Tuesday, August 30, 2011

You Thought I Was Done?

It's a breezy kind of day today, the kind that makes the stack of papers on the island scatter across the floor when you're not looking, the kind that makes you look over your shoulder for a pop-up shower that never comes.

The days are taking on a new kind of rhythm and we're rinsing the house in air with the perfect tinge of cool. Maybe this is what they mean when they talk about fresh air. Warm air just never feels very fresh. Maybe it's just me.

I went to bed last night a little groggy, a little stuffy, very sure that I had come down with a lightening-fast cold. I woke up dreamy and well, so I chalked it all up to allergies. Blast 'em.

Clearly, things are changing. The light has a little less glare. There's a filter sliding across it, and we all know what that means, but I'm not about to say it, because for now? It's still Summer.

Go ahead. Hate me. I will holler about Summer every day that I am able. It's just that good. It's good in a bathing suit in June and it's every bit as good in a three-quarter sleeved cardigan in late-late August.

The garden is winding down. It's a crying shame out there. A lawless place. Even still, there are tomatoes and peppers and the errant tough bean.

Speaking of law, I happened upon this earlier today: "Obviously, the law applies to those to whom it was given, for its purpose is to keep people from having excuses, and to show that the entire world is guilty before God. For no one can ever be made right with God by doing what the law commands. The law simply shows us how sinful we are." Romans 3: 19-20, NLT

Only in the past year am I beginning to understand the purpose of the law, in light of Grace. "The law simply shows us how sinful we are." I love the "simply" here. It might as well say, "Duh, people." "Duh, Shannan." The law can never be kept, and isn't that a relief? "People are made right with God when they believe that Jesus sacrificed his life, shedding his blood...So we are made right with God through faith." (Romans 3:25b, 28)

I cannot do perfection. I cannot do striving to live a life that is seen as blameless and honorable to those around me. I can't try everyday-everyday-everyday to balance the scales between successes and failures and hope that the God grades on a curve.

But I can do faith, because above all else, there is grace.

I did not start this post intending to say all of that. I guess that's just what late-Summer air will do to a girl.

What I really meant to do was wrap up my weekend. Since I've already talked your ear off, I shall employ bullet points.

  • A single onesie hanging on a line might just inspire thoughts of additional babies. Might.
  • Self-explanatory. (aka Duh.)

  • See bullet #1.

  • I call this kid Jack-o-Lantern Teeth. Since this shot was taken, he's two more down.

  • I've always been enamored of bugs with flowers. Juxtapose me, baby.

  • Many layers of proof that Summer is still among us.

  • This poor guy found himself in the midst of the impromptu vintage tractor parade and, well, he fit right in. Although I think he wondered why we were all waving to him.

Finally, a story.

I wanted a picture of my cousin Vickie and I. I asked my mom if she would do the honors, though it's important to note that I only had the big camera with me.

Just as we were lining up, Vickie said, "Remember, I just had a baby!" I followed with, "Just take it from the chest up."

This is what we got.

My mom was all holding the big, beastly camera a foot in front of her like it was a $19 Sony digital, acting like she could see the picture on the backside of the camera even though she couldn't. Have mercy, it was a sight.

We saw the final shot and it cracked our business UP.

Vickie made me promise to post the picture on my blog because she's got a sense of humor and doesn't take life too seriously. (Just my kind of lady.)

This was attempt number two. We were at least moving in the right direction.

The third time was the charm.

I love you, Mama! It's obvious that I get my mortal fear of technology from you.


  1. 1. The Air.

    Please wrap up some late-Summer air in a pretty package with a dainty ribbon and ship is to the South, please ma'am.

    2. The Law.

    God in His wisdom gives us the Law as the guideline, but His grace as the redemption. Thank God for redemption.

    3. Onesie.

    I can send you pictures of Pie that will crack up your business and further your baby-maybe.

    4. The Lawyer.

    Where is Sy? I scrolled through thrice.

    5. The Reason I Come Here So Often.


  2. great post
    however i am laughing way out loud
    at picturing your mama holding that beastly camera out in front of her like it's a $19 job!
    crack me up!

  3. i think it was the christian evangelist d.l. moody, who when asked the difference in his religion and others, responded
    "two letters separate me from you.
    yours is D-O and mine is D-O-N-E"
    praise jesus for his unmerited favor and forgiveness. even for my future sin! unbelievable.

    we are squeezing out the last of summer, too. i am ready for autumn though! love your story. y'all make a cute picture and your mama is adorable. i can tell.


  4. I Loved this!
    Will you write my vacation post for me?
    And retake my pictures too?

    Thanks for the healthy side of scripture followed by a heaping pile of chuckles!!! :)

  5. A message to the "new momma cousin Vickie"-- darli'n, you look beautiful..like a woman in the midst of her most important work...like someone who is doing her work WELL. I do believe we are traveling the same road at this time in life. I sport the same appearance as you on any given day. Love the photos of you two...ALL of them!

  6. We have a wind here in Texas, but with nary a cool breeze. Our time will come for flannel and cooler weather. I so love your outlook, your uninhibited outlook on life....fresh, loving, compassionate.

