Thursday, August 25, 2011

And It's Only Thursday

This week I have:

* Gotten stung by a big, fat bee. On my elbow.

* Inadvertently made an entirely beige meal for dinner. (Pan seared cod, roasted cauliflower, brown rice.) It was real ugly.

* Left my van windows down in a torrential downpour.

* Had a milkshake with an oldie/goodie.

* Bought a new computer.

* Remembered how much I loath technology + change.

* Decided to quite writing my book.

* Listened to this cd to death.

* Decided (officially and permanently) that this girl wrote the soundtrack for my every pondering.

* Went to an estate sale at one of my favorite houses on our road. An old lady house (the best kind.) Vintage hankies were ONE CENT each. Tablecloths? Fifty cents.

* Decided to soldier on with my book.

*Put one of my children in time-out eight hundred times for telling me, "I spanka you bottom". But I'll not name names.

*Eaten my weight in watermelon and greek salad.

What's your highlight so far?


  1. love all of your music of the week. love.
    i thought at first being sick AND my kiddo being sick was a bad thing. turns out, we've had lots of good cuddles and quiet time. he has been still. it has been beautiful.


  2. You've had quite a week! My highlight? A day out shopping with my friend. I bought 2 big bags full of stuff at the $ store and only spent $13 and some change . . . wahoo! And can I really be first???

  3. ok, I had to stop reading when you said you're quitting writing the book.

    You're kidding, right?


  4. I think our boys are cut from the same cloth. And press on with the book.
    xo~ Michelle

  5. Whew! I'm glad you decided to keep going with your book. My highlight is that God answered three prayers right away! Not that I'm impatient or anything.

  6. I'm glad that you changed your mind about writing......otherwise we might have to spanka your bottom. (so funny)
    My week is not going well either......started a new nanny job and mom s not ready to leave the baby even though she works at home.....she cancelled me on the third day.....not good. My little Yorkie is sick and has something wrong with her liver. My husband has a toothache.
    Not funny but writing it down makes it seem funny. Hope things go better for you.

  7. I have a kiddo who has a lot of spunk and 800 time outs per day is about average.

  8. My heart about stopped when you said you were quitting writing your book. Pheeeeew!

  9. I got stung by a bee also!!! on my knee.

    Glad you are soldiering on with the book...we are all looking forward to it. Hope all is well!
    Sarah xo

  10. I did the same thing with the sun roof in my car...I left it "popped" and then sat in my soggt, wet leather seats this morning. Le Ugh.

    I started wearing my glasses to work (which I'm supposed to do, but haven't felt like doing in months) and everyone says I look "smarter." This makes me wonder: was I dumb-looking before?

    There's nothing wrong with beige, btw. :)

  11. My heart dropped when you said you were going to quit writing your book. Thank goodness I kept ready. I dont think you have any idea how many of us are waiting for that thing!!

    As for the corner sitting, I have a child who loves to come up in the most quiet of public places and say, I am going to POUND YOUR BOTTOM OFF!!

    What is up with that?!?

    Ha, the week though ... oh wow. I had a little breakdown yesterday because I thought it was the last day I would ever have to spend with my oldest (he's going to kinder) so I freaked and tried to squeeze every fun thing in teh world in to one day and ended up exhausting us all ... but we sure had fun though :)

  12. Toad is one of my favorites! Apparently I have abadoned my blog this week. Perhaps I should go do something about that...

  13. Oh, and I experienced my first earthquake!

  14. it was how i imagine someone’s drunken nightmare to be. i hear my baby crying…peek into his room to see toes hanging off the bed near his pillow, scissors dangling from tiny fingers, and hair all around {both his and sock monkeys}. in the morning he had no idea what he looked like, but he was so proud of his accomplishment. and then reality kicked in. next up…the buzz cut.
    ps…do NOT stop writing your book.

  15. The upside of eating your weight in watermelon is that you'll pee it out and be really hydrated. The weekend is almost here!!

