Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Guest Post: Mr. Lee

What was the best thing about your day today?

Be more specific.
Bible. (Editor's note: We are probably the last remaining public school that offers Bible.)

Are you only going to give one-word answers?
Uh, no?

What did you learn in Bible?
David hit down Goliath.

Do you have a favorite Bible story?

Because God split the sea in half like a piece of peanut butter and jelly. (???)

What is the truest and best thing you know about Jesus?
That he died on the cross.

What's the funniest thing you've ever seen?
When Silas did a flip on the trampoline.

What's your favorite subject in school?

What do you like about Mrs. Bontrager the best?
That she's so nice and reads us stories.

What kind of camera do you prefer?

What is your favorite thing to photograph?
The sun behind trees.

Because it looks pretty.

How do you feel about moving?

Be more specific.
Uh, it's fine. Kind of.

What will you miss about this house?
The pond and the sound of the frogs.

What makes you the most excited about moving?
That there's a park right by our house.

What will it be like if you share a room with Silas?
Actually, kind of fun.

Who is your favorite singer?
Toby Mac.

What's your favorite hobby?
Legos! I mean READING!

What's the best thing Mommy cooks for dinner?

What seems like the most exciting job to have?
Lick batter off the bowl.

Lick batter off the bowl.

Oh, sorry. What's the most exciting job to have when you grown up someday?
To work at The Crossing. Or to be an astronaut.

Would you like to visit Korea some day?

Because it's where I lived. I mean, it's where I was.

What do you want to see there?
My Foster Mommy. :)

Anything else?
No. Well, the ocean. And the fish market.

Why does your Mommy call you Poskie?
Because she loves me.

What does it mean?
Oooh...I don't know.

Do you have any questions for me?
Yes, I do. What is your favorite thing?

My family.

Interesting. I like it.

What is something my blog readers should know about you?
That I'm so special.

Well, we're all out of time, Calvin. We hope you'll come back again. (cue applause)

*All photos (with the exception of the first) taken unedited from the lens of Calvin Lee.


In other family-related news, I read this post by my cousin this a.m. and it made me remember every beautiful thing about being a new Mama. (Or an old one. Or a medium.)


  1. ooohhhhhh...i am SO stealing this idea. sue me, i have nothin' anyways;)

  2. Batter Licker should be a real, grown-up job. *sigh* Definitely should.

    I like the blue photo, also the flag photo, Calvin!

  3. we love that guy!! we missed you this weekend, hopefully we can all get together soon. maybe we can have a slumber party at your house before you move:)

    lori and landon

  4. I LOVE it! (And Happy Birthday to Silas!)

  5. Such sweet and honest comments.
    So sweet.

  6. oh goodness gracious, what a great young man!
    & tell him i love photographing the light behind the trees...or people's heads. whatever's there.
    bowl licker, great idea!

  7. I dunno about canon, he sure makes that panasonic look GOOD! And we definitely need to get the space program started back up again. It's killing the dreams of so many kids. Then again, Calvin is still dreaming. What a great kid.

  8. High five on the Toby Mac, Calvin! And the Canon...your pics are wonderful.

  9. A great interview and a great idea. He's a FABULOUS photographer. (I had great there, too.) I was going to give my old Kodak to Ethan. Then one day he decided he couldn't wait on me to show him how to put the SD card in and put it in backwards. Now the camera won't work. Maybe I'll break down and buy him a new one for Christmas.

  10. Cute conversation. I like it. And I also the pictures... so nice.

  11. I will never again hear the story of Moses without thinking of him splitting the Red Sea like peanut butter and jelly. I would miss the frogs, too. Of course his mama loves him. And he knows it.

  12. It took me a moment, but once I figured out who Mr. Lee was, I was totally psyched to read his story. I was not disappointed! Great to hear he's at least a bit excited about moving!

  13. Shannan, I do believe you've just been upstaged! ;)
    I think this may be my new favorite post!
    And....can't wait to hear more about this home by the park!!!

  14. if only licking the bowl could be my job and i could get a paycheck for it. mr. lee is cool and i hope my little mr. is just like him.

  15. Oh man is that kid cute. First of all he answered MATH as his favorite subject?? I adore him. He didn't say recess, or gym, or lunch....he said math. :) Second -his Foster Mommy? Oh so sweet! How much did your heart swell when those words came out of his mouth??
    I interview my kids every year around their bdays. Best tradition I ever started. If there is nothing else I do right as a mama, at least I have those scrumptious interviews to look back on! They are priceless.
    Keep up the good work, Mr. Lee's Mama!

  16. Way to rock that camera, Mr. Lee! And the interview. Licking the batter should most definitely be a job. Sign me up!

  17. I love that kid so much.
    Too bad I don't know your address or I would be on my way to kidnap him. OK, not really. I am not a kidnapper. I am tempted though.
    He is perfection in child form. ; )
    Please tell him this was one of my favorite posts EVER!