    Thank you.....for everything.

  7. if the wind blew in my house here in Texas, it would melt everything. I really enjoy reading your blog.

  8. This is such a transition time for many. We're feeling here in Iowa and it's lovely. The pace and pattern of life is something my family adores and thanks the Lord for. We look forward with anticipation and backward with joy and happiness. :)

    Now, please tell me where you got that adorable brown skirt. It looks comfy and my clothes have to be comfy!

  9. Wonderful photos of the plants!! Being a horticulturist, I can really appreciate how lovely they are. :)
    Take care,

  10. I love the haze in the air, a sure sign that summer is waning, but don't wane too fast, I love it. Every season should stretch out as long as it can!


  11. The fresh air is making me a bit weepy tonight as I read this post.

  12. Preach it, sistah!!

    And your picture story has me CRACKIN' UP!!! Seriously, there are tears.

    Happy Tuesday, friend :)


  13. I don't know your Mama, but I love your mama:)

  14. thanks for the smile at the end.....hilarious :) and my garden is becoming lawless as well.....letting the summer wind down.

  15. the law. i love it...it keeps me honest. you know?
    I also love lawless gardens. Except for mine. Mine is lawless in a bad way, and I hate it, really I do. I cannot WAIT to rip it out...but I'm waiting. I'm waiting for the flowers. There's no sense in ripping stuff out if you don't have something to replace it with.
    XOXOXO and a big BIG squeeze to you my friend. You've encouraged me tonight.

  16. I love this---my garden is in the same stage of sorta dying/still surviving/looking gangly. But boy, those tomatoes are still cranking it out. :)

  17. I can't believe you posted my, oops. Crazy camera,now you know why they think I am an ex-amish at work, I hate the computer. Thanks for the note on the law, it drove me crazy for years trying to figure it all out. And I loved the note from Hannah, about do and done, I am going to put it in the back of my Bible for future reference.
    Throw open all the windows and remember these days when the first blast of snow comes our way. Of course I can't wait for the thrill of snow!!!!!

  18. I cannot stop laughing at the photos your mamma took! HILARIOUS!! Before you explained what she was doing, I found myself asking "Does your mom wear bifocals??" because my mom used to take photos just like that. Additionally, her left finger(s) would also be in the photos adding that weird, round light to the photo. Very late 70's, early 80's to me!

    Said photos also made me laugh because the last time I saw my 2 best girls, we had Ana's mother-in-law take photos of us and they ended up being of our legs and socks!

    I have a new puppy here and he has me on a brand new schedule that I've begun to love. I've also noticed the air is different, much different at 6-7AM! I love it, but it also makes me a bit sad as MN winters are so dang long...so like you- I am hanging onto summer, but with a more weird and fierce protectiveness. Case in point: On this morning's puppy walk, I wore my white tanktop even though I could have comfortably rocked that walk in a sweatshirt. I even said toward end of walk "wow, I'm really not getting any warmer here..."

    I have yet to pluck a 'mater here! I think Emerson and I started too late, but it does look like we'll have at least one red and ripened tomato within a week. Seeing it yesterday made him say "Oh my gosh! We should have a party when we pick it!" and I said "yes, and we'll try and have uncle Brad make you some sort of dish you like since you don't like tomatoes." He looked perplexed and I added "Like salsa or something!". 2 months ago as our tomatoes were growing along with some peppers, he sadly looked at me and said "Yes, it's great that they're growing, but the bad news is...I don't eat tomatoes OR peppers.."

    Hope your day is lovely.


  19. Ha! My husband's mother has never taken a photo without at least parts of heads cut off. I really don't get it. I mean, it doesn't have to be the greatest composition ever, but can't you tell when people's heads are missing in the viewfinder? But she owns it, and that is important. Oh, and she only uses disposable cameras. I love her.

  20. Okay....I came back to re-read, because it was so busy here when I sneaked in some reading yesterday.

    'Saved by Grace through Faith' is what I hang my hat on! Our pastor speaks this often & when I first heard it....'got it' back in 97 what a relief!!!! No more working SO hard to do good. To be good and still feeling NOT good enough!!!

    You dear sister said it well!

  21. Oh girl I've been doing the striving, the attempts at perfection, the hoping that God grades on a curve. And it has worn me flat out! I'm surrendering now to faith and grace, but I'm not all that good at it really.

  22. You've got until Sept. 21 to shout about Summer all. you. want. If people talk, I've got your back, no sweat.

    No perfection, God's perfect grace, a reminder that mexican food is awesome, just what I needed for my morning.

    Have a great Thursday!!

  23. I just love that Momma of yours. This absolutely clinched it. Please let her know for me that if she is looking for a surrogate daughter who a) won't make fun of her in front of millions of readers and b) loves animals as much as she does, then I am her girl.

  24. I love that you can say just the right thing to touch my heart. I'm so glad I found your blog.

  25. hello ma'am I'm a big fan of you...and love the way you express yourself and your kids are adorable....your pictures are the other things I should praise about...was wondering if you could tell me as to what camera you use?