Monday, September 5, 2011

I'll Be The One In The Hoodie

Note: The photos and links I used from J Crew were causing all kinds of havoc with my blog! I'm deleting them for now, to see if it fixes the problem. I may or may not be back to straighten up this mess of a post. :)


Of course it's not Fall yet. Of course it's still Summer. But if it were Fall, I would start thinking about Fallish sorts of things and Fallish sorts of clothes.

Something like this.

I'm practicing my most angsty look here. It's pretty spot-on though, right?

I'm a method actor, so I summoned thoughts of my recent ten continuous days with my kids. (Cory's had important bidness to conduct for the past three weekends.) I know it doesn't sound like much, but that's a whole lot of unbuffered Silas.

Full disclosure: I have worn this exact outfit for two days straight and saw some of the same people on both of them. Can we still be friends?

I didn't shower in honor of Labor Day. I double-dipped a chip in public. I kept the last zucchini on the vine just to see how big it would grow but all it did was rot. On the way to an outing with my kids tonight I picked up a six pack. Of Dr. Pepper. The hard stuff. Full-strength. It called out to me from a little table by the cash register of the Dollar General. I just like knowing it's in my fridge right now, because I may very well need it at some point this week.

Thank you for listening.

Alert! Alert!

(starts with "claw", end with "hands")

I love my small people. I love my husband. I love my life.

I love my brown hoodie.

Very, very much.

Oh, and I also love this pie. My first from-scratch chocolate cream pie! My first psychedelic photograph of my first from-scratch chocolate cream pie!

Worth every minute, this pie.

Some in this house were inspired to literally lick their plates. But I'm not naming names.