool though. You can't trick me. I know it IS marble.

  7. I could live in that bee-a-u-tee-ful bathroom!!!

  8. Uh, Shannan? You didn't tell about my favorite thing in the room? Consider the one thing you left out and tell me all about it, k?

  9. you're moving!!??! must go read that link...must've missed it! we're moving tooooo!! yeah for us! :) you're bathroom redo is divine...does it make you sad to leave now? love you curtains a lot!

  10. There is so much awe inspiring genius in your bathroom redo that I have to come back and read this again.

  11. Wow. I love it. I love that your house appears to be a reflection of you and the way you dress. Simple, not-fussy, layered and oh-so-cool! :)

    PS I loved watching the video of you and your Cory on the church's site. It was neat to hear your voice and put it together with your writing.

  12. it's what cinched the deal. looks fab. i'd totally just recreate that space. always loved that beauty full art. great job!

  13. I strive to be unfussy and fresh looking. Good job, mama. xo

  14. I love how you pieced everything together....totally my style! Looks awesome

  15. oh had me at the beaker!

  16. Oh my goodness. I so get the bathroom thing. Ours has been torn up since spring. Just recently, it got a coat of paint which did not cover. It'll have to have another coat. The mirror is taken down & propped against the sink, and DH has installed a fakey flourescent strip light above the sink (great for putting on make-up, NOT!) temporarily. It's a disaster zone. We work around the tools -- and sadly, we're getting used to it. *sigh*

  17. so very darling! I love the Anthro shower curtain:)

  18. I always laugh at the reference to "claws"!

  19. I was away for awhile. I am not sure I will be back to blogging but I really missed hearing your "voice". I loved this entry and I missed you! I wish you all happiness in your new location. Have to say that the bath is GREAT!
    Hugs from Poland!

  20. Seriously?!
    That amazes me!
    It is just BEAUTY FULL!
    Maybe this post will urge me to do the same for my family room that has needed attention for almost 10 years now!
    Thanks for the inspiration!
    :) Jodi

  21. Wowzers on the3 bathroom re-do. Super love. Just started making signs and really inspired by yours. Love love love it. Life IS Beauty Full :) Many prayers and blessings on your big move!

  22. Beautiful Shannan! Make sure your next house has at least one space that calls for some more tongue and groove- it's magical =)

  23. Gorgeous! Are you good at every single thing you do???

  24. Love it...especially the windmill on the wall...that's my favorite...or maybe the curtains...or maybe the shower curtain...or maybe the beauty full artwork...or get the idea!

    And why is that we clean like banshees and redecorate to sell for someone else! You totally need to redecorate that space the same in your new house...afterall, it's new to you too!


  25. Beautiful, I love it! Those drop cloths are great aren't they? I make my handbags out of the ones from walmart... don't tell.

  26. You impress me with your fancy DIY curtains & the bathroom is so pretty!

  27. This whole post made me giggle.

    I believe you, but I just can't envision you ever living with a biffy in such a state!

    The prison-like bare bulb...the shell sink...

    It blew me away a bit.

    Yet I also get it because I have areas in my home that have been unfinished..and when non-friends see them, they seem surprised (and I always say..yes, I'm a designer but sometimes this house is just my think-tank! NOT the whole thing)

    What I love:

    Your attitude.

    How you view rooms and pull things together. It's very original. I would have never thought to have placed that shutter behind the cabinet.


    I love your curtains too!

    Who rocks?

    I think that'd be YOU.

  28. Looks great - love the windmill!

    Dropping by from Met Monday.

    Vintage Gumwood Cabinet Kitchen

  29. i love that it never fazed you. you rock.
    but the new bathroom is super cute!

  30. That windmill is like your own spin ;) on the metal art that is so popular right now....only way, way, way COOLER!

    Your window mistreatments leave me yearning to abuse some of the curtains up in my own hood! :)

  31. don't go... or if you do- become the next "Weasel" and move with all you can -including the flower-patch garden planted outside 'these' creative curtains ;)
    change... doesn't seem to get easier as i grow older- even change that doesn't directly effect me. i'm joyful/sorrowful for/with you! :) xox

  32. Since I have admired the before in person I can honestly say that I am blown away by the after!

  33. Wow! That looks fantastic! I am on pins and needles to find out where you are going!

  34. Fantastic! My very favorite kind of makeover. A real people, anyone can do it kind. Budgets are subjective but allmost anyone can do thrifty ;) Linking your blog to my FB page.
    Shannon at

  35. love love love!! the beauty full art is my fave.


  36. It's all in the details....and your bath is plop full of so many good ones. The windmill is my favorite.

    Isn't Lowes the bomb-diggity? I love Lowes.

    Can't wait to hear what's up next!

  37. Soooo inspiring!! I'm working on a bathroom reno myself & beginning to dream of finishes. Thank you so much for sharing.

    Love, love, love it!!! new follower here :)

  38. I can't wait to hear the details. Is the house we saw even in the mix??

  39. Everything looks great! I too LOVE the windmill.

    You had me tearing up at your post about moving, I know that I will feel the same way about this little house some day too.

    I really enjoy your blog, I found it through Takeheart and have loved reading your posts :)


  40. I'm in love with that paneling and cabinet.

  41. It looks fantastic. Awesome curtains, amazing cabinet ... I can't believe you found that for $20!

  42. So we all know it truly is a beautiful bathroom redo! Very cool! Did you strategically hide the "total cost" somewhere in the text of this post? LOL! I'm also a "do-over" person on a very tight a kitchen mini re-do for under $500. P.S. My friend lived with the "took off the wallpaper, sorta looks like Venetian plaster look--not!" for 9 years in their bathroom! LOL!

  43. I totally love that I have found someone else who had never gotten around to finishing their main bathroom. Although, mine has been 6 years but who's counting anymore. Love the new bathroom. Time to go Thrift store shopping.

  44. not to be creepy stalkerish by commenting on all recent post {toldy i totally dig your blog!} but this bathroom redo is inspiring! hubs and i just moved into our first house and our bathroom needs some lovin'. thanks for being a motivation!!


  45. It would be great if you'd back up and take a couple of photos that take in the whole thing!

    I totally get living with awful - somehow you just don't see it any more. The wall paper in a section of my master bath has been almost stripped for... well, let's just say "a long time."


  46. Congrats on your pending move, and a sold home. It's good to hear there are sold homes! How fun you have an adventure and uncertainty in front of you. It makes all of life just a bit more interesting.

  47. That looks AMAZING! You are so talented.

  48. i've been enjoying your blog for a few months now. today i wanted to tell you a) you're the coolest. and b) your lowes is better than mine- LOVE your light fixture over the sink.

    this is my first comment because im a grandma trapped in a 27 year old's body & the internet freaks me out.

  49. I love, love, love it! The curtains fix was very clever. You can't beat a quarter for lace! And your light fixture from Lowes is rad. Love the milky shades. Since I'm new here, I'm off to check out your site.

  50. So, I guess these were curtains for your "old" bathroom? I am new to your blog (via BloggyMoms) and so i am not sure what city you have moved to??? Hopefully I can peruse a bit more and put the pieces together. i could not leave without commenting on those amazing curtains you made! LOVE LOVE them and will be copying them for my own bathroom...once it is caulked and painted! I will post pics of them. Thanks for sharing!!!

  51. Can't believe you did all this to move out?! I wouldn't want to move with such a cute bathroom! Didn't get to see the floor though.. Am curious!
    Love the cabinate with all the drawers!!

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