Saturday, September 10, 2011

80's love ballads and an adoption guest post

It's already technically Saturday.

We're watching an infomercial on the great love ballads from the 80's.

"If you don't know me by now, you will never, never, never know me (no you won't!) oooh..."

I know every. single. song.

I'm singing much too loudly for the hour.

Phil Collins rocks my world. I mean, come on.

Just 6 easy payments of $29.95 for six - SIX - cds!

Oh, have mercy. Michael Bolton.

Slay me already, Mr. Mister.

"Take! These broken wings!"


As usual, I didn't come here to talk about infomercials. Sorry, Dan Foglesbee.

This blog brings out the scatter-brain hiding within.

What I really wanted to tell you is that I wrote an adoption guest post for my friend Danielle.

You can find it right here.

She's done an entire week of adoption guest posts, so check them all out.

For anyone visiting from Danielle's place, I have three things to say.
1. You can read more about our adoption journey by clicking on my Big Adoption Series here.
2. The whole love ballads thing really can't be helped. It's just the way I roll.
3. Pleased to meetcha!

"Keep. This. Feeling alive. Make me lose contro-ol."

I can't stop.

"No one, no-oo one, no one to blame."


Here's to wishing everyone a great night's sleep and a lazy-sweet weekend.

ps - "I wanna know what love is...I want you to show meeeeeee."

pss - Lady in Red, you've always sort of creeped me out.


  1. So many songs floating around my head now....happy lazy, absolutely wonderful weekend right back atcha!

  2. wanna know a secret? i kinda sorta wanted to throw up a little every single time lady in red would come on the radio. gag me with a spoon ;)

  3. I do that same thing! My husband and kids will sit and stare at me as I guard the remote and sing my heart out. In fact, I just wrote a couple of posts about breaking out in song for every word I hear. It's kind of annoying, but it can't be helped. You and I roll the same way.

    Such a cutie patootie, he is.

  4. I'm a sucker for 80's music too. "When I see you smile. I see a ray of light! (oh-oh) I see it shinning right through the rain."

  5. Would you believe my parents didn't want me to listen to the 80's music while we were in the 80's. They thought it was too worldly. I actually got in trouble for mowing the lawn one time and listening to Steven Curtis Chapman. Of course when I went to college and spread my wings and discovered the 80's music (in 1994 ; ) I LOVED the stuff. I think it is my favorite.

  6. You can't help but love a post with Mister Mister in it.

  7. Seen that, loved it, wish I'd have ordered it. The only one missing...
    Meet you all the way...Rosanna yeah.

  8. If there's some WHAM on there then I'm in for the 6 CD party pack!

  9. Oh I need me some 80's music. Me and Phil Colins are going to rock the house too-day. (And scrub the toilets and mop the floors.)

    I can see my kid's eyes rolling already.

  10. I read your guest post on adoption. So lovely. You have such a wonderful way with words and expressing thoughts. I am far less eloquent and so I appreciate what you're able to do.

    Oddly enough, I woke up around 3AM with the TV on and I kid you NOT: the 80's music commercial was on! I sort of lazily laughed as I was tired, and then was a bit amused and interested while sleepily thinking "Oh! I loved that song!" while I then told myself "Get back to sleep, G.!"

    Not sure if you mention it above...but Air Supply was on there as well! Some of the music definitely bums me out to this day, but most is happy....Ahhh...memories.

    LOVE the photo with this post!!

  11. You have made my Saturday richer!
    Thank you so much for the 80's music that is now dancing through my head. I just wish that I could remember all the words to all those songs. I find myself beginning to sing one loudly and look around to see my kids giggling at me...sing/hum/stumble. :)

  12. Your adoption post made me bawl. Not cry...bawl.
    Love your heart as I have said many times. xoxo
    I'm going to Keep on loving yoooou.Cause it's the only thing I wanna dooo.

  13. Now I know what the soundtrack of our conference will be! Phew. I was sweatin' that one.

  14. Come on, Michael Bolton, he is it. Why as a geeky teen did I love him so? Creepy really, wasn't he old then?

  15. I've all of a sudden got the urge to watch The Wedding Singer.
    And listen to some Lover Boy.
    And perm my hair....whilst wearing acid wash jeans.

  16. oh Shannon, you take my breath away

  17. Since I grew up in the 80's living in the 30's. There's a tear in my beer & I'm cryin' for you dear.....
    Huh. Why'd they let me listen to that. Never mind!
    Your posts were awesome as usual!!!

  18. the ballads are boss!
    as long as there's a side of zz top and acdc ;)

  19. 1. Your adoption post was just precious.
    2. Every time I see Silas' picture I say out loud, "Pitty lights~"
    3. "I wanna know what love is~~" I'm singing at the top of my lungs. Oooh, my kids are in for a treat today. ;-)

  20. Ha! I was watching the same thing! I just couldn't turn it off!! I discovered Pandora last week and my world has been changed. My favorite "channel" is my Chicago music. Totally 80's love ballads! "I hear the ticking of the clock I'm lying here the rooms pitch dark..." I've been skipping down Memory Lane all week! Now I'm gonna go read your adoption post which I'm sure will be amazing. xo

  21. You're the Inspiration by Chicago.....
    Say You, Say Me by Lionel Richie.....
    Always and forever by Atlantic Star......

    want me to keep going??????

    you spoke my 80's love language today, girl!!!!!!

    going now to read your guest post....

  22. "don't know what ya got, till it's gone....don't know what it is i did so i know what i got it's just this song...."
    mmmm hmmm, love me some cinderella and 80's power ballads. : )

  23. First off, that picture of Mr. Silas. Those long baby eyelashes are killin' me!
    I love me some old school love ballads! There was a commercial of 80s songs snippets {say that 5 times fast} that played during my childhood that I used to sing over and over with my friends. I can still belt it out now.
    I'm off to read your guest post!

  24. Have you had an entire POT of coffee? You are waaaay wound up, sister. And I thought Dan F. was Fogleberg? But I love that you call him Fogelsbee...that's more fitting, so his name is officially changed, do you have $20 to make it official with Florida?
    I'm buying the 80's discs to play on my record player right now.

  25. I loved, loved, loved your guest post. I'm going to put it in a link list for this week. Your experiences are so beautiful and so genuine and I'm just in awe, always, of your big heart.

  26. It is with much awe and appreciation that I admire this post and that handsome young fella starring at the top.

    He melts my Southern heart. Law.

    xxxxxoooooo (extra)

    P.S.- I sang over half of this post through.

  27. Oh my goodness! You don't know me, but we are totally music-crush-kindred. Phil C. and Michael B. get me every time! (My husband thinks it's silly, since they're twice my age. Nevertheless...) I was *sure* I was the only one.

    Thank you for sharing your heart for your children's birth families. I've breathed many prayers and hopes for our (future) children's first families lately. My heart aches—there is such sweetness and sadness in it that I've only begun to experience. So, thank you.

  28. simply red comes to mind. but what is the song? love your adoption story. love your heart. xoxo

  29. Eww! Lady in Red! Once, in college, my friend and I walked into her dorm room only to see her room mate slow dancing to lady in red with her boyfriend!!! Funniest moment ever! They were so embarrassed. Rightly so!

  30. Me too! Lady in Red... just a little creepy somehow. And also Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now... it just gives me the willies... but I think that's more because of the movie Mannequin than the song itself. But maybe not.