Monday, July 11, 2011

How To Not Shop

About 500 days ago, I was asked if I have any tips to curb spending on clothing and other nonsense.

Indeed, I do: Don't go shopping. Don't browse around the mall for fun. Don't run into TJ Maxx when you have 20 minutes to kill. Because if you do, you will buy something. As sure as I'm sitting here in with a half-eaten slice of carrot cake, you will.

The truth is, I love to shop. I love the thrill of a $12.99 shirt off the clearance rack at Gap. I love splurging a little at the J Crew outlet. But most of the time, I don't have money to spend on either, so I just stay away. I'm not a window shopper. Torture, is what that is.

I've become more aware over the past year that shopping for more stuff is not fulfilling like I once believed. My purchases have become more thoughtful and thrifty than ever. I have a better understanding of what my personal style is rather than just trying to copy whatever happens to be "cool".

Of course there are times when I actually do need something. And there are times when I have the extra money and just I want to guy buy myself a gingham shirt, so I do. My favorite stops are TJ Maxx, Target, Old Navy, Gap and J Crew. Sometimes, when I'm feeling teenagery, American Eagle. I can't remember this last time I paid full price for something.

Every now and then, I also go pretend shopping. It's different than actual window shopping because 1) I have time to really think about what I'm doing and 2) I would have to go dig my debit card out of my wallet, and it's all the way in the kitchen.

I buy this shirt.
(Mostly because the "Dang Cowgirl" shirt is sold out.)
Would I ever spend $54 + tax and shipping on a t-shirt in real life?
Uh, no.

But it sure is cute. So I put it in my little basket.

And then I walk away.

Nicola Lattice Stripe Percale Bedding
But only far enough to get to Garnet Hill.
I'm not totally in love with these sheets, but I could be for $14.

Organic Cotton Ruched Tank Pajamas
And I really could use a pair of Proper Pajamas.
Especially for $29.

OK, that's actually still more than I'm willing to pay for PJs, but rules are meant to bend a little when it comes to pretend shopping.

My last stop? J Crew, of course.

Denim jumpsuit
This acid-washed jumpsuit calls my name.

So I slap it, because it's ugly and ridiculous.

I'm not sure that this method would work for everyone.

* If you have your debit card number memorized, it could get dicey.

* If you only have a credit card, just Walk. Away. Because nothing is worth having if you have to rob your future self to get it.

99.9% of the time, I find that after filling up those little online shopping carts, the itch has been scratched. I come to my senses - I don't need a new sheet that I'm not wild about, even if it is really cheap.

I have everything I need, and then some. I have my beat up jeans, ratty sweatpants, gray t-shirts and even a gingham button down. What more could a girl ask for?

So, in the spirit of appreciating what we already have, what is the one item in your closet that you love the most? Where did you find it? How long have you had it? How often do you wear it?

We all want to know.


  1. I don't shop from March until September because I need all my funds for the kiddos fantastic adventures : )

    I really NEED that acid washed jumpsuit though...or NOT!

  2. right now i have a few ''uniforms'', perfect grey v veck tee from gap and old navy bermuda cargos for Mon. Thurs. Sat. the rest of the days I have three of the exact same knit sundress in 2 in black and one in I do change up the necklaces I wear!!!

  3. I 've just gotta know, do you think anyone paid $298 for the jumpsuit?

  4. I have an ankle length flowered skirt I have had since 8th grade. I will be 36 next month. I wear the skirt whenever I have to dress in more than my standard jeans-and-a-t-shirt routine. Which is not often :)

    And I hate to shop.

  5. i try not to judge. i'm not shallow at all. well, i thought i was not until that jump suit. then for a 1/2 sec i doubted my loyalty to you.
    i do the same thing. my worst 'online shop then walk away from the basket' store is Ruche. people ask my fav store, i say ruche. have i ever actually shopped there...uh, no.

