Monday, June 20, 2011

A Tale of Two Gifts

Hallelujah, I made it out of the house for 3 precious hours this evening.

Dinner was Chicken with Garlic Sauce (not to be confused with Garlic Chicken).

My date was Sarah. (a.k.a., well, you know.)

We were long overdue.

The evening was dual intentioned:
1. My birthday was Saturday.
2. Sarah and Rick just bought a new house.

But first, a word on my birthday. I believe I mentioned that it was less-than-stellar. Well, that's true. But it was really no one's fault. I had been pumped for a year that my birthday was going to fall on a Saturday, but I only very recently discovered that Cory would have to work the better part of the day. I'll be honest, I sulked a little. I may have moped. Possibly. At least that's what I heard. I did get to sort of share my 4-year-old nephew's dinosaur themed party for a few hours, which was fun. I painted Father's Day stuff with the kids and traipsed around in humid air wearing a tank top and flip flops. I'm not a girl who minds a little humid air. I hauled all of our dining chairs out to the porch and scrubbed them down, which wasn't as lame as it might sound. Then I spent the evening by a campfire with friends and was reunited with my honey and all was not lost.

It was no where near as bad as my thirtieth birthday, but I won't even go in to that.

OK fine, I'll go in to it.

I was in DC on a business trip. It was my first birthday as a Mommy. It was my thirtieth birthday. And Cory plum forgot. Completely, utterly forgot. He swears to this day that he didn't forget it was my birthday, he just didn't tell me "Happy Birthday!", to which I reply something along the lines of, "Well, I don't think I'd be admitting to that." But that's not even the half of it. At some point during the day, I found myself dining with my then-boss, who, granted, did not know it was my thirtieth birthday, but who felt compelled to tell me that a) he had a crush on Giada De Laurentis and b) he was basically forced against his will by my previous boss, the meanest man in DC (whom I dearly loved), to hire me. He said it all with a jovial smile, I'll give him that. I walked through our back door that night somewhere past midnight and it secretly thrilled me to no end that Cory did officially go the entire day without acknowledging my birthday.

Not that I hold it over his head or anything.

So. Saturday? Not super fantastic.

Tonight? Fantastic. Super.

This is Sarah's new house. I squealed when I saw it, for all of its cuteness and perfection and charm.

Holy built-in!

Our friend Jessica met up with us and the tour commenced.
We oooh'd and aaah'd and I took pictures with the PAS in low light.

Then it was time for this.
Rick wrapped it for Sarah. He even did the bow AND he wrote a message for her in the card.
He covered the whole left side!
It's my new favorite ever.
I even love it that he misspelled my name.
His wonky "d"!

I love opening gifts.
(maybe that goes without saying)

Claw Alert! Claw Alert!

Jess and Sarah both cracked up in unabashed acknowledgment of my claws in this shot.

(Jess feels my pain and might possibly have me beat in the Claw Toes category.)

Did I mention that I'm easily pleased?
Maybe a bit excitable?

The truth is, Sarah has a knack for Shannan.

Remember the Blue Blanket? Hello.

Heavens to Betsy.

A jadeite cake-stand.

Made in O-hizzle.

Aren't we a pair!

Is it ok if I kiss my cake stand? I'm totally gonna. I sometimes kiss things I really love, including but not limited to: blankets, cake stands, husbands, books, magazines, children, linens, flowers and pictures of Tim Riggins.

After all of the cake stand hoopla, the fun was only half-over.

I still had my house-warming gift to unveil.

Backstory: 8 or so years ago, Sarah and I visited Green Oak Antiques, in Rochester, IN. I found a fun green cabinet. I decided to buy it. Sarah was insanely jealous, spouting off things like, "But it's my color of green! It was made for me!" She had no where to put it and I did. Still, she persisted.

She named my cabinet "Sarah", in honor of herself.

To this day, we have conversations like this:
CMB: Where's Scrabble?
Me: It's in The Sarah.

It was difficult to say goodbye, but I knew for sure that it was time for Sarah to fly away home.

We both screamed at the top of our lungs when I showed it to her outside her house.

We really did make a scene.

I jumped around a bit, which I am not prone to do.

A policeman drove by slowly and gave us a good, hard looking-at.

Those were three intense hours, man.

On my way home, I drove by this woeful place and decided we should probably just rescue her.