  16. I have kept the house and my sanity intact so far this week. We are on day 4 of the first week of school.

  17. One cent hankies? Swoon. My highlight would have to be a tie between my oldest (6) asking how much our house cost, learning about mortgages, and asking each day what is left on ours. Or a second interview for a job yesterday and the nearly unbearable waiting now.

  18. niiiice. that week sounds about right. yes. lets not name manes. it was just this minute reported to me that SOMEBODY is being a mean tiger and has scratched with real claws 100 times. but we won't name names. ;)

  19. Glad you soldier up! Always finish what you start! We would all be so sad if you didn't.

  20. As my hubby {The Coach} always said, "A quitter never wins and a winner never quits." Keep up the good job on that book!!


  21. soldier up, girl!! sorry about that bee, but the greek salad sounds delish! i want some now.

  22. A penny for a hankie?! Love old ladies....

    I think I need to dig up my Toad cd's. I havent listened to them in ages...totally dig them. They are from my area too :)

    Oh, and keep up the hard work on the book! But be sure to take mental breaks with more watermelon too :)

  23. Soldier on! What a great statement : )

    The highlight? Well, Kaish has this little boy in his class at school that is not his favorite friend. The kid idolizes Kaish and it makes him feel uncomfortable. I sort of understand but it makes me SO angry that Kaish doesn't want to be kind. The little boy is not cool. He is not popular. He is very poor. Earlier this summer I was getting he and his sister for one sleepover a week and 2 days of fun. Kaishon asked me to please stop because he didn't want to be around the little boy any more. I told him I would let him make that decision but I was very hurt that he would decide that. Yesterday afternoon Kaishon came to me and said 'Let's get Hector. I realize I was wrong.' So freaking proud! So Hector and his sister went with us to a new pool yesterday, they slept over last night and we are going to have an adventure today. So thankful Jesus worked on Kaishon's heart.

  24. I'm guessing it was Silas who was continually threatening to "spanka yo bottom"??

    Highlights: Puppy is about 100% potty trained AND almost sleeping through the night. After a few weeks of fits and starts of sleep for BOTH of us, mamma is better rested and proud!

    Low point (not that you asked, but sharing IS caring, right?): Somehow inadvertently cut my finger BADLY while trying to recycle the box that our butter came in! What the heck?? How does a cardboard butter box cause so much misery?

    Keep on with your book- we all want to read it.

    During trying times (potty training) I sing this to myself "I did my besssttt...but I guess my best wasn't good enough.."

    always puts it all into perspective.

    Bee sting: Ouch. I was stung on my hand 2 years ago while driving. I had no idea what hit me, when I saw the dead bee near my hand, I was stunned. I was so shocked that it burned so much.

    Have a wonderful rest of Thursday!!


  25. Please write your book! That said, I had to laugh at the reference to a beige meal. I have inadvertently done that several times, getting lots of grief from my teenagers "wow, mom, colorful meal!". I need a laugh - we are getting my daughter ready to go back to college for her sophomore year. A loooong summer home for her (4 months). Long for all of us :)

  26. Oh my...someone sounds like he is one of those "you're not the boss of me" type. Now that mine are raised I find the sassy ones irresistable.

    (Once had a very bad day with my youngest, finally got him to bed for the night, took a deep breath and headed down the stairs. He opened his door and yelled "Well good NIGHT Mrs. Bossy!" Hilarious now. Wasn't then.)

    Highlight of my week? Great junk found unexpectedly.

    Mrs Bossy

  27. Do you guys not have a garden this year? Just wondering why the beige meal - all these beautiful veggies!!!! ;) Hillelah was stung 3 times by a wasp on Sunday - somehow a bee sting sounds rather boring right now.......How are the teens and houseparents of teens doing? I picked up a most excellent teen manual a few weeks back - still workin on it, but thought of you guys - maybe you've already found it? My little sweet pea has been bathed with the "naughty" words of my 5 year old, who obtained her naughty words from somebody - but anyway, I decided to discipline the 5 year old when the pea says them! I simply know that I could not handle the blessing that you have in Silas right now.....God was very gracious knitting Hosannah together while thinking of her mommies lack of patience and inability to handle stress!!!
    Missed you both Sunday - hope to see you soon!