  6. Oh glad you do this too! My husband thinks I'm crazy! I have lots of "baskets" full.... feels good. And staying within our budget feels even better. My best purchase of all time was my jean jacket. I can wear in all seasons, whether I'm pregnant or not, to church or to the park.... I've had it since high school! (And I am NOT the size I was in high school - nor are any of the other clothes I had in high school even close to being in style). :)

  7. Gotta love pretend shopping. I pretend buy houses on too. : )

  8. I thought I was the only one who "shopped" that way. Pinterest is feeding my "need to shop" feelings currently - I can ooh and ahh and think, "I loooove itm but Who would spend that much on a ______?!"
    Right now my favorite item is a $3 gray t-shirt with a "rufflyish" front that I got a couple of months ago from ... Wal-mart. I love it b/c it is easy for summer/staying home with the kids, but slightly dressier than my usual old faded college t-shirts. I am also very much digging my new brown flip flops from AE my mother purchased for me b/c I think I will always be a teenager in her eyes. :)

  9. I'm the same way, even when I do need some new clothes, they will sit in my old navy cart for a week until I finally delete it and feel good about walking away. Much less energy than walking around the mall too!

  10. I have lots of things I really, really love in my closet. Just about everything in my closet I love. You know why? Because I am much more thoughtful about what I buy now. I really know my own style, and I stick to it. This has helped me get a closet that I truly love and can always find something to where in. But if I had to decide, it would probably be a navy and white strapped maxi dress that I got at Old Navy 2+ years ago for $19.99. And btw, I actually find that going shopping more often (not necessarly to buy something but to just look around) helps me scratch the itch rather than NOT shopping for a month or two and then I want to go on a shopping spree.

  11. This is great advice :) One item? Hmm...Gotta say, I love my Ugg boots. I got them last year and I wear them every chance I get in the fall/winter. Don't care if some people think they're ugly...I love 'em! They were the ONE and ONLY time I've spent that much on shoes (the price still makes me a little dizzy) but they were worth every penny of my saved up cash.

  12. great tips, shannon. and um, if you wore that denim thingy i'm not sure if i would read your blog anymore...kidding...i think :) and i love the line about the credit card. really? what's so important that you have to HAVE IT RIGHT NOW?? i always ask the question: WWDD? What Would Dave Do? sometimes i listen, sometimes i don't...but i usually regret the latter.

  13. I have an awesome pair of Ann Mali designer jeans that I bought on eBay years ago. I paid $20 maybe for them, and when they got to me they still had a $98 price tag hanging from the pocket. Ever since then they were my favorite. They even seemed to stretch with me through my early maternity days, and the early days of postpartum. Unfortunately, this past spring I sat down on the couch and heard a RRRRRip! A huge hole, RIGHT in the crotch of my favorite jeans. Knowing I'd never be able to replace them, and after realizing that a patch in the crotch may not go over very well, I thought I'd take my chances and check eBay. Can you believe it, I found a pair. The exact same ones, but a size smaller (which I needed anyways!). They were only $14, and I took the plunge. The fly even continuously falls down, just like my good 'ole pair. So now I hope to get another ton of years out of these jeans, knowing that these will probably be the last pair exactly like this I'd ever see... or maybe not? ;)

  14. Love this! I have a lot of full "carts" out there in cyberland. :) (Those are MY favorite stores, too!)

  15. I like to do that with food at the Memaw's Cupboard - I like to put a bunch of candy in my cart, and then not buy it. Sometimes I sniff around the outside of the container, and then I don't buy it - is that gross? I don't lick it though. Oh wait - you meant clothes - in your closet - not food - like in your food closet - ok - um - since I just lost 50 lbs I have nothing. I have to lose another 40 so I will let you know as soon as I get something I like. Until then, I'll just wander at Mammy's Hutch and dream of circus peanuts. xo