It puts me right in Sarah's back yard and just around the bend from Holly and Jess. We could all squeal together regularly. We could even jump a bit, if we were so inclined.


  1. Do it! I love the Cape Cod!! It even has a TV antenna so you would save money on cable bills (not that we watch TV anymore since Friday Night Lights got cancelled).

    Do you have an agent yet?

  2. Sarah's house is precious and that cakestand? Hello, divine!

    Must contain my jealousy.

    Or not.


  3. You are a good friend to let go of that green cabinet, it is great. A true gift of the Magi... Love the cake stand too. Also, can't figure out if you are more mature or less mature than me... By 9:00 at night on the birthday in question, I would have had to very dramatically said something to hubby along the lines of "I can't believe you haven't wished me happy birthday!" But I also see the sheer beauty of stubbornly not saying a word either!!! He did give you the priceless gift of a good story to tell though.

  4. You have a picture of Tim Riggins???
    Not that you'd know what he looks like since you've abandoned all things Texas.
    Just sayin.

  5. I love it it too! What a cute lil dream house I love small cute cottages!

  6. Oh, those houses are too cute...even the one that needs some help. You could do wonders to her. Happy Birthday...we've all had those kind of birthday's (especially those of us born on Halloween). :) Love the cake stand too...that there's a good friend.

  7. Oh my lordy, look at that adorable house! The tree on the left with the squiggly branches And that built in! Yay Sarah! I love that y'all give each other such perfect-for-the-other gifts. I covet that green cabinet! And your cake stand is definitely kissable.

    Happy Birthday to you! Even the lamest of birthdays has a bit of celebration - you deserve it. Josh has never forgotten my birthday, BUT he has on *many* occasions flubbed the date when asked on the spot. I use that as ammo. ;-)

  8. i reaaaallly love that cake stand. it goes with your newly embraced love of color. Also? I have that H.

    The H in the holy built in.

    aaaaannnd goodnight.

    p.s. I plan on pouting when I turn thirty. I just won't do it. I refuse. To turn 30. I have a problem with threes. I recently was invited to someone's "Eighth anniversary of their 21st Birthday" and that, my friend, is how I will count birthdays henceforth.

  9. I love your "Heavens to Betsy" picture. I think I'm gonna look at it again...I just can't help but smile with you! Love it! These houses look like they've been plucked right out of our old neighborhood. We lived a few blocks from Mishawaka HS. In fact, we still own the house if you're looking!!! Hint...hint!!

  10. That cake stand is a rock n' (& a roll n'). It's got me wanting to jump up & down clear out here!!!!!!!!!

  11. Oh I love squealers and jumpers!! I love that you gave your friend that - what a gift!
    Oh, and what a gorgeous cottage she has....
    Oh, I hardly ever have my birthday remembered.
    Oh, on my 40th - c'mon, that's *supposed* to be a big one! - I just made dinner for the family like ever other night. I think, for the the first time, I may have pouted. A bit.

    Oh, and PS - you crack me up :)

  12. I had one of those birthdays. or should i say a similar one, that i admittedly hold over hubby's head for sure. he didn't altogether forget my bday, but he worked that night (and i had worked all day) and his sole gift to me was he left a book on the table for me when i got home with a sticky note that said "Happy Birthday!". No plans for a belated celebration - NADA. It was my first bday living away from family and friends and boy did he ever fail! haha... he has since smartened up a good deal, thankfully:)

    Us girls don't expect much. But on our birthdays, we gotta feel a little love ya know?! gracious!

    how sweet and best friendish to pass along the 'sarah' to the real sarah:) she looks in love!

  13. gifts, and squealing, and jumping sounds like the perfect night! happy late bday, shannan :)

  14. I loved every moment of this post : )
    Happy Birthday Beautiful Girl!
    I wish I could kiss your cake stand. That would make this day groovy!

  15. Love your cake stand, love the cabinet, love your sharing of your treasure!

    I had a sad 30th birthday, too... and I still remember how it made me feel... and I am now 64!!! We just want to feel significant, right????

    Thankfully, I've had many GREAT birthdays since then. :-) Happy Belated Birthday!

