Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Just Plain Good

We huddled together at the end of the lane this morning. I coaxed hoods up over their heads and rubbed their shoulders. It wasn't that chilly, but it was a change. I lamented my just-rolled-out-of-bed sensibilities and reconsidered my polka-dotted socks with my high-water sweatpants.

I enjoy our easy walk down the lane and the jog back up with my best girl. I like looking up at Siley's room as we pass the house, knowing he's all cozied up, his breath even, his body still.

You want to know how God loved me today?

He loved me by making my day fantastic, from roots to toes. He loved me by amping down Siley's wiliness just when I was nearing my tipping point.

That little bundle of a boy had me smiling all the live-long day, and that's saying something, because we visited Target and took Calvin to his blood draw. He's started saying "Kin I?" a hundred times a day. It makes me weak for all its preciousness. It also means he's starting to grasp the concept of asking permission and that's Uge (as The Donald would say).

Homeboy didn't sit in time-out a single time. He only dumped the entire Lego box once.

He helped me tidy up and his little chest puffed out when I told him how proud I was of him.

Ruby was swayed against the hot pink sparkle shoes without much fanfare.

Haven got her driver's license and called me bright and early to share.

All I did for dinner was boil up some spaghetti. (Speggi, if your name is Silas)

Tonight, we read Psalm 9 out of Calvin's new Bible and when I was done he said, "I didn't understand a word of that." Ha.

I'll take this day. I'll take the one that came before and the one waiting on the other side of my pillow. I'll take them all. Because the rough and the glass-smooth, they all add up to a gift. And sometimes, the gift is more visible after some fog and some cold.

One more thing. Pastor Ryan came over a couple of weeks ago under the cover of night and interviewed Cory and I in our kitchen for an on-going series at our church. He had a video camera. And I didn't even slap some lip gloss on.

Since my manly voice and my swooping, sweeping, wing-like hands have already been made known to you, it is with only a normal amount of hesitation that I invite you to take a peek. It's ten minutes long and it was pushing 11 pm when we filmed, so forgive some of my far-away looks.

It's a great summary of the condition of our hearts right now. The entire series has been so steadying and inspiring. To view, click here, then click again on our names at the bottom of the list.


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  2. I knew that Siley had a good day tucked down deep in the depths of his heart! I prayed extra special for him last night and again this morning. Pure preciousness, he is. Bless it.


  3. Claw hands or not... you are beautiful. And your heart is breath-taking. God is in you, girl. He is written all over your life.

    Thank you for inspiring me to live more through His light.

  4. You articulate your experience so well! I could listen to you share your joy all the live long day! You and Cory are wonderful teachers - by your words and your life. Love you so much!

  5. loved watching you and Cory and seeing God unfold his grace through your words.....

    You do not have claw hands and you do not sound like a man...you might literally DIE if you heard how southern my accent is. for real.

  6. Glad that Silas had a great day-God knows just what we need.

    Thanks for sharing the video. It sounds like a great series-I'd like to listen to the sermons since I've thinking a lot about God's purpose for my life lately.

  7. Oh Shannan this makes me so happy! I wish so many Christians would see the truth. We are all filthy, undeserving rags who are saved by his grace and mercy. We are called to be disciples... to be his physical presence of love for His kingdom. Jesus knows me, this I love. Love you two. You are a blessing.

  8. I LOVED hearing both your hearts! Amen! The hubs & I couldn't agree more! The church is at our shop, your farm, the drag races with us...the Crossing with you. It is NOT (just)Sunday & it is NOT walls!

    I beg to differ....you do NOT sound in any way like a man. big hands yes...but God made them that way, because he knew you'd be helping a whole bunch of people & you'd need them!

    In Christ's Love!


  9. You and your husband are going out and BEING the church! LOVE this and thank you so much for sharing this with us. God's hands you have my dear, God's hands indeed.

  10. What a great idea your church is putting into motion. Grace is truly amazing,and it will take a lifetime to fully grasp the gift.
    I loved hearing about your day. Hold onto each and every moment,even Si Pie moments,before long today will be a distant memory.

  11. I 'm hoping to find your words true...
    "Because the rough and the glass-smooth, they all add up to a gift. And sometimes, the gift is more visible after some fog and some cold."

