Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Like Molasses Through a Pin Hole...

So are the days of my life.

They are sometimes slow and often drudgerous. Yes, drudgerous.

They are also somehow chaotic, at the very same time.

Mostly thanks to this guy.

We have entered a new phase with him.

It looks something like this.

And dude works fast.

It happened during my 2 minute trip to the ladies room immediately following the departure of The Fox, The Hen and The Boychild.

Heaven help me.

No really, Heaven, help me.

I have never experienced anything quite like Silas.
That's for darn sure.

He smells perpetually of cologne.

He sings to me daily.

He cuddles with the best of them.

He's a force to be reckoned with.

And I try to reckon, I do.

A friend gave me this idea, which has revolutionized my shower time.

(Is he watching COPS? I should look into that...)

If you have a Silas, or had a Silas, or know someone with a Silas, or once had a bad dream that a Silas was loosed in your home with a purple kiddie crayon, know that you are not alone.

Oh, and pray for me.