Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I'm Alive

Well, this is one for the record books. It's been days and days since I've posted, and that just never happens. Be honest, you've enjoyed the break, haven't you?

All I know is this: On Monday morning I tossed one outfit each for myself, Ruby and Silas into a bag and hopped in the van, bound for Ohio. We were on a one-day mission to retrieve Calvin. I was feeling all smug over my ability to pack light and not look back.

The day was sunshiney and my heart was full and light. The wind turbine corridor along US 30 rocked my world as usual. We split a 10-piece McNugget meal three ways in Van Wert and kept on trucking.

The plan was to do it all in reverse the very next day.

But plans were made for changing.

Over the past four days I have rotated my original outfit and the one that I packed. Twice. I've sweated through my t-shirts and covertly sniffed my pits during church. I have traipsed around and eaten trays of cafeteria food. I've made new friends and caught up with old friends - some of the very people who put me on the path to being who I am right now. I've hugged hard. I've bawled into a handkerchief. My kids have run wild.

I'm at church camp.

I showed up to say a quick hello and found that I just couldn't bear to leave.

I've taken two pictures in total, and I can't even share them here because I don't have the means to do so. I logged my mom and dad out of their Blogger account in order to write this post and it's very likely that they'll never figure out how to log back in. I haven't checked email or cleaned or given two wits about any responsibility outside of making sure my kids are fed and hosed off at the end of the day. I still have no clue who Ashely picked. (DO NOT TELL ME.)

It's official: This is the very best way to close the door on summer. It's full-on August living at its finest and I've got the swollen ankles and the droopy hair to prove it.

This week is a gift to me. A surprise gift of nostalgia and clarity and a whole lot of joy. I'll have more to share on the flip-side, so prepare thyselves.

Flower Patch Campgirl

PS - Switching to a new outfit every day is totally overrated.