Sunday, September 4, 2011

DIY Heart Punch Magazine/Book Wreaths

Nester is having a wreath party. A "You Made A Wreath Out of What?" Party. I never knew my life lacked the untold joys of a wreath party until she breathed the words, and now there's just no going back.

I've already shared both of these wreaths, but I wanted to consolidate them into one post for the purposes of the bash and I desperately wanted to tweak the photos of the Valentine's wreath, since it appears to be my most pin-worthy idea and every time I see the hideous original photo I want to pour balsamic vinegar in my eyes and call it a day.

If I were a different kind of girl, I would go this very minute and haul it out of the closet for a 2nd Chance Photo shoot, but apparently I'm still just Shannan, the girl who is satisfied with a marginal improvement.

To read the nitty gritty about how to make my magazine-heart-flower wreath, click here. You'll also see gorgeous, professional photos of the wreath, courtesy of Layla and Kevin of The Lettered Cottage.

While you're there, flip through the rest of the Summer Fun e-zine for loads of inspiring cottage decorating.

And now, the Heart/Book Wreath:

This was made using the same heart punch as the flower wreath and substituting paperback book pages for the magazine pages.

For the record, this photo still bugs me. Hello, shadows. Not pleased to meet'cha. Maybe next time we will opt not to, in haste, photograph at midnight. Though there are no guarantees for these kinds of things.

For the details on how this was created, click here.

Happy wreathing, Party People!!!!!