Saturday, June 18, 2011

This Regular Day

A few of you asked about what a "normal" day is like around here. Well, I don't know about "normal", but here's our today:

6:30 - Cory gets up.

7:00:00 - Calvin and Ruby come downstairs (They are not allowed to come down until 7.)

7:15 - Calvin comes in to show me the Lego speed-boat he just created. I only look with my left eye.

7:30 - Silas wakes up, so I get my rear out of bed.

7:44 - Open right eye.

7:45 - Make waffles to the tune of Silas's morning song, "I hungy bo! I hungy bo! I beksit! I beksit!" (I'm hungry. I would really enjoy some breakfast. As soon as you are able to provide it.)

8:15 - Eat, clean up, etc...

8:45 - My MIL shows up to mow our yard. Yep. Because she's awesome like that and Cory's been working 800 hours a week lately.

9:00 - Mop my floor and help my kids make forts with all of the chairs stacked in the Living Room.

9:30 - Read 3 books while the floor dries.

9:45 - Notice new, dirty footprints on my freshly mopped floor.

9:46 - Cry a little on the inside.

10:00 - Do a load of laundry.

10:15 - Unload the dishwasher and load it back up again.

10:25 - Start packing lunches.

10:45 - Get kids into swimsuits.

10:55 - Get myself into swimsuit.

11-2 - Swim at Peggy's Pool, with 1 MIL, 2 SILs, 1 honorary SIL and a total of 10 kids under the age of 8. The water is chilly. The Silas is persnickity.

2:15 - Put Siley down for a nap.

2:30 - Check email.

3-3:45 - Watch the inaugural Little House on the Prairie episode with Calvin and Ruby. Calvin repeatedly asks things like, "Did you walk to school in the fields when you were little?" "Did you write on a little chalkboard when you were little?"

3:45 - Shower. Finally.

3:47 - Calvin comes in to read me a letter he just wrote to me, inspired by Laura's essay about her wonderful mother, Caroline Ingalls. (Front: I love it when you do chase. You make a good mommy. I love you. I love you. Back: Me and you are good. I like it. You make me good.)

3:50 - Ruby comes in to show me a picture she drew me. It's lovely and purple. So purple, in fact, that the very middle of the paper disintegrated from all of the marker overload. Also, the mysterious picture disappeared entirely, soon after its bathroom unveiling. But trust me, it was good.)

4:05 - Find this on my door.

4:15 - Siley wakes up cranky as ever. Cajole with cups of juice.

4:30 - Put my face on.

5:00 - "Make" dinner. (Cheese quesadillas and grapes.)

5:30 - Leave for my nephews' baseball game.

7:00 - Attend the tail-end of an annual camp-out. Get eaten alive, including one gigantic mosquito bite on the sole of my foot.

8:00 - Calvin catches a fish. "I caught a crappie!" (Check out Ruby's face...and jugular!)

9:00 - Head home.

9:15 - Yell at kids during a very stressful, splashy, whiny, too-late bath-time.

9:30 - Calvin yells, "There's a raccoon eating our cat food!" Sure enough. The raccoon does not bat an eye when Calvin and I go out and stand 4 feet from him. He stands on his hind feet and shovels cat food into his mouth with his two creepy paws. Finally, Calvin yells "Scram! Get out of here!" and he scrams, but only for a little while...

9:45 - All kids in bed.

10:15 - Cory rolls in, suited up and handsome.

10:30 - Wonder why anyone would possibly care about this drivel.

11 - Salsa time. For reals.

12 - Bedtime.


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  2. This so looks like the pond I went to every summer with my best friend Shanna. Awesome memories!

  3. i care about this-it makes me happy.
    calvin's note swelled my heart all kinds of puffy. weepy even.
    your life is beautiful.
    you are beautiful.

    ps we have the same salsa time!! (only tonight i wanted ice cream. instead though, i ate a grapefruit. it hurts to even type this out.)

  4. i love these kind of posts.
    you are a good little momma, and when you aren't grace quickly covers over you.
    praise the Lord!
    you are His girl, clearly.

  5. wow- what an awesome day! (well, except for the mosquito and other unfortunate things.. grin) Thanks for sharing! Hugs, Lola

  6. That's a LOOOOONG day. I feel it.

  7. I remember those days. My kids are grown now, and sometimes I miss those days... the thoughts are fleeting tho.....

  8. I hope your foot feels better today.
    This made me miss having little kids.
    I mean, I do NOT miss the incredible amount of work etc
    but I really, really miss the adorable notes
    and that love : ) That love where they think you are the greatest thing in all the land. Littles love so beautifully.

  9. Thanks for sharing. I love it.

    I love the Little House questions--I bet your 84 year old self wishes you had walked to school through a field and wrote on slates!

    Gave me the warm fuzzies to see your little love letters from Calvin. Gave me a laugh to know I'm not the only one who showers at 3:45 and STILL can't have a moment alone.

    Oh, and I totally feel your end of the day bath time pain.

    See, your drivel IS good!

  10. Funny, someone asked me to do this same post and I thought they were mad, yet I sat here on pins and needles wondering what you were going to do next.

    Does that make me stalkerish?

    Let's hope not.

    Amen to the salsa.

    Poor Siley-boy. He has an ever-present bee in his bonnet. A permanent affliction.


  11. You just made me feel adequate in all my inadequateness!
    Thanks for keepin it real.

    Didn't I see some where....your xanga page I think that todays your birthday? HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!

    N if it's not your b-day have a good 1 anyway! I'm not gonna ck. I'm written from my phone in the stix n it takes all kinds of 4ever just to load a page!!!