  16. Pretend shopoholic here! I stayed outta the stores so long...when I returned I realized the styles had changed! ;)
    I generally have 2 pairs of name brand jeans that I wear until worn out. Then I have one pair until I can afford a second pair again (I don't own a single pair of sweat pants...sorry!). If I change my shirt & accessories daily no one will really notice right?! I hope! ;)

  17. I have a a pair of shoes that I bought at Wal Mart years ago that are still going strong. Black heels. Also a black cardigan that I can wear with anything. again from WalMart. I'm hoping that my Boden dresses last just as long. One is going on 4 years now.
    But I completely agree...what's important in life does not come from what we buy and where we buy it from. There are much better things to concentrate on! Thanks for the reminder! I always love your posts!

  18. Totally thought I was the only one that did the "put it in the online shopping cart", then click the x and walk away thing. Just came from, as a matter of fact, where I pretended to buy a few adorable dresses for someone with a life that is not mine.

    The item in my closet I love the most is a military-style peacoat I found at Target about 4 years ago. It was $75 which was $25 more than I paid for my wedding dress and easily the most expensive clothing item I have ever bought myself, but I think I may love it nearly as much as the children I gave birth to. Unfortunately, I now live in South Texas (from Oregon), so my peacoat wearing days are much less than they used to be. I still love to see it hanging there, above all those cute pairs of heels I'll never ever ever wear.

  19. I have a pair of Sarah Jessica Parker skinny jeans, that I got for 7 dollars...4 years ago. I wear them almost daily in the fall/winter, and they were the one thing I was looking forward to slipping into after I had my son! Love them much more than that terrifying denim jumpsuit :)

  20. Another good trick is to move to an island where the stores only sell shirts that say D&G and internet mail order is a dream. Cured me.

    Favorite? My ripped jeans from American Eagle. Size 10 and I am going to donate them because they don't fit anymore. The island diet. Sorry to see them go, but I got a lotta mileage out of those babies. Somebody in the southern hemi is going to love them.

  21. Great post - meaningful AND entertaining!

    I've also cut back greatly on my expenditures over the last few years, both out of necessity and out of beliefs. I never was a big spender but I also noticed I was spending frivolously and thoughtlessly sometimes when something was 'cheap' or 'on sale' (yes, I am looking at YOU, H&M!). I've become a lot more intentional about it and it has been great. Avoiding 'temptation' I think is a big part of it.

    I wrote a post about it too:

    This Good Life

  22. I so know what you mean, I too just fill up the cart and then go away.The funny thing is that Pottery Barn will send you a reminder email that you left your items in your cart.Pure Torture!
    I like to always have a coupon or buy on clearance.I hate paying even 20.00 for a shirt unless it's my fav and I now say I have to have a place for it before I drag it home if it's decor.Great advice~Cheers Kim

  23. Love, love, love all of this!!!

    I have a pair of American Eagle boyfriend jeans that always fit no matter how off my skin seems to be that day!!!

  24. I HAVE to wear a long undershirt pretty much every day. And the great thing about it is, they are usually dang cheap. I go to those cheapy fashion shops, usually owned by Asians, and get like 3 for $10. It's fantastic. I even blogged about it awhile back :)

    Oh, and yah. Prior to having babies I would spend a TON on clothes. Now, I don't buy anything unless it's on sale. I think I'm gonna have to try this imaginary shopping thing though. Heading straight to Anthropologie!

  25. I'm with you. I put things in my cart, then come to my senses half the time. Glad you slapped the acid washed jump suit!! :) I can't think of anything. I'm a lover of hoodie's though, you'd think there'd be no need for hoodie's in AZ, but movie theaters are cold.

  26. a pair of red alligator square heeled sling backs that make me think I might have been a 60's starlet in another life. I only wear them for special occasions, because I want to wear them for the rest of my life and be sent off to my maker in them.

  27. J. Crew army green rip-stop-ish cargo skirt, which I'm wearing at this very moment. I'm thinking I've had this skirt for 13+ years . . . not bad for a 33 year old mama!

