Friday, August 12, 2011

Oceans Are Meant For Crossing

What do you do when you start the week by getting bullied by a McDonald's semi truck and end it by getting stuck (along with 3 Smalls) in a hospital elevator for 20 minutes?

I'll tell you what we did: We kept on partying.

Yesterday's festivities were girly and giggly and pink.

Today's were spicy.

6 years ago today, in the Detroit airport, Cory and I were handed a screaming baby boy that we did not know. He had owies on his face and a faux-hawk. He was wearing a girly outfit (hence the tears?) and he stared at me like he was memorizing me for life.

What this means, if you want to get technical, is that we added two babies to our family within one calendar year. 364 days, to be exact. Or, as I like to think of it, further proof that one just never knows what God might have up his sleeve.

We prayed for Foster Mama and Birth Mama throughout the day, then capped it off with dinner at Sunny's, our favorite Korean restaurant.

Nana and Papa and G.G. (great-grandma) came along for the fun.

It turns out, we all love Korean food. At least Korean food cooked up in America. But I have to wonder, would we love it quite as much if it didn't help stitch us together with the other halves of two lives that make our own so bright and funny and soul-achingly beautiful?

I'll take every opportunity I can get to crawl into the first world of my babies.

This one has a hankering for cucumber kim chee.

"Picy cumbers", as he says.

Homeboy downed them by the plateful with his sippy cup of water in hand in case of emergency. He rubbed chili paste in his eyes, bit his tongue in all his urgent fervor for more picy cumbers, but it never slowed him down.

I've never seen anything like it.

(Also, he threw an entire plate of turkey sandwich, strawberries, watermelon and Cheez-Its on the floor today at lunch, so I think I'm still a bit wounded over that.)

That's a big part of the gift of these kids.

It's not really the birthdays or the celebratory dinners.

It's the frisbee'd lunch and the 2 hour fits. (I'm talking 'bout you, Calvin!)
It's the crying jags over the injustice of exiting the van last and the reminders to put the seat down.

The gift is that I am their Mama.

Every single day.

I love you, Mr. Lee. I want to fold you up inside of me and carry you with me forever.

I'm all yours, forever. Like white on rice.

I'm so glad I've gotcha.


  1. Awwww...what special kids you've got.....AND, what a fantastic family they're in!!!

    Happy Birthday to both of your kiddos!

  2. I love seeing how God builds families. I have many friends with stories similar to yours and it just blesses me to see it. Thanks for sharing your special day!

  3. Yay happy gotcha day! I'd take a turkey sandwich over spicy cucumbers any day though.

    These posts make me happy. And a little nervous...because you're right, God never lets on what He's up to, in a year a lot can happen...and I feel like He's up to something BIIIIIIG!

  4. Oh,you make me cry. I was foster mama to thirteen kiddos in the past,those little faces make me long for another dozen or so.

  5. You have amazing and beautiful kiddos. And I agree with what JoAnn said about being happy and nervous when reading your posts - Aslan is on the move, girlfriends.

  6. What an imprint Mr. Lee has made on our family in these six years. Thank you Jesus for divine appointments and Mr. Lee!

    I will a favorite quote of mine to Mr. Lee on this celebratory day.
    "They change their sky but not their soul who cross the ocean"

  7. Really and truly, it is the best blessing in all the world.
    I need some more littles.
    Do you want Gary's email? : )
    Maybe you can convince him because I definitely can't...

  8. I hope to be the kind of Mama you fact, I will be one in about 28 weeks!! I so very much hope that I can be half the Mama you are!

  9. That's a good description of eating the picy cucumbers.

  10. I can't wait to see those kids.

  11. The Lord works in mysterious ways for sure! Any Mama that has 2 in diapers at the same time deserves an award!!!
    Happy Birthday Mr. Lee!


  12. Happy family day, Calvin! I love the picture of him in his Seoul shirt. And that one of Silas chowing down on the cucumbers? Precious.

    You are a blessed mama.

  13. What a great celebration! And seriously, what is it with having to get away from somewhere first?!? For you it is the van, for me it is our loft. Every morning with the fighting and screaming about who walks down the stairs first!

  14. You are blessed no doubt about it. Hugs to Mr Lee!
    And I'll take my cucumbers with tomato please and I will not pitch them on the floor.

  15. I love it . I'm white on rice. Girl you are too funny. Not sure if I'd dig Korean food. Looked a little spicey and strange;) Have a great weekend.

  16. I love your whole family. Each one of your youngin's are special. They are loved and they are blossoming under that love. There if lots of fun, mixed in with tears, there is learning too.

    Love and hugs to Mr. Lee and a thank you from me for the loving life you and Cory are giving these three sweeties.


  17. It is so good isn't it...all of it. Loving this post!

  18. You have a way of sneaking tears into the corners of my eyes that I don't even know are there until they fall onto my laptop. So glad in this crazy messed up world that you found each other!!

  19. Beautiful! Loved every word of this. You may be the only woman to have Irish twins in such a unique way!

  20. I got out Cal's pictures of when we only knew him by photos and heart felt prayers to God, to please send him home NOW!! I still have them on the coffee table and remember how even then his eyes had a look of a tiny adult that knew more than he could say. Six years, and how we have been blessed! Thank you birth Mommies, please know your babies are loved so very much, and are having a beautiful life, just the way God planned.

  21. Yep, a year and a week between our first son moving in and our second being born. God is strange and wise. Adoption is beautiful. Our eldest uses a sign-language for people with learning disabilities-the sign for adoption is bringing an open, empty hand towards your stomach/heart and closing it tight as it meets your body. Sums it up for me. I take this boy into my womb, into my heart. He's mine and my empty hands are full.

  22. Please write a book.
    I'll be first in line to buy it.

  23. Every post is a tug at my heart.....for sharing in your bounty, for getting so emotional knowing I am in the presence of such a wonderful being!
    And I second the book thing!But where will you find time.....
    Thanks for making me feel always hopeful about the world....

  24. So your week ended with an elevator stall?


    I do not like small enclosed spaces.

    Whenever I enter an elevator, I worry that it will do exactly what it did to you.

    So much so, that last week at Ikea with my nephew, I found myself yelling when he started pushing all of the buttons saying "Do you WANT us to get stuck in here?!"

    Your stories about your littles bring me joy and hope. I am in the early stages of adoption and I look forward to having the experiences you're having..fighting about who gets out of the car last, etc..

    As always, you rock and your chitlins are adorable!

  25. Happy Birthday, gorgeous fella :)

    Your family is adorable....

  26. Happy birthday Calvin!!! Rylie says "HI!" What is it about exciting the vehicle first??? Is it that big of deal??? I thought my kids were the only ones who worried about that one. Glad to know we're not alone. :)

  27. Precious stuff. Can't make it up. It's beautiful.

  28. Sweet boy. What a wonderful thing-- you have them and they have you. perfect.

  29. This post brought tears to my eyes. Your writing is often a reminder to me of what is truly important. Thank you for sharing your family.

    Twyla in MN

  30. I love this. Wish I could put it into better words, but...just love it.

  31. Happy Gotcha day! I hope someday my little Koreans will love Korean far the only one on board is the one with blonde hair and blue eyes :)

  32. Another beautiful post! Your littles are too sweet :)

  33. hooray for calvin!
    hooray for the flower patch family!
    hooray for jesus!
    this post made my heart so full, love you!

  34. I love this.

    Thanking God for cross-able oceans, 'picy cucumbers, and love as beautiful as your Mr. Lee's smile. Sweet gifts to celebrate!