Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Just Plain Good

We huddled together at the end of the lane this morning. I coaxed hoods up over their heads and rubbed their shoulders. It wasn't that chilly, but it was a change. I lamented my just-rolled-out-of-bed sensibilities and reconsidered my polka-dotted socks with my high-water sweatpants.

I enjoy our easy walk down the lane and the jog back up with my best girl. I like looking up at Siley's room as we pass the house, knowing he's all cozied up, his breath even, his body still.

You want to know how God loved me today?

He loved me by making my day fantastic, from roots to toes. He loved me by amping down Siley's wiliness just when I was nearing my tipping point.

That little bundle of a boy had me smiling all the live-long day, and that's saying something, because we visited Target and took Calvin to his blood draw. He's started saying "Kin I?" a hundred times a day. It makes me weak for all its preciousness. It also means he's starting to grasp the concept of asking permission and that's Uge (as The Donald would say).

Homeboy didn't sit in time-out a single time. He only dumped the entire Lego box once.

He helped me tidy up and his little chest puffed out when I told him how proud I was of him.

Ruby was swayed against the hot pink sparkle shoes without much fanfare.

Haven got her driver's license and called me bright and early to share.

All I did for dinner was boil up some spaghetti. (Speggi, if your name is Silas)

Tonight, we read Psalm 9 out of Calvin's new Bible and when I was done he said, "I didn't understand a word of that." Ha.

I'll take this day. I'll take the one that came before and the one waiting on the other side of my pillow. I'll take them all. Because the rough and the glass-smooth, they all add up to a gift. And sometimes, the gift is more visible after some fog and some cold.

One more thing. Pastor Ryan came over a couple of weeks ago under the cover of night and interviewed Cory and I in our kitchen for an on-going series at our church. He had a video camera. And I didn't even slap some lip gloss on.

Since my manly voice and my swooping, sweeping, wing-like hands have already been made known to you, it is with only a normal amount of hesitation that I invite you to take a peek. It's ten minutes long and it was pushing 11 pm when we filmed, so forgive some of my far-away looks.

It's a great summary of the condition of our hearts right now. The entire series has been so steadying and inspiring. To view, click here, then click again on our names at the bottom of the list.