Wednesday, July 6, 2011

On Blogging

Back on this post, Becky asked: I want to know if you have a blogging schedule. Do you aim for a certain number of posts a week?Do you check your stats and see who is coming to visit?

So, here we go. Everything you ever wanted to know about how/why/when I blog. And then some.

I started this blog two and a half years ago. I started this blog because I had already learned from my old blog that I was wholly, entirely hooked. I was hooked on this little journal of my life, and that was back when exactly 5 people read what I wrote and 4 of them were family.

I had no pie-in-the-sky ideas about gaining a large readership. I had no fancy camera. I had no concept of the friendships that waited for me, or the encouragement that would reach through this smudged-up screen and grab hold of me.

What I did have was a life that I was falling more in love with by the day. So, first came the love, then came the typing and the clicking. And then? More love. They have come to sort of feed each other. I cannot stress enough that the intentional slowing down to notice the beauty full life around me made it come alive in brand new ways. I saw it, and I was desperate to see more.

I usually blog 5 times a week. Sometimes 6. Sometimes 4. I have never struggled with the whole "I have nothing to blog about today" feeling. I always have something to say, because there is always something happening around me or in me.

Sometimes what's happening is smashed berries on toast.

Sometimes it's a clown moonlighting as a bruiser.

(PS - This was his toy du jour. I couldn't make this stuff up, people.)

I have processed big things over the past year or so by writing them down right here and pushing "Publish". As a girl who thinks by writing, I have watched mostly Peace tumble out on this page. It has surprised even myself, a time or two.

But I trust it, I do.

I have no set schedule, but most nights, I sit down somewhere around 10 pm, after the kids are long-asleep (holla, 7:30 bedtime!) and the laundry is folded (or not). 90% of the time, I have no real idea what I'm about to write about, so I usually look through my pictures and go from there. Sometimes I think I have an idea about what I want to say, and by the time I'm finished, I have to go back and change the title because I was wrong.

So, it seems, I'm a not a plotter.

I have been asked if I have any regrets about blogging. I don't. I can't think of a single one. I think there are people in my immediate circle who don't "get" it, and that's alright. I always hope that my life sort of speaks for itself. This is just plain, ol' me, the very same me who wrote this post, which garnered exactly one comment. (Thanks, Jamie!)

I am a big believer in focusing on the positive, but I'm also purposeful about showing my real life, because it's hard to relate to someone who always has her lipstick on and her curtains switched out according to the season. There is nothing about my life that makes me feel embarrassed, so it's all up for grabs, baby.

You may have also noticed that I often show pictures of myself. What? You've noticed? I am not a narcissist, I promise. I just like it when other bloggers put themselves out there. We don't need to always hide behind our kids, right? I'm not perfect. I don't love everything I see in the mirror. I get red-in-the face when someone says anything too gushy or kind. But, in the end, I'm a friend of mine. I've grown on me, over the years.

I've also come to understand that once you post the worst picture of yourself ever, in the history of the world, for the 28th time, anything else is a big ol' sigh of relief.

So come on, join the fun! We see your life and we like it, but it's nothing without you.

Now, for the dreaded stats question.

Here's the ugly truth: I look at my stats daily. More than daily. If there is any aspect of my blogging that has veered dangerously close to unhealthy, it's the danged Sitemeter. In my previous life my job was tied closely to statistics. I was a wonk, you see. And something you may not know about me is that I have a vicious-competitive streak. (It is for this reason that I have come to believe that God made me ridiculously uncoordinated and weak.) In my wizened years, my competitive spirit is directed mostly at myself. I like to best myself.

It's weird.

And silly.

No one knows my traffic but me. People sometimes ask I get all dodgy-feeling. I don't make a dime from this site (though I'd still like that to change, eventually). It's nonsense. I need a hobby.

Oh, wait....

But! Had I not stalked my own traffic, I never would have known that my curtains were famous.

So, did I cover everything? Let me know.

PS - I wore this to pick Haven up from work last week.

She was just as impressed as you are.