Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Mishawaka Antiques

First of all, I have some great news: Today is Tuesday! And it feels like Monday! That is the way to start off a week.

I took about 800 pictures of our weekend celebration, alas, due to technical difficulty, I will not be able to share them until later.

But, there's more to life than timely 4th of July pictures.

Behold - Mishawaka Antiques!

This downtown store is the style-child of my friend Glenda (along with her business partner, Scott), but I call her "Gee".

I fell in love with her style years ago, through her previous store.

I found myself feeling a little desperate when it closed.

Fast forward a few years and she's back in action.

Better than evah.

In a moment of questionable good sense last week, I took all 3 of my Littles in to the new shop.

During what should have been nap-time.

I knew to expect pure dreaminess, but Gee exceeded my expectations again.

Her specialty is Farmy-Schoolhouse-Chic and she does it very, very well.

Makes a farmgirl/former schoolgirl smile all the way up to the corners of her eyes.

Do yourself a favor and make the trip.

It's packed to the gills with things you'll fall in love with.

Oh, and she has cookies.

Mishawaka Antiques
118-122 Lincolnway East
Mishawaka, IN 46544
(574) 252-5400

Tues. - Sat. 11-6
Sun. 12-5