Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Beauty of Low Expectations

Silas turned 3 today.

Praise God from whom all blessings flow that I thought ahead and got his gift a few weeks ago. That never happens.

I returned last night from St. Louis after being gone for 5 days. The house was, well, you can imagine. On top of that, the conclusion of my trip somehow made it all the more real that we are moving in one month. I think my brain had to clear out some space first.

Today was spent clearing junk out, taking Calvin for his third blood-draw in 5 days, looking at a house and remembering, every now and then, that it was Siley's big day.

My big birthday plans included spaghetti with jar-sauce for dinner and Betty Crocker cupcakes. That's just the way we roll with birthdays. You should try it.

But then I took a wrecking ball to my kitchen and the showing lasted longer than we thought. The moment we walked in to the vacant house, Silas ran to the kitchen and screamed "I a hungy bo!" Then he said it a dozen or so times after that. He was really trying to drive his point home.

So we went with Plan B. He wanted "taco" for dinner.

Since this was all unplanned, we had no cameras with us.

No worries, though. Calvin had his.

Homeboy can't get enough of spicy food. Just after Calvin took this picture he lifted the salsa bowl and drank what was left. Then he licked it. Then he cried a little for some water.

Love that kid.

After dinner I ran to Meijer and picked up store-bought cupcakes, pre-sprinkled and everything.

I wrapped his gift (Alphi! Remember him?) moments before he unwrapped it.

A grand day was had by all. So my advice for a new mom? Keep birthday expectations extremely low. You never know when it might come in handy.

I love you so much, Silas. I liked pretending to go ni-night with you earlier today. It was just as exciting the 18th time as it was the 1st time when you screamed "wake up!" in my face. You're talking more every day and it seems to make you happier, which is a relief to everyone. But I kind of hope you'll still say "schlimmin' soup" next summer for swimming suit, and Aunt Jamie would really appreciate if you continue (for reasons no one understands) to call her Aunt Bonnie. I can't imagine my life without you in it, Funny Boy. You teach me stuff every day.


ps - I'm not a big video watcher myself, so I understand if you'd rather not watch this one. But if you did decide to watch it, you'd see all kinds of evidence that my day was more haphazard than usual...

pss - Big, exciting guest post happening here tomorrow! Word up.


  1. Okay. That video was the best. Perfect way to end the day. GNIGHT!

  2. Loved the video. He is the cutest thing ever! And 4 candles? Haha! Totally made me smile :)

  3. I'm so thankful that Calvin has come through with his Canon. Go figure.

  4. Happy Birthday, Silas!

    Literally laughed out loud at the part about the candle and your husband saying, "Oh geez." Hilarious!

    Have a wonderful day tomorrow!!

  5. The next time I see you I need to see Siley too. And Calvster. And Rubes. Deal?

    Happy Birthday, bo!

  6. Love this post and amen to low-key kid birthdays! For my kids, for us, a fun, celebratory day is all that matters. Sometimes even that can seem like a lot so I am keeping your canned sauce, family, noodely approach in mind. Love the video.

  7. Happy birthday to your guy! And thank goodness I'm not the only mama who gives her kid cupcakes from a box in his birthday. Maybe the store bought ones are really the way to go!

  8. Happy birthday, Siley Pie! Love how he cleaned out the bowl of salsa. I still think about how he drank the rest of Cory's coffee! Such a funny kid! CUTE video, too. Love you and your family!

  9. Always look forward to your posts! This one was super special...the video was over the top, wonderful! Happy Birthday! Silas !

  10. Ahh, Happy Birthday little buddy. Don't worry, "How old are you?" is ALWAYS a trick question! :) Glad you went to find spicy food for the Hungry Bo. Very appropriate. How was the house?

  11. Adorable! Happiest of b-day wishes!

  12. That video was totally worth it. I love the little voice in the background saying how he likes how Siley is so cute. And I have always kept the birthday expectations reallllllly low. Unless it is my birthday, naturally.

  13. Dear Silas,
    I love your Aunt Bonnie! Will you tell her for me?
    Happy Birthday, Buddy! Glad you had a great day.

  14. Haha! Four candles? Hilarious. I love your family.

  15. i think the video was my favorite part :).

  16. I agree with Calvin! He is soooo cute.
    Thanks for your honesty and for sharing the best parts of your life with us :)

  17. He is SO STINKING adorable. I love that he said he is 6 : )
    I LOVE that you put 4 candles in the cupckae.
    He is delicious.
    I hope he doesn't change his swimming suit words either.
    Perfect day for your perfect baby! LOVE love LOVE!

  18. I am 100% on the low expectations, that way when life throws a curve ball, this momma can still catch it! Happy birthday Siley! Hope to see you soon to play :-)
    Love the video, it made me giggle!

  19. Best Siley post ever.

    Happy Birthday bud!

    Also, tacos and store bought cupcakes totally rock in a pinch.

    They do.

    I especially love the whole 4 candle deal. It makes me love you even more.


  20. Sounds like the perfect kind of birthdays we have at my house!

  21. I loved the look on his face when he opened his new toy!! And I had to go back and count the candles for myself(tee hee).
    But what I love most is my Pilot!! He has come a long way in the past year. You are the bestest Mommy and Daddy ever, and I know three kiddos who would agree.

  22. Thanks for the entertainment....Hosannah thought Silas was funny! I was just thinking of him the other night knowing that he was going to be celebrating soon. Expectations are an interesting thing. I must learn to lower then - definitely!

  23. That video was Super-Cute! I kinda answer the age question the same way, except I always start with the low numbers. ;-)


  24. Happy Birthday, Siley Myrus!
    You are a hoot!
    (Blowing out the candles picture = priceless.)

  25. Happy Birthday to You Silas! Love The gang in PA! I find myself asking Henry if he is a "hungy bo" daily as a result of my time with you all. I wish I could be there to help with your move. Perhaps I should jump on a plane, with babe in tow and get to packing and sorting? All my love as I share in the excitement of your wonderful new page in the story that is you life.

