Sunday, July 10, 2011

What We Didn't Do This Weekend

For the first time this Summer,we didn't have one dang thing on our to-do list. It was heavenly. We lazed around and exerted ourselves a little bit, but only when absolutely necessary. I worked on my book for a few hours.

We didn't eat out once.

I know this is probably common for many of you, but for us, it was rare. Legendary, even.

Last Tuesday I hauled home fresh corn on the cob, a bucket of blueberries, heirloom tomatoes, yellow squash. On and on and on. This time of year always makes me extra giddy over the dinnertime possibilities.

But without fail, I get lazy and we end up ordering pizza. Or we go out to dinner on Saturday night because that's just what we do.

So there I was, rolling through with a full cart and Crazy, Crazier and Craziest and the thought kept coming to me: Don't eat out at all in July. I'd swat it away. It's summertime! We hang looser in the Summer! We have more fun! We go places!

But the other truths, the truer truth, are that we've been talking for a while about wanting to make it a bigger priority to have friends over or to just be here, at home.

We want to be a better example to our kids that we don't have to be going somewhere to be having fun. They have come to expect eating out. It's not something special.

We want to be better stewards of our money. Eating out with six people is more expensive than eating in, even if it's fast food.

Still, I waffled. We're already five days in to the month. Maybe we should just start fresh in August? (Yeah, right.)

That evening, we had dinner with our friends Chad and Kristen. (Don't they look like they should be famous? We think so. Especially Silas, who has a mad crush on "Kissen".)

We ate good food, then the kids ran wild and stayed up too late for a Tuesday.

That's the stuff summertime - life - is made of. I want more.

Friday evening Holly Dear came and ate barbecue chicken legs and shortcake with us on the porch.

Last night we packed up boring ol' turkey sandwiches and had a picnic in the park. We didn't spend an extra dime this weekend, other than $0.59 McDonald's ice cream cones (our one exclusion).

It was so nice.

I like forcing myself to learn new things. It makes me feel youngish.

Are you trying anything new right now? Spill it.