Sunday, July 17, 2011

This Might Blow Your Mind

The Apron Is the Skirt.

They're all one thing, ya'lls.

A few weeks ago, while rifling through a heaped up pile of vintage linens, I yanked the most perfect apron from the bottom of the pile. The colors! The pattern! It was meant to be.

Wait one minute - it's a skirt?

It is, in fact, a skirt.

The vendor sidled over and said that he thought it just had to be vintage, even though there was a tag in it. And he seemed like a guy who might know a bit more about fashion than your Average Joe.

Well, as much as he probably knows, I happen to know a little more.

I recognize an H&M tag when I see one. I also recognize my size when I see it. Oh, and fate. I recognize that, too.

But mostly, I recognize that $4 for an apron skirt in the perfect shade of aqua is a deal that I wouldn't dare deny.

It's a little froufy, so I keep the shirt simple and add something with a bit of heft.

Then I top it all off with several drips of raspberry ice cream.