  26. So funny about how old he was. You had him confused with the four candles. I like your impromtu party plans. So funny. Once my son had a terrible accident 2 days before his birthdy. We couldn't celebrate on his day. So about a week later I invited a few close friends to meet us at Taco Bell. I did my clown thing and did balloons. But guess who forgot a cake.
    Never even thought of it. I was still traumatized from the accident. My friend ran to a grocery and got him one. He still had a good party.

  27. OH to the EM to the JEE!!

    So amazingly cute!!

    I also hope he keeps schlimming soup in rotation for a few years. My nephew called the hospital "hostable" for a few years..last year when he said it correctly I said "Great job! Now how do you say it the way Auntie Tina loves, but that is not correct?" and he said it for me and smiled.

    Things I also miss "stuffed aminals" instead of "animals" and "free" for "three"...ahhhh...enjoy it while it lasts. I told my hubby how he says "I a hungry bo!" and he laughed.

    I giggled at how he wanted "taco"..just ONE!

    It looks like it was lovely. I think it's sooo nice that you don't do crazy, large and strange parties with clowns, farm animals and rides.

    Honorable mention: Calvin having a camera handy! That is so darling.

    I miss Meijer stores. We do not have them here. One stop shopping!

    I wanted/tried to watch the videos but it woke up my puppy and he started barking. Will watch later.

    Love the boots and the scarf! Please do a video tutorial on how you tied it..looks like you added something extra and "beyond the Oprah tie"...

    As always...



  28. Happy 6th no 4th no 2nd Birtday!!! What?? Happy 3rd Birthday Silas!!! How cute was that video!! I loved Ruby at the end. Yes Silas is cute and so are you Ruby.

  29. this post just made me say "awww"

  30. for serious girl this made me LAUGH OUT LOUD.

    keepin' it real!


  31. Haha! I love that we all got to see you realize you put four candles on his cupcake! Very funny! Corbin brought a pair of his old cowboy boots to church Sunday for Silas. He said he knew he wanted them. ?? See you Fri!

  32. Your words made me smile, the video made me laugh, and the photo(s) made me realize photography skillz run in your family. All your kids are adorable, brilliant and talented! Thanks for sharing.

  33. i've done birthdays big and i've done them small.

    i've planned for months for a party and i've planned for a day...

    the ones that are small and unplanned are always the best.


    love your boots. you're one of my fashion icons.

  34. The candle mistake was too funny! : ) You have a beautiful family and I like your blog!

  35. Happy Birthday to Sili-Poo, hope you enjoyed your special day with him, even crazy days are such a blessing! Praying for you as you begin to pack your house. I just had to live that crazy, just one piece of advice...it always takes longer than you think, so ask for help if you have it!!! Many hands makes the work, well...a bit easier! Do you have a new place to move to?? I can really empathize with you right about now. Read my post from s few days ago...like I said, praying for you!!!

  36. How can you not love a video of Silas and his sweet mom. Warmed me right up inside!

  37. Happy birthday Silas!

    Calvin seems to have his mommy's knack for taking great pictures!

    drinking the salsa, that's my kinda boy!

  38. I love your video! Patrick has been 8 for 2 years...he is very very convicted in his belief also, there is no convincing otherwise.

  39. What a cute video! And I just love your low key birthday party!! Thanks for keepin' it real!!


  40. LOVE that you roll that way...that whatever is whatever. You DID put four candles on his cake! When my son was little, my sister in law had a lot of rabbits (not real) in her house...he started calling her Aunt Bunny and then everyone called her Aunt Bunny. I can't wait to see what my granddaughter calls me!
    xo, Cheryl

  41. Cutest. video. ever.

    Even though you sound like Jenna Elfman, there's something about your look, I think, that's Kirsten Dunst as Mary Jane Watson. Which works, because your husband reminds me a little of Tobey Maguire as Peter Parker.

    P.S. The Wild Orange says "bathing soup." Hope she never stops.

  42. Happy Birthday Silas! What a beautiful little boy...2,3, 4 or 6 :)

  43. happy birthday to you!
    happy birthday to you!
    happy birthday, dear silas!
    happy birthday to you!

    may this be a great and happy day to everyone in your sweet family!


  44. Happy Birthday Silas!

    Thanks for sharing the video...what a cutie!

    I think simple birthdays are best...even if they happen accidently.

  45. oh, and I had an Alphi Computer! I loved that thing!

  46. Big, over-the-top, planned birthdays are so overrated. Store bought cupcakes and some spicy salsa - I like it.
    The video is stinkin' adorable!
    Happy 3, Silas!

  47. Shannan and Cory,
    I fall more in love with your family with every post!

  48. miss ruby is right, he is so so cute.
    happy birthday mr. silas!!!!!

  49. LOVE that video! I mean LOVE it! Silas is so loveable, and SO love Ruby's compliment of him. He is so cute!!! And the four candles, that is a crack up!

  50. happy birthday, beautiful boy. you are such a delight!

  51. Loved it! How's a guy supposed to remember how old is he mom if you don't put on the right number of candles? Too funny! Thanks for sharing!

  52. Oh, how you make me laugh! Several times this post made me laugh. And the video...my littles are wanting to watch it again. And so am I. I totally understand you.
    :) Jodi

  53. {what i like about him is that he's so cute}

    i love the love that comes through.

  54. oh,my, goodness, that boys is the bees knees!!! and I adore your camel colored boots!! Still trying to find post that explains this move..sorry was in blog no mans land for a month :)

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