  18. What a neat post! I think you just gave me an idea for some future postings. :) Love it!

  19. delicious. Calvin is soooo special. I love it! I seriously cannot believe you have a school that teaches bible. What century are you living in?

    Speaking of liberal CA, I'm reading the book, and my husband went to the same college as Mr. Gross.
    Also, we (my husband to be at the time, and myself) kissed for the first time before a PAX217 concert. Good times.
    I'll be sending you an email...

  20. Mr. Lee = AWESOME !!!! Loved every single detail about this post.

  21. Love the interview with Mr. Lee. And he is quite the photographer. :)

  22. He's awesome! He takes awesome photos! Did I mention that he's awesome?

  23. oh, i was a all a twitter wondering who would be guest posting today.

    this is better than i could have dreamed up :).

  24. This was such a delight. Calvin is sweet and has a talent for photography and I thank you and he for this post.


  25. Classic. I loved it. Where oh, where are you moving to?
    We also have Bible at school. So glad my kids have that!

  26. love that kid...seriously he's a keeper:) that dark kind of rainy picture was SO SO good.

  27. Great photography Calvin! My son Riley also likes legos and reading! It was fun to read about you today!

  28. I love this! What a sweet boy. And licking the batter IS the best job.
    I should interview my two-year old, though his answers would mostly be, "yeah." :)

  29. Is it just me, or is that boy wise beyond his years? And talented. And he has excellent taste in food and music!

  30. Calvin's photos are more amazing than mine could ever be! That kid has really got talent. Love it, I also love that his favorite musician is probably who one of our favs would have been when we were 16. hahahaha!

  31. Could Calvin take some photos for my blog please?

  32. I think it's his cheeks that slay me the most. I am in love with this kid. Love how introspective he is. And dang if I'm not looking for a job as a "lick the batter off the bowl" girl.

  33. Oooh I loved the birthday video of Silas! He is a doll!

    I want to grow up to lick batter as well. :) Good plan Mr Calvin!

  34. He's such a fun boy! Loved this post...and the job to "lick batter off the bowl" LOL

    P.S. I'm looking forward to seeing you Friday night so I can hear about these moving plans...it sounds like you guys found a place or what you are doing?? :) That's exciting.

  35. Your little one sure does have some talent! I'm a photographer and live, eat, sleep, and breath photography! He has a great eye for composition.

    I want to be a batter licker too!

    Kendra aka "Domestic Princess in Training"

  36. oh cute, cute, cute... that is amazing that your public school teaches out of the Bible? unheard of! hope the kids get to stay at that one after you move!

  37. Those are some great photos - I love that he already has a favorite brand of camera!

  38. I love this post, so sweet. What great pics Mr. Lee. I'm not sure what job would be cooler, astronaut or licking the batter out of a bowl.

    And on a side note, you've mentioned on my blog how my lil Mason reminds you of Calvin when he was younger. I finally sat down and perused your old blog and lo and behold baby pics of Calvin and he does look like Mason or vice versa since Calvin came first :) Love our little Korean cuties!

  39. What a great guest post! :D Loved to hear from little Calvin. His pictures are great! :)

  40. So stinkin' cute! You should do these more often!! :)

  41. Well I love his photography and taste in music ;-)

  42. He is a great photographer! I love how he compared the parting of the Red Sea to the cutting of a pb&j.

    You can tell Calvin-I was going to miss the sound of the frogs that lived in the wetland behind our old house, but it turns out that I can hear frogs at my new house even though the pond/wetland area is not nearly as close. You might be surprised what you can hear at your new house.

  43. oh my, but i love that boy. toby and reading and Jesus and the crossing and canon: a man after my own heart.

    ps professional batter-lickers, unite!

  44. I think I need to take some photography lessons from him!

    He's just the sweetest...licking the batter bowl is quite the important job. Much better than being an astronaut. I think. ;-)

  45. Okay ... this is gonna sound a little weird ... but every time I read a post about you and Calvin, I get this nostalgic, kinda deja vu feeling about Lorelei and Rory Gilmore! You guys just remind me of them!

    He's smart and special in a down to earth kind of way. You're energetic and quirky, seizing life each day. I picture you talking to him a mile a minute about everything under the sun and he gets it and he gets you.

    Hope this makes you smile ... cuz your family is a joy to many, even those who have never met you in person!

  46. are you moving to OHIO?!! you need to talk to Barb Boones sis in law they just sold their house and they need to be out in 2 weeks! They are bidding on a house this friday so pray for them..........

    P.S. seriously Bible in public school?

  47. Aww, is he sure he doesn't want to be a photographer when he grows up? Mr. Lee has some skills! As for me, I would also like to lick batter off the bowl! Ha! That answer put a smile on my face.

  48. i adore mr. lee.
    thanks for sharing him here, and his photos.
    have mercy, his photos!

    just in from vacation, can't wait to catch up with my farmgirl! xo

  49. your family takes my breath away. just incredible.


    somewhat a neighbor, i'm up in KC.