Thursday, June 23, 2011

What Will Become of Lainey Courtland?

This photo has no relevance to Lainey Courtland.

Though she does like flowers.

At least in theory.

She's an interesting girl, but I'll be honest, she really upsets me sometimes.

She's made me cry a time or two.

She haunts me in my sleep.

She hogs all of my good thinking time in the shower.

I pray for her.

I do.

I pray that God will show me exactly what I need to share about her.

She isn't me.

But she's like me.

She's some of the best parts, some of the worst.

And some parts that I could only wish for.

The more I say about her, the more pressure I feel to keep moving.

And that's why I'm telling you about her today.

Maybe one of these days you'll be able to meet her for yourself.

But for now, I'm just a little past half-way.

Miles to go.

Buckets of angst.

And every now and then, a sunbeam so bright that I have to squint while I smile.

Be good to me, Lainey Courtland.

I'll do my best to be good to you.