Thursday, August 18, 2011

In Which Robert Gives Me a Heart Attack

I am not a big video watcher, myself.

But this one is short - like 10 seconds.

And yes, that would be me with the deep, mannish voice.

(I do not really sound like that. I do not really sound like that. I do not really sound like that.)

And yes, that would be me screaming at the end.

Because I truly believed Robert was going to land crooked on his neck.

He's just too tall for this sort of nonsense, if you ask me.

(No one asks me.)


  1. I rarely post on blogs...but I always love reading yours and felt compelled to comment: have him check out

    My husband is a 6 foot tall freerunner and he would tell you anyone can freerun :)

  2. that was awesome! I feel the same way when I watch Aaron do gymnastics. I just can't watch sometimes. I feel like he'll end up in a wheelchair. Off topic - going to see The Help tomorrow with a gaggle of old friends. I hope the movie competes with the book. xo

  3. I watched this 3x and I laughed every time!

  4. That boy needs to quit that mess. Freaks me out.


  5. My phones not showing it! :( I hope it's on You Tube cuz that's where I'm headed....

  6. Okay...I'm back I couldn't find it! Guess I'll just have to wait! ;)

  7. "Don't ever do that again!" And he looks so happy about it...
    He makes it look so so easy!

  8. why do guys do such things!? kinda love it though.
    i had a boyfriend once who thought it was just THE best to
    (freak me out) show his dangerous talents. he was tall, too.


  9. Oh, I'd have been like you, but I'd have had a horrendous squeaaaaal at the end - so bad, I could never have shown the video!

  10. I scream like a Jr. High boy. Just sayin'.

  11. Oh my, what a guy! I like your voice. I like your voice. I like your voice.

  12. hahaha! i will NOT be trying that at home :)

  13. That was impressive (and terrifying). Don't let Cory show him an JA eps, or you really might have a problem on your hand. I think I have the worst voice ever too. It's sad. Why do our voices sound so mannish to us, it's weird?

  14. Ah, I need to have them upgrade my flash player at work. I can't watch all of related vidoes. I'll check it out soon enough, sounds like a good one :)

  15. Way to go Robert!!How can a human body do that?? I can't wait to meet this amazing new "member" of our family. And Robert, just so you know, just call me Gam!!!!

  16. This cracks me up! Just recently, my two older girls were climbing the fence and jumping into the blow up pool. I was covering my eyes, and their daddy was cheering them on.

  17. I too, hate hearing my voice...I sound like a little girl. I have to say he is talented. But yes, it is scary!
    xo, Cheryl

  18. Great form, Robert!
    I have a daredevil like that at my house. Every stinkin' video I take of him has me screaming/squealing/laughing/threatening in the back ground. I ask the same question. Why? I even clap my hand over my mouth and still manage to blurt something out.

  19. i have secretly always wanted to do that. now that you are a freak-out pro, do ya think you could spot me? or shall we just line the cement with pillows and hope for the best?

    ps i thought of you roughly 4.6 billion times this and your effortless patience. i'm in need of remedial classes, methinks.

  20. I don't think you have a deep mannish voice! Also, that would scare me too!

  21. You sound exactly like Jenna Elfman.

  22. Boys! Daring, Amazing, Stunt-loving, Brave. It's what makes them, them. ;) Just wait til' Calvin tries this!

  23. that IS your voice. I know it well...and I think it's perfect! :)

  24. Oh that Robert. He'd fit in perfectly around here!

  25. I can SO totally do that move too!


    Your voice is FINE, girl!

    I feel the same way whenever I hear myself, I cringe.

    Hope you're having a fabulous weekend!!



  26. Your voice is beautiful, friend.

    I would have a heart attack too.

    And boy do I feel ya on starting first grade. Although you seem to be handling it much better than me... :)


  27. Eeeeek! I would've freaked, too! BUT, that was awesome. And Robert's huge grin at the very end? LOVE that!

  28. Great! My daughter just said "I wish I could do that!"...I'm seeing some 3.5 yr old nonsense in my near future! :D

  29. That is so sweet that you are scared for him.

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