  16. I would scream if I got that cake stand too! Aren't you a sweet friend giving your pal that lovely cabinet.

  17. Lovey - What a great post! And what a great night! I must admit I felt the need to set the record straight on why I had R. wrap the gift AND sign the card. Well, after upteenth years I guess I needed a break from signing the card. Also, I found out the secret to his mad bow-tieing skills last night, years of doing flower arrangements at his mom's shop! HA! He did such a stellar job, huh? Only if I could receive such handwritten missives! HA! I love The Sarah!!! We've already had good laughs about The Sarah -- after I read him the post he asked if we could put games in The Sarah and I said no! HA! I told him maybe I'd move my vintage dishware to Sarah and then he could put the games in the Holy built-in! And I love that the cop saw us!! We are so funny. That Sarah, she looks so at home with me. And you are right, I was GREEN with envy that day at Green Oak. Reading how you felt a tinge parting with her made me a bit sad for you and recognizing what a grand gift it is. And I'd be lying if I didn't admit that on more than one occassion I didn't miss the blue blanket! DO IT! Move near me, and we can call your house the Canole!

  18. cakestand. yum. and that cabinet - how fun that Sarah has Sarah now.

    Oh and your 30th. so so sorry. you gotta have a few of those sore spots and that is a very sore one.

    Happy Belated Birthday!

    xo ellie

  19. I love all of the shots of you opening the gift. If you scroll through them really fast, it's the cutest cartoon! Sarah's house looks just precious, and I'm sure the addition of "the Sarah" was her cherry on top. Fun post!!

  20. Hey now, that other house has some serious potential!

  21. Happy Birthday!
    You make me smile!

  22. Wow! You are a good friend. :) What a thing to do for someone. Bless you for that.

  23. this post was the best. i loved reading it being able to "hear" both you and sarah squeal in delight :) you are two peas in a pod. sarah - your house is adorable! seriously, i'm sure you are loving it.

  24. OMG... I'm a long time blog stalker - always enjoying your posts, admiring your pictures, smiling at your kiddos, never commenting... until today. When I saw the pic of Sarah's new house I thought, "Wow, that is a cute house. Wait a second... that looks familiar..." Then I kept scrolling down and saw the built-in - yep, that was familiar too. Then the wood floors - yep, familiar. Then the placement of the dining table - way too familiar. So I had to run to my address book to check the address.... Yep, my cousin's old house (that she just sold and moved from) was 3-2-7 WOW! Sarah's living in cousin Jen's old house!!! :) What a SMALL WORLD!!!

  25. friends are the BEST. Friends. lol :) Love it and I laughed out loud at kissing pictures of Tim Riggins. wooohoo! You go with your FNL loving self! :)

    Sarah is so lucky to have you (and The Sarah) and you are sooo lucky to have her (and the cake stand.) Luck abounds.

    And I love the house. :) Are you really gonna buy her?

  26. you and those claws. you are hilarious friend.

    i think that house has shannan written all over it.

    sarah definitely got it right... that looked just like you. and you are the best! i had a similar thing happen. my friend marylynn had an ancient vanity in her bedroom that i oohed and ahhhed over all the time. when she came up for a visit she brought it with. my favorite thing in my entire house.

  27. Even after a daunting 1st day as the "newbie" pharmacist that is still technically a wannabe b/c I have yet to take my boards...I always find your posts a true delight to my day..and they always make me smile. Now I need to scope my little homestead and find something to name the Shannan. :)


  28. You are too stinking cute. What a fun post - you made me laugh reading it. What a good friend you are - love the fact you gave it to her :)

  29. hi there:)

    my husband forgot my 30th birthday too....this YEAR. and the sad part about it is that I had reminded him the day before in various ways that all good wives do via post-it and text message. AND HE STILL FORGOT. granted I was 10 hours away at my grandmother's FUNERAL.

    Did I mention my 30th birthday was off tha chain?? NOT!

    I hear you girl.

    Your new friend,
    aka Heather's SIL:):):)

  30. there is so much here but I'll stick to two things

    * Happy birthday!
    * I too would secretly be happy if my husband went the whole day w/o saying happy birthday...sad but true :)

  31. You are the cutest thing I've ever seen. I adore the you in this post. A-dore.


  32. Happy Belated Birthday! Looks like you had a wonderful time.

  33. y'all are so cute!
    omg. the jadeite. the cabinet. love.

    xo and for goodness sake, HAPPY BIRTHDAY(late)

  34. I love this post! Her house is adorable as is your friendship! I moved away from my best friend over a year ago and I miss her so!

  35. Okay, I'm going backwards but, I gather that you got the house. Many reasons to love it!