Thursday, July 14, 2011

Them Beans, Them Beans, Them Blasted Dang Beans

We've got beans.

Man, do I love picking beans. They're so sneaky, the way they blend right in with the stems. (I take my thrills any way I find 'em, these days.)

Tonight we had a big, rowdy table-full for dinner. We had to pop in the extra leaf, which always makes me happy. Three wily Littles + three rascally teenagers = A good night. (And yes, Haven, I just called you rascally. What'ya gonna do about it? Get back to work.)

I've been working like a house on fire, getting myself ready for She Speaks. Will you be there? I need to know. I've nearly written myself cross-eyed and doubted myself to sleep five nights running. So today I decided to take the day off.

But then I packed lunches, took Calvin to have his blood checked, met friends at the park, took all 3 kids with me to my haircut, made dinner for 8, picked beans, did 3 loads of laundry, scrubbed ground-in asphalt from little feet crevices and urged Ruby out of her fleece "feetie" pajamas, and I remembered that there's no such thing as a day off.

Oh well, at least there's hope that I might actually sleep tonight.

While the guys tried to catch a frog after dinner, I snapped beans. Last year was my first official foray into canning and I was feeling over-confident, so I decided to tackle the beans solo. I've never felt more responsible or earth-motherish.

Then I was so busy getting instructions from my mom whilst canning that I forgot to poke the thingy down into the jars to release the villainous air bubbles.

Then the dang canner wouldn't can. Steam was escaping. The jiggler wasn't jiggling.

Stupid beans.

I am presently waiting for the pressure to go down in the hopes that I might remove the lid without blowing my face off. I will then attempt to diagnose the problem, because it's as plain as the nose on my face that I'm an expert in this sort of thing.

I'll keep you posted.

Also? I am still laughing/cringing over your Silas tales. Law. I had no idea his spirit was so far-reaching. Thank you for helping me to put him into perspective. Today, his helpfulness extended to picking 3 green tomatoes and two not-ready beets.

Ah yes, beets! The beets are ready. I need to whip my canner into shape, or I'll be pickled beetless for the winter. And you do not want to see me pickled beetless.