  12. I was moved by this tonight. It reminded me of a life I once lived. I walked and laid in places that no one ever wanted to visit. My two children were outcast. If they reached out to touch people, some pulled back as if they were diseased. I had never heard the Word. We of course are now saved, and have been for many years, but I will never forget those who brought the message of Salvation to me. They treated me as if we were one and the same. They didn't wait for my children to touch them, they reached out and grabbed them first. Your faithful heart has helped me recall how Grace entered my life.

  13. Love this---amazing as always and I'm passing the clip (and thus your message) on. You continue to bless us all with your honesty and realness. Thank you for continuing to bring the message of what Christianity should be and how long the journey can be to achieve it.

  14. How curious it is that this post is STILL NOT showing up in google reader! Were it....I'm sure you'd have like 100 comments or such!!! I know those sentences totally call for some of these ??? but I'm intentionally resisting the urge!

    Have a GREAT summer day!
    Ciao! (I'm a dork. I couldn't resist!)

  15. Thank you.
    Since I taped my video for the series I've been feeling led to share it on our blog but in false humility and cowardice have been hemming and hawing and stalling over it. . .

    Your sharing yours gave me the needed push.
    Love you guys and your heart--His heart.

  16. Shannan you are just plain good. I love how Cory talked about leaving the protected bubble of the church. So true. Think about where Jesus was always found. He wasn't hanging out with the churchy people, he was with the prostitutes, the beggars, and so on.

  17. Oh my goodness, Shannan... I have been following you for a while, but have never commented. I stared following your blog several months ago, and have read everything that you have written on adoption since my husband and I are in process now of adopting siblings from Congo. I have loved your heart and the things that you have had to say. But I just watched your video and it has floored me that you said in your video EXACTLY what I just wrote about on our adoption blog yesterday and the day before. I hope it's okay.. I just had to share: http://adopt.themckenneyfamily.com/2011/09/06/heart-stirrings/ and http://adopt.themckenneyfamily.com/2011/09/07/heart-stirrings-part-2/

  18. I don't know if I've ever commented before now, but I have been following your blog for awhile now. I have always admired your transparency and your sense of humor, and it's apparent you have a heart for the Lord, but watching this video made me see you not just as a mother or wife but as a Child of God. Thank you for sharing your beautiful heart with us.

  19. sighhhhhhh...
    I've missed your words. I'll be back to catch you on another beautiful flipside.

  20. Yes and amen to all of that! I loved listening to your heart. My heart is right there too. My heart is in the midst of a mighty big stir up. I'm not sure what it exactly means or what it will look like -- but I loved hearing your words. They resonated with me.

  21. oh girlie that did sound like a perfect day. so glad silas was good for you. of course i didn't see the onry side of him, so in my mind he's a perfect little angel. miss you. we need a phone chat sometime soon.

  22. I LOVE what Rebecca at heartland farmhouse said about your hands! You simply HAVE to love your hands after reading what she wrote. Your hands ARE so very important for doing Gods work.

    Calvin, you never cease to make me giggle. I love that he says it like it is.

    Loved the video too. Very inspiring!

  23. Wonderful....thanks for sharing your heart.

  24. "If God wants you doing something, there’s nothing better than doing that thing” spoken like someone who has been-there. Tucking this in my back pocket for future use. Yours is my fave blog, want you to know that.

  25. something terrible has happened. my blog just now told me about this post. shame on it.

    i'm serious, we have twin claw hands. i'll have to prove it to you with a picture sometime. it's a shame i didn't play the piano. they would've come in handy for that.

    anyways, i so get what you're saying about God not being concerned with our earthly comforts. that is so on our hearts... i don't know if it's God preparing me for a simple life since my man will be in ministry the rest of our lives (and hello, when you work for a non-profit, you make almost a non-profit) or if i'm truly learning what it means to store my treasures in heaven and let go of this materialism that our western world clings to. it's probably a bit of each. so yeah, i get what you're saying, thank you for saying it, thank you for encouraging me to continue on.

  26. Love this...even your manly voice and claws. ;)

  27. Somehow I very nearly missed this. Glad I didn't, in the end. Love the spiderweb photo. Enjoyed watching the video and hearing what you two had to say. I still think you sound like Jenna Elfman. With a midwest accent. :)

  28. Thank you so much for sharing your hearts for God and your lives- what an uplifting video- and so true. My son is a recovering addict and I have spent a great deal of time with other addicts in varying stages of recovery. A simple smile , hug or a kind word can have an enormous impact on that day for that person- and I am grateful for the opportunity to be part of that.