Sunday, August 28, 2011

More is More is More

I like to think I fall somewhere neatly in the middle of the blog photo continuum. I probably average ten? Eight? I don't know.

The kids and I spent another weekend in Ohio (Daddy had to work) and I'm officially smitten. After 35 years, I've decided. I took about eight hundred pictures to prove it.

I apologize for the fact that I have now blogged about Ohio enough that it has its own category. It can't be helped.

It was a combination of the company (my like-a-sister cousin from PA was visiting with her brand new baby) and the end-of-summer-ness. Not too hot, but still plenty warm. More food than you could shake a stick at. Cool nights that ended late. Church with friends. It was all just so good.

Next time, Cory's coming. No two ways.

And now, I'll shut up and let the pictures do the talking. (Okay, I might have a word or two to share, but I'll do my best to keep my comments brief.)

I don't remember this cat's name. My mom names all of her pets old fashioned people names (sound familiar?) and on top of that, she changes her mind sometimes and switches them around. This is Janet or Carol. Or Clara. Or Harriet. Or Leonard.

My sister had flowers everywhere in the house because she's cool like that and because she knows flowers are my love language.

Flower Patch Friends, meet Henry, our guest of honor.

I mean, really.

This is my Mama. She's super funny and she also thinks I'm funny, so SCORE!

That matchbox trailer with the miniature cars used to be one of my favorites...

My Dad gets around on this golf-cart. It has revolutionized Papaw and Grandma's house.
(Where was this thing when I was five?)

Dad chopped some wood across the road. "Now that's a tree!"
(Silas is there for scale purposes.)

A bunch of old tractors drove past like our own personal parade! The good ol' boys waved and one even gave us the thumbs up.

Three of my second cousins. (Cassidy, Ashely, Amanda)
We were all a little freaked out to see that Cassidy and Ashley appear to be twins separated at birth.

My Dad's got mad gardening skillz.
(They do not appear to be hereditary.)

Silas was so exhausted today after church that he wandered in and tucked himself in on the couch for a nap.

People. This has never happened.

And just before we left? Calvin yanked another tooth. The second one in 4 days.

Happy Monday, Sugarplums. I'll rock it if you do.


  1. I absolutely adore the first photo, of the perfect white farmhouse....swoon.

    And sister, preach about Ohio, it makes me want to move there!!

  2. Your pictures make me want to go to Ohio, or maybe just go to your parents house. Either way, great shots!!

  3. Stop it right this second. I freaking LOVE your weekend. The baby. The cat with the person name. Your Mama and her fantastic smile. Your babies. Your Daddy! The tractor!!!!!! I am sorry, but I just have to come and move in with you right.this.second.

    I am glad you had fun. : ) I am so glad you can visit your family. Family is super duper important.


  4. Oh that toothless smile is just too much. And a kid who put himself to sleep?! I could use one of those. Lovely photos. Makes me want to head to the midwest, without the cold winters or mosquitos in the summer, though.

  5. ok. your kiddos always blow me away with their cuteness.
    and the cat, he looks like a leonard for sure.
    or maybe phyllis.
    the gardening skills-s w o o n.

    oh, and i love you.

  6. Thanks for sharing a beautiful weekend.

  7. The farmhouse is just lovely!!! And all of the flowers are just beautiful:)

  8. I like Ohio. I'm thinking @ buying a house there.

  9. If Cory can't go next time, please take me with you. And I know I've mentioned this before, but tell your mom that I'm available for adoption. She can give me an old fashioned name if she wants to. about Mathilda? :)

  10. You had such lovely things to say about Sy.

    Bless it.

    My kids call my Dad Papaw too. Same spelling and all. Jordan made that up for himself.


  11. Looks like a great weekend! And my dad also has a golf cart! He even has it rigged to do yard work. My favorite is that he has a five gallon bucket in the floor board and he drives around the yard with one of those "grabber" things to pick up pine cones and put them in the bucket. Really.

  12. There's something about visiting your mama's house that refreshes your soul, isn't there?

    I'm rocking it.

  13. *I think Silo's eyelashes have grown even longer.
    *Love me a toothless grin.
    *Ruby's eyes....enough said.
    *I want a golf cart.
    *Tell your mama I said Hi!

  14. Baby Henry is beautiful. I was wondering about the sweet little guy. So glad you are hanging with your peeps. It is my favorite thing to do.

  15. Just looking at your parents place is relaxing. I could not imagine being there. Your father's garden takes my breath away.

  16. Great post! I live in Ohio and love it!

  17. Next time, I want to come with :-)
    Take me, pick me, take me!

  18. Hmm???
    That farmhouse looks a teency bit familiar! ;)
    If I've said it once...I've said it a million (well not really but ya' know) times...


  19. Lovey -- Where to start and where to end, I want to live in these photos all day today. Henry is the swooniest, most kissable baby, and the one of him and Vick slays me. And your dad's garden delight and the pics of the kiddos. Who needs CMB to take stellar shots, I think you've got it. I loved the one of the two in the rearview mirror. Slay me more!

  20. I love your picture of your little guy next to the tree with cute! Looks like an amazing time!

  21. Glad you had a wonderful weekend and visit. I think I saw your father at the VFW on Saturday, late afternoon, watching the firing of the antique guns and cannons. We didn't stay long. The children's attention span can be quiet short these days. :)

  22. Oh I will rock it in the peace of GOD...makes it all so very good! How I adore the pic of the baby, they really refresh life.