  28. i've been trying to be more intentional with my shopping. not buying every little $12 shirt at target. waiting and thinking about what i really want/need; having a plan when i do shop.

    buuuut. sometimes it's that $8 heathery gray t shirt that you spot out of the corner of your eye at said target that ends up being the most happy thing. the happy thing that you wear so much your husband threatens to hide it. so i make room for the little surprises, too.

  29. A pair of tan wool pants from the Banana Republic Factory Outlet. Unfortunately I can't wear them right now given that today it's going to feel like it's well over 100 degrees where I live. I can't wait until fall.

  30. You would look to cute in the jumpsuit. Check the mens dept at Goodwill for a monkey suit and I'll alter it for you!

    Lots of my clothes inspiration comes from the Sundance Cat. Then I got thrifting at the thrift shops for the look. It's so fun when you can pull it off.
    My yellow linnen cowboy shirt is still my fav. I've had it for over 10 years and it just keeps gettin better!

  31. My Victoria's Secret yoga pants. I would wear them every day if I could. They are the only comfortable pants I can find that come in long length and the fold over waist can provide camouflage for my stomach if I am feeling unattractive in that area.

  32. Pretend shopping has gotten me through so many tough times! I don't do it as much as I used to, guess I've gotten over most of my need for spending all teh time ... but every now and then ... there is $800 and something dollars worth of stuff in my PB cart right now :)

    Funny thing, I have enough clothing for 2 or 3 women (getting ready to purge again) and I love buying clothing, but I can't think of any one item I LOVE!! Kinda sad, think I need to go spend some time with my closet and find out what, of anything is really speaking to me,

  33. Pretend shopping is ***awesome*** It's funny how once you walk away from the stores you realize what you really need :)

  34. I have absolutely no style but my own.

    Two items in my closet tie for favorite. One is a little black dress with a skinny, rope belt that I bought at least ten years ago. It fits well no matter where I am in my twenty- (okay, thirty-) pound weight range. And it doesn't wrinkle.

    Also, I have a black and white dress from the 60's that zips up the back and fits well no matter where I am in my weight range. I wear it over leggings or, even better, boot-cut yoga pants. It doesn't wrinkle, either.

  35. Oh dear, my favorite shirt I wear all the time is from boden, a striped tank style with a big fabric flower on the front, I just love it, my go to shirt.
    I linger over those exact catalogs you showed, but like you I won't pay full price. but I do have a 15 yr old girl that loves american eagle and hollister, I wonder if I really should wear those shorts from american eagle that I have??? well I'm only 39. but hollister? I refuse to enter anymore, I feel like I'm on a day trip from the nursing home, it's to dark to see, I hold up a top and look at it like I have bifocals on, the music is to loud, and the stench of perfume suffocates me, forget trying on anything, the dressing room is darker than the store! Thanks for remding me to be thrifty, I have been on a spending spree for the new house in a new state and my guilt is overwhelming me..

  36. i have a nightgown with Garfield on it that says...i don't give a whoopty doo. i've had it since i was 12. nough said! i was just thinking today as i was looking through my closet that it's been forever that i went clothes shopping. if i'm going to spend money 99% of the time it's on the girls or the house.

  37. 2 ct diamond studs. We bought them when our lives were different, in a different economy, and now that we are stone cold broke, I find they make my target finds/marshalls finds seem classier and fancier. I heart those diamond studs because I feel frugal instead of poor :)

  38. I can't believe it. I do the same thing! Just fill up my cart and walk away. My fav item has to be my cowboy boots I bought at Yes, I sometimes do buy something.

  39. As I type I am sitting on the couch in the early morning hours with my most favorite, beloved, worn item. It is a three quarter sleeve heathered gray light weight sweater. I believe it's from old navy (whom I have a love/hate relationship with) and I have had it so long I don't even remember when. I have taken this thing to the hospital with me when I had my daughters, camping, on trips, through it in the car when going out to eat just in case the restaurant is cold. It's just the perfect weight and size for layering with other things. So soft and worn. A best friend of sweaters.

