Thursday, June 23, 2011

What Will Become of Lainey Courtland?

This photo has no relevance to Lainey Courtland.

Though she does like flowers.

At least in theory.

She's an interesting girl, but I'll be honest, she really upsets me sometimes.

She's made me cry a time or two.

She haunts me in my sleep.

She hogs all of my good thinking time in the shower.

I pray for her.

I do.

I pray that God will show me exactly what I need to share about her.

She isn't me.

But she's like me.

She's some of the best parts, some of the worst.

And some parts that I could only wish for.

The more I say about her, the more pressure I feel to keep moving.

And that's why I'm telling you about her today.

Maybe one of these days you'll be able to meet her for yourself.

But for now, I'm just a little past half-way.

Miles to go.

Buckets of angst.

And every now and then, a sunbeam so bright that I have to squint while I smile.

Be good to me, Lainey Courtland.

I'll do my best to be good to you.


  1. I take it this is the heroine of your novel? Keep up the good work, a whole lot of us are depending on you to meet Lainey C.

  2. So exciting! More than half way?! I wish I would have asked about it last week. Keep up the good work!

  3. Can't wait to read it!!!!

  4. I'd say more than half way is quite the accomplishment! Sounds like an accomplishment deserving a reward of some type. A reward like a trip...with a friend...good conversation...with a dessert of some type, of course...and some thrift store deals...

    I could keep going.

    I can't wait to meet Lainey.

  5. Shut. Your. Mouth.

    Lainey is on mu list! Did I tell you that already?

    Lainey Grace after Barry's grandmother.



  6. You go, gerfriend (as little Miss M. would say). :)

  7. killing me. one of my bestest friends growing up.. a girl i remember tying up her first manuscript with a ribbon in 6th grade just had her first novel hit the shelves this week. ten thousand saints by eleanor henderson. there is nothing quite like watching that baby be born... only bested i'm sure by being the one birthing it. can not WAIT to get all lost up in lainey's business. :) lauren

  8. I am so excited! (even though she will not be wearing a prayer cap). I hope you and Cor celebrated the half way mark with chips and salsa.

  9. At some point in the book, I think you should have Lainey ride off into the sunset on a would be quite gripping indeed!

  10. I am so excited to meet Lainey!

  11. Woohoo!!! Keep it up...can't wait!


  12. This made me smile SO big.

    It helps sometimes, doesn't it, to whisper little details to friends about something that has been all your own for so long. Like a name and that she likes flowers. Lainey Courtland. Cannot wait to hear more about this gal!

  13. You can do it if you try

  14. honey girl. she will show you...and I have a feeling she'll surprise you in the very best ways! :)

  15. I am anxiously awaiting that book signing! I can't wait. I hope she has claw hands :)

  16. Beautiful name.....simply BEAUTIFUL!
    I too am excited to meet her!

  17. Can't wait to meet her! Congrats on the half-way mark. :-)

  18. I am so full of questions!

    You're mean. Or at least you're a tease.

  19. confession: when I first read your title i googled "lainey courtland". i thought i was missing something. i'm slow like that sometimes.

    can't wait to find out what becomes of her!

  20. Sounds great! I like a character that causes a little bit of angst. But not too much! I suggest when things get tough, put her in sweat pants. ALways helps me turn around :)

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  22. I'm with alphabet momma - I too googled "lainey courtland." :) You tricksie girl, you.

  23. This is the name that I grew up with my full nameat birth Barbara Elaine Garcia but mom thought a Barbara I was not, so Lainey it was but only for family and close friends work, school and anyone I owe money to it's Barbara Nelson. Can't wait to see what adventures Ms. Lainey gets herself into.

    Best of luck with her!

  24. Lainey. Love it.
    Half way???!!!!
    You are the bees knees, Farmgirl.

  25. Half way - no way! Thinking of you this morning as we drove to yet another day at this school that my kids have to endure...singing "Brave" at the top of all of our lungs. Our theme song for school here. Anyways, I thought of you. So proud that you are hammering it out and that she has become a part of you...that's what they say happens you know.

  26. well, i don't know lainey courtland yet. but i already like her. she has a good name. press on, friend!

  27. cool this is getting exciting! can't wait!

  28. how fun to get a peek into the process! thanks for letting us in, little lady. oh, how i admire you.


  29. So so glad you wrote this post! When you were answering questions the other day, this is the one that was on my mind. You heard me, didn't you? Thank you! I have no doubt I will fall instantly in love with Ms. Lainey Courtland

  30. And no doubt the next we hear of her, she'll be at the top of the bestseller list.
    You are such a good, original, talented, gifted writer...I can't wait for this one!

  31. I can't wait to meet her! I just know we will be friends.

  32. I, for one, cannot wait to meet her. And what a rockin' name. Love it.

  33. Ooh, I have to meet her. With a name like that? She is bound to be awesome.

  34. Yayyy!!

    SO excited!!

    Sidebar: Just read a book called "Bound South" by Susan Rebecca White. Cannot say enough good things. Read it in a day, which is odd for me.

    Can't wait to read yours! Can you do a trilogy or something? That way, there will always be more to look forward least for a few years.