Saturday, September 17, 2011

All Different Kinds of Winners

The bad news is, our Saturday started around 5:45 a.m. Cory headed out bright and early for his second half-marathon. Since my two oldest could hear thread slide through a needle, they bounced out of bed in the pitch dark, ready for the day, at the exact moment Daddy left the house.

I always try to tell them, "It's still the middle of the night!", but I think they're on to me.

The good news is, by 9:30, we were here. Granted, this is the first finish line I've ever waited at, but I've got to believe that it's the prettiest one in the history of the universe. Or at least Indiana.

Cory organized Team Crossing as a fundraiser. Go Team!
(Photo taken after the run and they're all still standing. Some are even smiling!)

While we waited for Daddies and friends to cross the line, the kids played in the rocks.

My friend Heather crossed and I teared up. Then my friend Alison crossed and I teared up. Then I was struck by how dear the timekeeper at the finish line was and I teared up.

Then I saw him...

And I teared up. I am so proud of him. I love that he has pushed himself and trained so hard. He's rallied the team and encouraged them. He takes his job at The Crossing so seriously. So proud! He ran over 13 miles. So proud! He has calves of steel. So proud!

The kids and assorted nephews cheered him and Uncle Kevin on.

I made it my personal duty to hoot and holler as everyone crossed the line. And cry. That was another part of my contribution. You run 13.something miles. I'll cry for you a little.

*Don't. Do. It!*

After the race, we browsed around a bit at the Amish Acres Fall Festival.

Then the kids played on the rocks.

It was a really fun, really inspiring morning.

But wait! I have 3 Grace for the Good Girl winners!

1. Alison: I'm looking very much forward to reading this book. I want to be a GG with Jesus' help.

2. Jodyfoznot: Ever since I can remember, I've struggled with the lie that I need to earn God's love and approval. And I've built up some fairly impenetrable walls of my own in the process. It's taking years and years to take those walls down brick by brick.

3. Sylvia: I'm here via Emily's link on Facebook. I'm a first time visitor :) Oooh, how I'd love to dive into her book. It sounds amazing!

Girls, email me with your mailing address (My email is up under "contact" at the top of my blog.) I can't wait to hear what you think of the book!