Sunday, August 28, 2011

More is More is More

I like to think I fall somewhere neatly in the middle of the blog photo continuum. I probably average ten? Eight? I don't know.

The kids and I spent another weekend in Ohio (Daddy had to work) and I'm officially smitten. After 35 years, I've decided. I took about eight hundred pictures to prove it.

I apologize for the fact that I have now blogged about Ohio enough that it has its own category. It can't be helped.

It was a combination of the company (my like-a-sister cousin from PA was visiting with her brand new baby) and the end-of-summer-ness. Not too hot, but still plenty warm. More food than you could shake a stick at. Cool nights that ended late. Church with friends. It was all just so good.

Next time, Cory's coming. No two ways.

And now, I'll shut up and let the pictures do the talking. (Okay, I might have a word or two to share, but I'll do my best to keep my comments brief.)

I don't remember this cat's name. My mom names all of her pets old fashioned people names (sound familiar?) and on top of that, she changes her mind sometimes and switches them around. This is Janet or Carol. Or Clara. Or Harriet. Or Leonard.

My sister had flowers everywhere in the house because she's cool like that and because she knows flowers are my love language.

Flower Patch Friends, meet Henry, our guest of honor.

I mean, really.

This is my Mama. She's super funny and she also thinks I'm funny, so SCORE!

That matchbox trailer with the miniature cars used to be one of my favorites...

My Dad gets around on this golf-cart. It has revolutionized Papaw and Grandma's house.
(Where was this thing when I was five?)

Dad chopped some wood across the road. "Now that's a tree!"
(Silas is there for scale purposes.)

A bunch of old tractors drove past like our own personal parade! The good ol' boys waved and one even gave us the thumbs up.

Three of my second cousins. (Cassidy, Ashely, Amanda)
We were all a little freaked out to see that Cassidy and Ashley appear to be twins separated at birth.

My Dad's got mad gardening skillz.
(They do not appear to be hereditary.)

Silas was so exhausted today after church that he wandered in and tucked himself in on the couch for a nap.

People. This has never happened.

And just before we left? Calvin yanked another tooth. The second one in 4 days.

Happy Monday, Sugarplums. I'll rock it if you do.