  40. I have a pair of yellow leather sandals that I got for just $29 at Athropologie two years ago. I think they were originallly $130. I love those sandals like crazy. And I can wear them with the cheapo stuff I buy at Target.

  41. In my single days, I bought a pair of "designer" jeans from Bloomingdales as a present to myself for completing my first (and only) half marathon. I splurged for sure, but I have worn those things out. They still fit so nicely (despite having been patched a couple times!). My other go-tos are two Gap clearance rack shirts - both upwards of 4 years old. I don't even know why I ever buy new stuff!

  42. I love that you create "baskets" too. I do this all the time when I feel the need to shop, and then I walk away.
    My favorite items are my Old Navy t-shirts, my Gap jeans and a soft worn grey Gap sweater.

  43. I tend to lay on the living room floor with my jcrew mag and circle circle circle my favs and make my wish list with a fine black sharpie marker....that scratches my itch! However, there are those times when you actually have to have something and you buy it. My fav thing changes with the seasons. Right now its a deep blue dress from Jules in Goshen, that was $30 and its has doubled for a tunic, bathing suit cover-up and a REALLY short dress! LOL Come Fall it will be my light gray distressed hoodie from jcrew, on sale for $36 and it has been like a good friend to me, hugging me when I need it and we have only known eachother 2 years, I look forward to many more!

  44. I love this post! I very rarely read all the comments, but this time I did because everyone's responses are so interesting!

    My favorite thing in my closet? A creamy white hoodie from American Eagle...except I bought it at a yard sale for $1. It's the comfiest thing I have and I wear it every morning. I wore it to church (it's always cold!), but on second thought, I don't think other people have the same appreciation for it that I do. :)

    I'm going to have to try pretend shopping, to see if it helps me figure out my style. That's one of my big goals for my 30s...figure out my own personal style. Right now it's hodge podge messy. ;)

  45. "Because nothing is worth having if you have to rob your future self to get it."

    Amen!!! Wish we would have realized this as newlyweds....we are now working off the debt we built up in the earlier years.

  46. Haha! That jump suit is ridiculous. Keeping myself from buying stuff is especially difficult right now, because I had a baby 6 months ago and the majority of my clothes don't fit (I get so jealous and even a little weepy when we go out and I see girls wearing jeans. I haven't worn a pair of flattering jeans in like 2 and a half years). But I get tired of buying stuff almost as much as my husband gets tired of seeing new packages arrive at our door, so I'm trying to stick to maxi dresses for a while. They're comfortable, fashionable, feminine, and the flowy ones kinda hide what I wanna hide.

  47. So. True. Lately I've even banned myself from the thrift store unless there's something I *really* need. Like, to replace something that has a hole it it. There's a time to shop, but frugality is rewarding!

    Right now, my favorites are 1) a navy blue knit dress from TJ Maxx, and 2) Banana Republic khakis in *the perfect* style and fit, which I'm pretty sure they don't make anymore. Probably for the best.

  48. I have a grey t-shirt that I adore. It was like $5 at Forever21, and I've worn it so many times that it's starting to fall apart. But I still love it, and will probably turn it into a pillow when it gets too gross to wear out of the house.

    I've gotten much better about mindless shopping, and I do the same don't-kill-time-at-the-store thing as you. I also live in an 850 square foot condo with a husband and a business, so there's not much room left for extras.

  49. There is NOTHING that can top jeans and a white top for a southern girl! ...and I most certainly am. There is no accessory that won't go with it, and I work it at least three days a week!

    But I have to admit, those Victoria's Secret foldover yoga pants treated me right for 8 years. Now, I tried to replace them and the lycra content is waaaaay down. Hello, pilling! Ugh.