  28. I've totally done the beige meal thing more than once. Very appetizing.

    Having to remake a pair of capris that were due the next morning. The ruffler wouldn't work without breaking needles. Finally got the ruffle done, finished the pants and realized they were an inch to short. Had enough ruffle to make another pair. Finished an hour before having to deliver them and then remembered they needed trim over the ruffle. I call them the pants from hell.

  29. Four and a half bushels of apples, four bushels of nectarines, three bushels of peaches, uncounted bushels of tomatoes (3? 4?), red raspberries, etc.


  30. I left two glass coke bottles (with real cane sugar!) in the FREEZER. I meant to leave them in for an hour to chill quickly, and left them there for closer to 24 hours. The highlight of the week is that they didn't shatter all over my freezer!

  31. You cannot stop writing your book!

    We all want to read things you write that inspire us and make us smile and let us know that even the most random things can be funny and life-changing.

    That we are all in this life together and that our journey takes a few bumpy roads from time to time but it's all part of getting there.

    What fun would the ride be if it was smooth sailing anyway, right?

    Love to stop by here.
    Always leaving with a smile on my face
    and some inspiration in my heart. :)

    The time out story is still making me smile!

  32. Loved this post, girl. Sorry to hear about the bee! Ouch!

    My highlight is finally getting a blog post done, after a month of a dry spell! :)

  33. Eventful week here, too. Hang in there! (You will! You are!)

  34. Highlight so far...I have a few,

    -spending time with friend, just fellowshipping.
    -starting college again
    -deciding that Florence Welch should sing Gospel
    -Contemplating about writing a blog


  35. i think the 1c hankies cancel out all the unfortunateness.

    i quit writing my book(s) six years ago. but who knows? perhaps your soldier can come over and kick my soldier's hindquarters into gear. :)

  36. Tablecloths for 50cents!!! Heaven! As for me I'm counting down the days till I pop out this baby boy who's favorite past time is kicking my bladder. :)

  37. Glad you're moving forward with your book! It's a tough thing. I know. Wish I could've gone to that estate sale with you.

  38. Grateful the bee sting was on the elbow vs. the "Claws?" Don't need anymore attention drawn to the phalanges, right? LOL!

    Heidi Smith

  39. I had some technology problems earlier this week too...not the highlight.

    But...the weather has been beautiful this week so we've been taking full advantage. I've blogged about some of things we've been doing to strech out summer.

    However, I'd have to say that so far the highlight has been a picnic with my little guy in the front yard.

  40. Oooh - Nichole Nordeman could have written my soundtrack as well, if Sara Groves didn't already write the soundtrack of my life.
    This week so far I have - changed a lot of diapers, consumed way too much fru-fru coffee (mostly of the homemade variety), changed a ton of diapers, completed Season One of 30Rock thanks to my awesome public library, and changed a lot of diapers.

  41. Joy here, Siley's lawyer, please refrain from attacking my client openly on your blog.



  42. The highlight? Hearing Isaac exclaim "School is AWESOME"'s hopin' that doesn't change!

    Sorry about bee.

    Angie from Ohio

  43. Well I can top that! I wrecked something fierce on my bike with Drew on the back! I was full speed ahead to get Beau from morning kindergarten and rammed into the sidewalk curb and I literally was airborn! I feel like I have been beat from head to torso with a baseball bat, tore the cartalidge in my right rib and dang I am a mess :-) I will prevail and hopefully recover quickly or Team Crossing will be running without me!