  12. For those of us for whom these years are over, we love to relive them through you. I'll read about your day anytime.

  13. I care. With these kind of posts I get to go back and re-live my life for a bit. Well, I re- live it a bit on Thursdays and Fridays but I don't do evenings. Grandma is way easier than mommy. Love those kiddos of yours....they get their adorableness from their momma!

  14. I was very entertained by this sweet post! And I cracked up over Ruby's jugular shot!!

  15. oh what a typical day in the life.
    some days i'm just pleased i was able to
    keep them alive!
    happy weekend to you, sweetie :)

  16. It's lovely drivel. I love the jugular photo. Ruby! law.

  17. I just remembered. I have my mother's slate that she wrote on in her one roomed school house. No lie. And don't ask me how old I am!

  18. Well, if that was a typical day, then I say life is pretty terrific, Mama! Calvin and Ruby's letter/drawing have me smiling wide. Especially the purple marker overload. There's a whole lotta of love in that picture.

    Happy weekend!

  19. These ordinary days strung all together are what makes our lives! Posts like this bring back memories of my crazy funny sweet and chaotic ordinary days. Thanks for sharing :)

  20. Your kids are so blessed to spend such days with you, trying so hard to meet their needs and desires.

    I loved reading about your normal day. I wish all kids could experience your kind of normal.

  21. I happen to enjoy well written "drivel". Besides your kids are so funny.

  22. Normal indeed.

    Our two oldest are not allowed to come down until 7:00:00 either. I've always wondered if others might find this weird, so I like to know I have a kindred spirit. I don't have to enforce the rule with the 4 y.o. as she's a sleeper. But unfortunately, the 2 y.o. little morning person is going to require a whole lot of training. Sigh.

    Calvin's note makes my heart melt. I think God uses those to help redeem days like this one. :)

  23. I'm just gonna say I think we're all a bit obsessed with your life. The more I get to know about you here, the more interesting it is to me.

    For instance: I really WAS curious about what time you wake up...if Silas actually naps...what is going to happen today? What will you and those cute kids do? When does "Bob Ross" come out and start making art?

    My nephew used to wake up at 5AM (!!!!) when he was little. My sister and BIL told him he wasn't allowed to come out of his room until 7. I have always felt like I would freak out if I had kids that woke up that early. My best friend's kids (all under age 4 1/2 now) all go to bed at 6:30pm! And they wake up early. I like your schedule better.

    Do you drink coffee? Or did you say that up there and I've already forgotten? I am 39, you know! ;-)

    Raccoons: Have had some bad experiences!! They are mean little creatures and I believe, will kill you for a banana peel in your dirty garbage...

    this was lovely and fun to read!!

    Calvin's artwork made my heart smile. I recently received nephews art (2 of them) but it was a bit different. It read "I want to go downstairs! Andrew!" He was angry because I wouldn't let him play in our unfinished basement which also houses my studio. It made me laugh out loud, but it was bad manners in my world.

    Have a GREAT weekend with your little peeps! And MIL mowing...that made my heart smile. Very sweet!!


  24. Also..

    Did someone mention BDAY?

    Happy Birthday, Girl! If I'm early..I'm still sending wishes!! xoxo

  25. Sounds like a long day, but a fun day at that. Your kids are adorable, in a melt your heart out kind of way.

    Any day full of "life" is a great day, whether it's messy and busy or not!

    Thanks for sharing!

  26. Autumm, it is the same pond. Lotsa lotsa memories!

  27. I love your drivel. Makes me smile!

  28. love that first pic of calvin. he looks like a bobble head doll...ha! we got their love letters yesterday:))) give them squeezes from all of us okay.

  29. I find other people's daily lives so fascinating. Is that a weird reflection on myself? Hmmm.... I just love it when I discover the normalness of someone else. Makes me feel like my crazy life might not be so abnormal after all.

    Thanks for sharing.

  30. how do you make it to 9 pm with the kids? ACK!
    I cry a little inside every time I mop too, and I give the kids juice after naps. My kids are CRANKY MC CRANKERSONS when they wake up from naps.
    P.S. I heard it was your Birthday.
    P.P.S. Really. That's what FB told me.

  31. What a beautiful and blessed day! Now I have to go take a nap after reading your post... I'm exhausted. *grin*

  32. strangely or sadly enough, i am interested because i like to see what other's days consist fo --although they are often a lot like mine. anyway--we just rented LHOTP from the library last week so now my kids are also watching "real shows" with people, i will let go of the cartoons kicking and screaming, i tell ya. not ready for that. love your sense of humor, you always make me smile!

  33. What a full blessed day! Thanks for sharing!
    Bug bites on the soles of feet are THE WORST! They hurt when you itch!!! I'm having sympathy phantom itchhes for you!

  34. Thanks for sharing. I love to take a peek into other moms lives. My son also isn't allowed out until 7am. Love that rule!

  35. Yay! You answered my question! What a quick response!

    Your "normal" day looks pretty great, even with those rough patches mixed in. It was fun to read!

  36. sounds like a great day. Love the word persnickity, too bad it's not used enough!
    Sorry about the giant bug bite on the sole of your foot! That's horrible!
    Here's to more fabulous pieces of artwork tomorrow!

  37. Love your ramblings!
    I've had all the 'in your day, what was it like not having a bath in the house?'; or 'What was it like not having cars when you were young?.....questions! they're hilarious!

    Anyway love your ramblings, but I said that before. Sometimes things are worth repeating.
    Sometimes things..... hah! Joking!

  38. My kitchen floor stay clean for an hour and a half due to the fact that I wash it during nap time.

    Love this post!