  50. I found the perfect gray t-shirt at Goodwill back in college for $.50 and I wore that thing OUT. After a lonely stretch of years, I found a replacement at Old Navy for $6 and bought two of them. It's a little scary how many days a week I am able to wear this shirt and sometimes I find myself telling my husband "this isn't the one I was wearing yesterday, this is the OTHER one..."
    I love those shirts so much I even blogged about them:

  51. I just got some new school clothes (I teach) and I'm most thrilled with my jean skirt from Dress Barn. I get a new jean skirt every other year or so. Something about them just makes me ME.

  52. I do the exact same thing. I put what I like in and walk away, if i still want it tomorrow I buy, but not before I take most everything out of the cart. I only click purchase about once a year...haha.

  53. I have a pair of black boots purchased from Walmart years ago that are so cute- I still wear them (in fall and winter) almost everyday. They look really good with jeans and no one ever believes I bought them for $15!!! STEAL!

    I also have had a fabulous Benetton (are they even in business anymore?) denim shirt that I've been rocking for a good 11 years now. Age just makes it better.

    Finally...a cute black skirt given to me by my younger sister who thought it was getting old and junky. I wear it at least twice a week with flip flops. It has a little ruffle on the bottom that I've sewn a few times..

    Yes, I am quite cheap AND a bit lazy when it comes to clothing.



  54. Do we need to have some sort of intervention for that jump suit fiasco?? JK.

    Two words: yoga pants. I can eat in them, sleep in them, go for a walk or a jog, garden in them, grocery shop on them, or even do yoga in them!! They are my best friends. I even have them in various lengths so I can switch with the seasons. I will probably be buried in them.

  55. I like the way you shop :) I take it a step further & actually try on clothes that I could never afford. You know, just for the heck of it. My husband thinks I'm insane, that I'm just asking for trouble. But honestly, it satisfies my shopping bug. I always have buyers remorse anyway, so whenever I buy something it goes back the next day. It's easier to just try it on, admire myself in it & put it back.
    My favorite item, one of my many pairs of Gap jeans. I'm really tall & Gap jeans are the only longs that are really long enough. They fit perfectly.

  56. My long sleeved T from my sophomore year of highschool. I love it so much, and the holes are anywhere conspicuous, so I think its still okay to wear in public... right?

  57. I think that my craftiness and sewing originally stemmed from my lack of money. I would look at something in a store and say "I'm not paying $50 for that. I could make it for $10!!" Now that I have more money, I still thrift and sew most of mine and my kids clothes. It's my creative outlet, my creative fuel and I love it!

    I really love what you wrote about not stealing from your future!

  58. I pretend shop a lot. And then a day or two later I go back to my little online shopping carts and wonder what in the world I was thinking when I put that acid washed jumpsuit (or something very similar) in there!

  59. The thrill of a good deal...never gets old!! I love sale racks, and when you find that perfect something, just for you, and it's dirt cheap, so rad! Buying something full price is just boring.

  60. Well, I just parted ways with my favorite pair of gold sandals that I wore ALL the time with everything. I had them for 2 maybe 3 years and paid maybe $20-30 for them. Living in FL, I wore them all seasons. I loved them, I truly did. I even blogged about the sad parting here:
    So I guess right now my two faves are a Gap light blue pinstriped button down with cool button tab sleeves that I picked up at Goodwill for my $5 {?). I haven't had it long, but I know it will be around for a while! I'm also loving a pair of Old Navy's "perfect bermudas" that I picked up this season for maybe $15. They truly are perfect - longish, but not too long and super-comfortable. That was fun!

  61. Super fun post. I can actually go window shopping and not feel bad when I walk out of the store empty handed. Sometimes I even try on clothes. I've pretty much learned how to talk myself out of every single purchase. It's crazy I tell ya!

    Currently I'm loving a pair of flowered wedges I bought this spring in Kmart. My hubby calls them my old Florida lady shoes, but I always get compliments on them and not just from old ladies. ;-)

  62. I just found you a few days ago and I've spent the last 3 or 4 days catching up on everything I missed. And since you're my new BFF, I figured I'd better comment!

