Monday, July 18, 2011

Our Summer List

Good morning!

I'm over at The Domestic Fringe today talking about our Summer List.

Join me here.


  1. Guilt-free lists. LOVE them. I made mine this year but never posted it. Partly because of the water that got spilled on it and smeared it.

  2. Great list! I hear Silver Beach is awesome. Any time you want to do a playdate there, we are so in!

  3. Gorgeous flower - I'll make sure to take a peek at your post there.

    This Good Life

  4. Enjoyed the post!
    N' YOU look SO sweet in your lil stripey coupon bought number!


    PS~ Have a TERRIFIC Day! :)

  5. Shannan, thank you so much for being my guest today! I adore your blog and your spirit and your beautiful children. Your blog is a blessing and lift to my soul every single time I visit.

  6. Love this post! It reminded me a little bit of myself.

    I start out with lists for the summer and then feel a bit bummed out when I don't get to them.

    or truly..I sometimes find that certain things that sounded fun..I just never end up wanting to do.

    for example: swimming at a local lake with the kiddies..nieces and nephews. It sounded fun in theory, but the waters here look filthy in reality. I've changed up my list and have traded a wave pool or any kind of fiercely chlorinated pool instead!

    I have yet to go on a bikeride this lame is that? My tires are's not like I can't add air!

    Oh well, at least I've been crafty.

    And I've eaten my fair share of raspberries but I always wait on the basil and it grows hair..and then I have to throw it.

    Life lessons observed.




  7. LOVE the summer list! (And raspberries!)

  8. I feel as if this woman's photography may be right up your alley:

  9. Ha, I laughed at myself when I read your description of wanting to be perfect and raspberries. I am THE WORST fruit person for the exact same reason. I buy it, time blinks by and then I am forced to through it out. Long before we eat that watermelon on the porch or make fruit salad or homemade peach ice cream. My mind seriously needs to stop being such a perfectionist. My life would be so much more perfect that way!! and tasty too :)

  10. I always feel like we build a list for each summer and wind up at the end of the summer lamenting all we didn't do instead of remembering all the fun things we did do. I guess it's a matter of perspective.

    I love that your list is written in different styles of "bubble letters". I was the queen of bubble letters back in the day!