Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Beauty of Low Expectations

Silas turned 3 today.

Praise God from whom all blessings flow that I thought ahead and got his gift a few weeks ago. That never happens.

I returned last night from St. Louis after being gone for 5 days. The house was, well, you can imagine. On top of that, the conclusion of my trip somehow made it all the more real that we are moving in one month. I think my brain had to clear out some space first.

Today was spent clearing junk out, taking Calvin for his third blood-draw in 5 days, looking at a house and remembering, every now and then, that it was Siley's big day.

My big birthday plans included spaghetti with jar-sauce for dinner and Betty Crocker cupcakes. That's just the way we roll with birthdays. You should try it.

But then I took a wrecking ball to my kitchen and the showing lasted longer than we thought. The moment we walked in to the vacant house, Silas ran to the kitchen and screamed "I a hungy bo!" Then he said it a dozen or so times after that. He was really trying to drive his point home.

So we went with Plan B. He wanted "taco" for dinner.

Since this was all unplanned, we had no cameras with us.

No worries, though. Calvin had his.

Homeboy can't get enough of spicy food. Just after Calvin took this picture he lifted the salsa bowl and drank what was left. Then he licked it. Then he cried a little for some water.

Love that kid.

After dinner I ran to Meijer and picked up store-bought cupcakes, pre-sprinkled and everything.

I wrapped his gift (Alphi! Remember him?) moments before he unwrapped it.

A grand day was had by all. So my advice for a new mom? Keep birthday expectations extremely low. You never know when it might come in handy.

I love you so much, Silas. I liked pretending to go ni-night with you earlier today. It was just as exciting the 18th time as it was the 1st time when you screamed "wake up!" in my face. You're talking more every day and it seems to make you happier, which is a relief to everyone. But I kind of hope you'll still say "schlimmin' soup" next summer for swimming suit, and Aunt Jamie would really appreciate if you continue (for reasons no one understands) to call her Aunt Bonnie. I can't imagine my life without you in it, Funny Boy. You teach me stuff every day.


ps - I'm not a big video watcher myself, so I understand if you'd rather not watch this one. But if you did decide to watch it, you'd see all kinds of evidence that my day was more haphazard than usual...

pss - Big, exciting guest post happening here tomorrow! Word up.