Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Ruby's Hair

While I was out of town for four days, Cory held down the fort. There's nothing better than knowing everyone is in safe hands when it's time for me to step away.

Unlimited tickle time!

Scrambled eggs for everyone!

Honestly, my kids love having this extra Daddy time.

But, I'll be honest, Ruby's hair suffers for it.

She has taken to calling the hair that fluffs up in the front (every day, no matter what) her "Lion hair". She came up with that on her own, and I love it.

Well, when I returned home, we were well past Lion territory.

We were full-on Don King.

I get lots of questions about her hair, and I totally understand, because I ask everyone who might possibly know anything what I should be doing. It has been a lot of trial an error. But it has always been important to me that her hair is cute. I want her to be proud of the things that set her apart, so I try to keep my muttering dialed down when I'm working my way through a hairstyle.

She's got lots and lots of super curly hair, but it's very fine and soft. What this means is that it tangles easily and fluffs out of styles quickly.

We wash it once every seven to ten days and do a thick conditioner then comb through every tangle. Then it's time to style it, and whatever style we do, she's usually stuck with until the next wash.

We usually have to touch it up at least every two days in between and we put more conditioner in it every day or two.

I found this site a while back and it was a true God-send. I follow her plan, which includes using regular drug-store products.

I spent around 45 minutes yesterday doing a head full of twisties. Love it!! And she always flips her head around like the Friends episode where Monica gets braids on vacation. Can't say that I blame either of them.

Her hair gets dry, so I have also started rubbing a dropper-full of The Coop Keeper's Spring Chicken Serum into it.

Ladies - The Spring Chicken Serum. It is an elixir to behold. I'm an oily-skinned gal myself, but I put this around my eyes and on my wrinkle-prone areas every couple of days. It smells positively blissful. I have also taken to slathering it on my legs - I enjoy the sheen it gives, I rub it into my hands, I put it in Sister Friend's hair. It's all natural, hand bottled and labeled, made with care in the foothills of NW Indiana and one bottle will last you a coon's age.

I just can't say enough about it. If you were to come for a sleepover, I would insist that you try it. Just ask my Mom.

Buy yours here. And then tell me I'm wrong. I dare you.

And the Keepster is offering free shipping to allaya'lln's!! Use the code FPFG1 for free shipping anywhere in the US.

In closing:


You're the best dad ever. Thank you for taking such good care of our Smalls in my absence. You make coming home my favorite thing.

Flower Patch Farmwife