    I have a black cardigan sweater set that I got in 1997 at Lerner, and if I'd known I'd be wearing it 14 years later I'd have gotten one in every color. You just never know. But hindsight's 20/20 and $29.99 is a lot of money.

    I love your blog, your family, your faith, your words. Glad to know ya. :)

    1. Eureka! I found it. :) Happy Anniversary, FPFG. PowerPatch FarmGirl. I'm so glad I found your blog! I thought I was just coming here for your witty anecdotes (BM ones included) but oh my, I've learned so much more. So thank you. Thank you for your obedience to the Lord in sharing your world and perspective with the the rest of us and for just being super cool.

      Here's to many more years of blog-o-rama fun!

  63. i have a a few sundresses in my closet that i've picked up at goodwill and they have become my staples of late.

    i've been pretty good about staying away from my beloved tj maxx and target recently and if i need something that i can find at a thrift store i will wait it out til i can find it there - the thrill of the hunt.

    i loooooved this post! thank you!

  64. I do the same thing!!!

    I pick out everything I like. I go through my I need this? No. Remove. Do I need this? No. Remove. Until I'm down to around $30. And then I see the shipping and tax and I say, is this something you absolutely can't live without? No. Log off.

    So much better!

  65. hehehe, i virtual shop and fill a cart to walk away too :)

    the biggest thing i've done is cancel all my catalogs. sure it's fun to SEE cute things but seeing eventually leads to coveting and I don't need any false sense of JOY in possessions.

    You're awesome :)

  66. I love pretend shopping. I do it all the time too. Good thing I'm lazy and can't even remember my phone number, much less my credit card number.

    I never get up to go get the credit card.

    I want that tee in the top pic.

    My favorite go to? A denim, flutter skirt from Loft. I want to wear it every single day.


  67. So, I'm such a wank for not sending you the skirt I made. I am the worlds largest procrastinator! Anyhoo, I feel ya on the shopping thing. Never pay full price, it always goes on sale then you kick yourself for not waiting :)
    I numerous "shopping carts" filled in all my fav stores too, lol
    Have a great day!

  68. I do the put in it the cart and then decide not to purchase thing too.

  69. Try thift stores, read books on voluntary simplicity, and watch "hoarders" on tv. Every time I do I deep clean my closets :)
    I have bought a lot of great, new/nearly clothes (brand names/designer) on eBay, cheap. Having worked retail, it's a real gimmick with the prices. I mostly splurge at Eddie Bauer outlet when things are 70/80% off. A great way to stock up on off season sweaters, etc. I actually starting to sew again, because I'm so fed up with cheaply made clothing...

  70. I really love to go shopping at the Goodwill down the street. It's got a lot of really nice clothes for cheap. My rule is that I never spend more than $100 on clothes every 6 months and I have to donate back the same amount that I buy, which is easy because 1. I don't like shopping and trying on clothes and 2. I tend to wear the same things over and over again.

    Now if we were talking about kitchen supplies, well, I'd be in lots of trouble. I have a tendency to make random purchases for kitchen things I don't have room for!

  71. Now this doesn't support your concept but.... That $54 Tshirt you love. Google is your friend:
    Obviously not the same shirt but Ladies Baby Doll style is 1/2 of the one you love. Looks kinda the same to me...

    JCrew jumpsuit is $69.99 (good deal by the way) but here's one that's similar even cheaper:

    So maybe window shopping via your online shopping basket is the best way to go but if you've got the cash, Google for the best deal. It sure isn't a $54 TSHIRT FOR GOODNESS SAKE at!

  72. never heard of garnet hill. now I'm oogling this:



  73. And maybe this in "blueberry"...


  74. And this:

    Again, thanks so much.

  75. My husband had a necklace made for me when we had our son. One side has his initials engraved on it. The other side simply says "love". :)

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