    And the gardens...I can't!!! I have four potted tomato plants on my patio, but they have harvested bowls full o' cherry and romas, sweet 100's and Beefsteaks. I am a gardening fool!


  23. I lived in Ohio as a child and long to go back to see it. Maybe next summer. Thanks for sharing the beautiful photos. Great catch lights in the photo of Ruby. :)

  24. I love your photos, of course, I live in Ohio. I grew up not that far from your parents. Sure you don't want to move back.

  25. Love all the pictures!!The farmhouse is what I want and I love the picture of your sister andbaby Henry!! What a sweetie:) Ohio is so beautiful and I am going to the Country Living Fair in Ohio are you??)Elma

  26. We had that Matchbox truck with the little cars and I loved it! I still love anything mini.

  27. Wonderful photos. Where in Ohio? Looks rural. I lived in Columbus many years ago. And, lived an hour from Dayton for most of my life. I miss being able to fly out of Dayton's is so easy-peasy.
    xo, Cheryl (now in Southern Indiana)

  28. Every picture is SO beautiful. Makes me want to go spend a week at your parents. Do you think they'd mind?

    Your dad's garden looks like something out of a magazine or a movie. It's really amazing. Are giant things on the left cabbages? I just paid almost $5 for one cabbage and it did NOT look like that!

  29. Lovely pictures- lovely family. Home is good!

  30. I love your pictures! Can I go to Ohio with you next time, too?

    And is that a skunk sleeping with Silas? Gotta show my little guy-he'll get a kick out of that.

  31. looks as though you had a lovely weekend. :) wish my parents lived close enough so that i could visit their farm.

  32. Ohio is a pretty sweet place to live !

  33. Phenomenal pictures from a wonderful time indeed! Thanks for sharing! :D

  34. We had a great time didn't we?? The photos turned out amazing, Cor watch out she is catching up fast. I especially liked the one with Vicki and little Henry!!

  35. Awwww...

    Thanks so much for sharing!!

    I love all of it, the miniatures that you yourself played with as a kid (I think so anyway...I do have a tendency to make up stories for people/fill in the blanks)...the baby Henry...your mama's names for her animals (love that!) using Silas for tree-scale purposes...the house, the flowers, lovely!

    Are Silas' lips really that red? So cute. Or did he just finish eating strawberries or something similar?

    Calvin and the teeth: So hilarious. When my nephew Emerson started losing his, he quickly realized he got a decent amount of cash from the tooth fairy. By the time his 4th tooth was loose, he and his friend Andrew knocked one another's out with pillows! I'm not kidding. I told my hubby "Is this like Fight Club for little kids?" and his letter to the tooth fairy said something like "Dear Tooth Fairy, I am sorry Tooth Fairy..but Andrew knocked my tooth out with a pillow and now I can't find it. Thank you, Tooth Fairy. Love, Emerson."

    It still makes me laugh.

    Loved all of the pics!!

    Have a wonderful Monday evening.



  36. Oh man, I haven't seen a "big boy" in ages! We used to love to stop and eat at Shoney's and climb on "big boy" when we were little. :)

  37. Oh that first photo is a dream. Seriously. My husband and I have been searching for three years to find a house just like that up here in Michigan. We're still waiting. Thinking we ought to just build our own but there's something about an old one that can't be replicated. Thanks for sharing! :)

  38. I think I've made my feelings on Ohio clear. BUT your weekend looks like it was all kind of wonderful. Even if it did take place in the Buckeye State. :) And I'm happy to hear Silas took a nap, all on his own. Maybe he's turning a corner?!?

  39. loved the pictures of your weekend....
    and the words. :)

    your mama's smile is precious...
    your daddy is a master gardener...he and my dad would be buddies.

    love your sweet girl's picture..the one of her jumping where all you see is her feet...

    love the picture of the onions...and the sunflowers and the one of the bicycle....

    oh...crap. I love them all.

  40. i am glad to read your words. i don't need a reminder that God is great, but i do appreciate (especially on a day like today when things here aren't going top-notch) the reminder that life is beautiful. glad you are living it.

    thanks for sharing.


  41. oh the memories... to never be forgotten with your handy camera skilz ;)

  42. Gorgeous photos, thank you for sharing them, xx

  43. Hi there!

    I'm Adriane...I have been quietly enjoying your blog for a few months now...but have never commented..ha...don't know what that's about...

    but anyway:)

    ...just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy reading about your family, your faith, and your love for the simple things in all put a smile on my face:)

    Thanks for sharing.

    -Adriane @

  44. I just love you. And I don't mean that in a weird bloggy-verse stalky sort of way. I mean in a you're-so-real-it's-beautiful way. You have the best heart. I don't visit your blog as often as I wish I could and I feel totally cheated because of that! I'm a stone's throw from Ohio and never saw it through your eyes. You made me love it, too!

  45. Forget Cory, next time I'm coming with you.

    Just kidding, CMB.

    Also. my kids are tooth-yanking maniacs. What is UP with that??? It's like they get bit by the bug...

    Also. Silas with that stuffed skunk, mouth agape? to die for.

    Also. I think you're funny.