Saturday, June 18, 2011

This Regular Day

A few of you asked about what a "normal" day is like around here. Well, I don't know about "normal", but here's our today:

6:30 - Cory gets up.

7:00:00 - Calvin and Ruby come downstairs (They are not allowed to come down until 7.)

7:15 - Calvin comes in to show me the Lego speed-boat he just created. I only look with my left eye.

7:30 - Silas wakes up, so I get my rear out of bed.

7:44 - Open right eye.

7:45 - Make waffles to the tune of Silas's morning song, "I hungy bo! I hungy bo! I beksit! I beksit!" (I'm hungry. I would really enjoy some breakfast. As soon as you are able to provide it.)

8:15 - Eat, clean up, etc...

8:45 - My MIL shows up to mow our yard. Yep. Because she's awesome like that and Cory's been working 800 hours a week lately.

9:00 - Mop my floor and help my kids make forts with all of the chairs stacked in the Living Room.

9:30 - Read 3 books while the floor dries.

9:45 - Notice new, dirty footprints on my freshly mopped floor.

9:46 - Cry a little on the inside.

10:00 - Do a load of laundry.

10:15 - Unload the dishwasher and load it back up again.

10:25 - Start packing lunches.

10:45 - Get kids into swimsuits.

10:55 - Get myself into swimsuit.

11-2 - Swim at Peggy's Pool, with 1 MIL, 2 SILs, 1 honorary SIL and a total of 10 kids under the age of 8. The water is chilly. The Silas is persnickity.

2:15 - Put Siley down for a nap.

2:30 - Check email.

3-3:45 - Watch the inaugural Little House on the Prairie episode with Calvin and Ruby. Calvin repeatedly asks things like, "Did you walk to school in the fields when you were little?" "Did you write on a little chalkboard when you were little?"

3:45 - Shower. Finally.

3:47 - Calvin comes in to read me a letter he just wrote to me, inspired by Laura's essay about her wonderful mother, Caroline Ingalls. (Front: I love it when you do chase. You make a good mommy. I love you. I love you. Back: Me and you are good. I like it. You make me good.)

3:50 - Ruby comes in to show me a picture she drew me. It's lovely and purple. So purple, in fact, that the very middle of the paper disintegrated from all of the marker overload. Also, the mysterious picture disappeared entirely, soon after its bathroom unveiling. But trust me, it was good.)

4:05 - Find this on my door.

4:15 - Siley wakes up cranky as ever. Cajole with cups of juice.

4:30 - Put my face on.

5:00 - "Make" dinner. (Cheese quesadillas and grapes.)

5:30 - Leave for my nephews' baseball game.

7:00 - Attend the tail-end of an annual camp-out. Get eaten alive, including one gigantic mosquito bite on the sole of my foot.

8:00 - Calvin catches a fish. "I caught a crappie!" (Check out Ruby's face...and jugular!)

9:00 - Head home.

9:15 - Yell at kids during a very stressful, splashy, whiny, too-late bath-time.

9:30 - Calvin yells, "There's a raccoon eating our cat food!" Sure enough. The raccoon does not bat an eye when Calvin and I go out and stand 4 feet from him. He stands on his hind feet and shovels cat food into his mouth with his two creepy paws. Finally, Calvin yells "Scram! Get out of here!" and he scrams, but only for a little while...

9:45 - All kids in bed.

10:15 - Cory rolls in, suited up and handsome.

10:30 - Wonder why anyone would possibly care about this drivel.

11 - Salsa time. For reals.

12 - Bedtime.