Friday, July 22, 2011

I Think I Could See Myself at a Nascar Race

After a whistle-stop tour of the Charlotte Motor Speedway, I am safely in my hotel room and I've gotta say, it's pretty faincy.

This girl here is a sucker for a nice hotel room.

I called Cory and said, "I have a full kitchen! I mean, not that I'll be using it, but still!"

My fantastic, generous hosts last night fed me Mexican food - An elixir for my nerves.

Actually, I was so busy traveling yesterday that I didn't have a second to worry.
I quite enjoyed the break.

What I did have time for was dripping watermelon juice on my white pants and springing a bloody nose as the plane descended, but that's a whole other story...

Once the day came to a close, I started to feel those butterflies flapping around again.

I found this verse, "May the words of my mouth and meditations of my heart be pleasing to you, O Lord." So that's what I've decided to focus on, because he's the only audience that matters.

Thank you all for your sweet and funny words. What would a girl like me do without you?

Barf, probably.


  1. That's a great verse for any day - in the mundaneness (is that a word?) of "regular life" or doing something wonderful. Praying for you, girl! Don't barf! :)

  2. Mexican food as elixir..

    The use of the words "faincy"

    and you at a Nascar race..

    Hilariously perfect post!

    I like the passage that you came upon, because truly, all you really want is for your words to be pleasing..and they WILL be!

    They always are!

    Have a wonderful time- they are gonna love you!

    Are you ready for 2,000 MORE blog fans?

    Get ready, girl.

    You gone be busy after this! ;-)

    Good Luck!

    Have fun!

    I say NO to Nascar!

    And yes to drips on white pants...


    Squirt <--I'll only use this in these barf-inspired sort of situations!

  3. Praying for those butterflies to be loosed!


  4. My grandparents lived across the street from a famous NASCAR raceway until my grandmother passed away in 2006. It's in my blood. My earliest memories are of my granddaddy taking me to the grandstand and putting cotton in my ears and earmuffs on them to keep me from losing my hearing while watching those cars zoom around the track. Ah.

    Have fun. You'll be pleasing to Him. I just know it.

  5. I'm not really into Nascar but my hubby loves it. We've gone to a few's actually pretty fun.

  6. Ha! I live about a mile from the speedway (yes, in Charlotte)...and I have all kinds of trouble picturing you at a race! :D

    Hope you have an amazing weekend at the conference!!

  7. I live in Harrisburg, only 10 minutes away from the Speedway :) Hope things will go well for you this weekend. If you get a chance to drive away from Concord/Charlotte area - take a trip down through the country of Cabarrus County!

  8. Psalm 94:19.

    Hit it up. Its good stuff.

  9. ENJOY that hotel room! Nothing like a little peace and quiet. Oh, and deliver your pitch to the wall, just because you can!

  10. I love your posts and your sense of humor!

  11. If the words that come out of your mouth are anything like those from your keyboard I know everyone listening is in for a tremendous blessing!!!

  12. Knock their socks off! I know you'll shine! :+)

  13. Love this verse -- might share it on my blog soon too. Good words to remember!

  14. I realize this is so not the point of your post...however, pour boiling water over your watermelon stain and then wash comes right out. Too bad I didn't learn that before my kids were 4 & 6...could've saved a lot of clothes with that little nugget of information!

  15. I had to laugh out loud at the last sentence. You'll be great!

  16. HOLD up! You're in NC?! Right down the road from me. I feel so special, wish I could hear you speak.

    Sweat tea :)

  17. Let me make this clear:

    You do NOT want to subject yourself to the likes of a rowdy, sweaty, mostly intoxicated Nascar crowd. You. Do. Not.


  18. Hi Shannan! I am mostly out of town for a month, in a place where we don't have internet, but I'm home for a couple of nights and I decided to check in. I can't believe you're at "She Speaks"! I was there two years ago and I LOVED it! It changed my life in a lot of ways. Even though the book publishers weren't interested in my ideas, I came away strangely encouraged. And God opened doors for me to start speaking. It's been a great ride ever since.

    I can't wait to hear all about it when you get home!

  19. That verse is in a worship song we sing at my church, I wish I could think who sings it so you could have some mellow time and listen to it. I'm glad you found the verse, it's definitely a good one to meditate on.

  20. nothing makes me laugh more than a blog post that ends with barf!

    oh it's so nice to know that I'm not the only one who struggles with such anxiety in life :)

  21. oh. my. gosh!! Are you in Charlotte? Dang! I am just catching up on blogs after a 10 day vacay!