    Oh, if its anything to ya, my oldest brings me the wooden spoon to "spanka" littlest one!
    Miss you mucho,

  44. I can't stop laughing about the all beige meal! Oh my lands! I have done "ugly" meals before funny!

  45. I have so done the 'ugly' meal thing too. Not on purpose of course, but oh well. We are all still here to tell the tale...

    Love the 'spanka your bottom' ... not funny at the time it happens, but I promise years from now you will chuckle. Kids do the darndest things!

  46. I saw Toad in concert! Haven't listened in YEARS, but now I'm thinking maybe I'll have to dig them out again???

    This week? It's the hardest week of the year for me--every year. Just plain hard. And stinky. And I'm ready to throw an all out pity party for one. I think I need one of those time outs or maybe a "spanka" for my bad additude.

    Soldier on my friend.

    I will too.

  47. Oh--and do you like the way I spell additude. I spell it like I say it.

    I've been told that Michiganders don't say their T's very well. :)

  48. I said good-bye to the final company of the summer today. Just noticed the backsplash in your kitchen--is that punched tin? Do tell, please

  49. Sounded so good, I copied you a little, and then linked back to you. You rock by the way!

  50. the highlight of my week has definately been spending this morning cuddled up with my six month old for an hour long nap!

    the cuddly time goes away too quickly!

    i love your music selection, let me know if you ever need a new suggestion!

  51. greek salad sounds delicious right now :) and "i spanka you bottom" sounds a little familiar to me...I think I've heard it out of my 2 year old as a matter of fact ;) ugh.

  52. i about died when i read that you quit writing your book until i read that you decided to soldier through it. whew~

    i came up for air tonight in the midst of this crazy first week in our new city....couldn't wait to visit with you over here!

    highlight of my week???

    too many to count.

  53. After the 'spanka bit' mine would say. 'I'll never do it again!' 'Never ever!' Then 5 sec later....

    Highlight of the week??? Would have to be the live Creedence Clearwater Revisited outdoor concert that we're taking in from the truck as we speak 'cause we're cool like that! ;)

  54. Hi, Friend! My week has been boring. And boring here means wonderful.

    I'm like everyone else, when you said you quit writing I felt my shoulders sag. And then sighed relief when I read on.

    We miss you guys! Hope to see you Sunday!

  55. Whaat? quitting your book. Oh, good, you changed your mind again. Shew. Spanka...I hope he says that for quite a while. I miss him.
    Highlights this week so far: emotional roller coaster of 13 year old boy's first 3 days of junior high. Up. Up. Up. DOOOOOOOOOWN. UP. (you know). 3 other children starting school. Buying said 4 children new shoes (ack!)and school supplies (uggh). First full week of "new schedule" and still being up at 11:21 at night when I have to wake up at 6 because I'm not used to new schedule. Oh, man. It's nearly Friday!!!!

  56. I'm glad you decided to soldier on. 'Cause I really want to read that book.

  57. I nearly ran over a skunk in the road. Twice. In the same morning. In the same place. On Tuesday.

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  59. Keep marching on w/ that book! Can't wait to read those God whispered words :)

  60. I loved this list...I think this needs to be a feature (and where is six on Sunday?). Thank god for the 2nd to last bullet (or 3rd?) -- you had me freaked out!

  61. THANK YOU for reminding me I love TWS "Dulcinea" so that I pack it for upcoming roadtrip!

    Highlight of my wk:
    Being thrown around @ mach speed on the Musik Express with my newly 4 year old, who was thrilled. Actually enjoying the local Fair b/c I saw it from her perspective. --Before the Fair was marred by memories of bee-stings I'd received there while working @ the lemonade stand in my HS years. Hope your elbow is better!

  62. I admit for some reason or another I haven't read your blog. I just finished reading this post have finally stopped laughing... about your child that is going to spanka your bottom. Ok...really haven't stopped laughing and tears are running down my face. Thank you for that. I needed a good laugh.



  63. wish I could write like you:)

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