Monday, June 20, 2011

A Tale of Two Gifts

Hallelujah, I made it out of the house for 3 precious hours this evening.

Dinner was Chicken with Garlic Sauce (not to be confused with Garlic Chicken).

My date was Sarah. (a.k.a., well, you know.)

We were long overdue.

The evening was dual intentioned:
1. My birthday was Saturday.
2. Sarah and Rick just bought a new house.

But first, a word on my birthday. I believe I mentioned that it was less-than-stellar. Well, that's true. But it was really no one's fault. I had been pumped for a year that my birthday was going to fall on a Saturday, but I only very recently discovered that Cory would have to work the better part of the day. I'll be honest, I sulked a little. I may have moped. Possibly. At least that's what I heard. I did get to sort of share my 4-year-old nephew's dinosaur themed party for a few hours, which was fun. I painted Father's Day stuff with the kids and traipsed around in humid air wearing a tank top and flip flops. I'm not a girl who minds a little humid air. I hauled all of our dining chairs out to the porch and scrubbed them down, which wasn't as lame as it might sound. Then I spent the evening by a campfire with friends and was reunited with my honey and all was not lost.

It was no where near as bad as my thirtieth birthday, but I won't even go in to that.

OK fine, I'll go in to it.

I was in DC on a business trip. It was my first birthday as a Mommy. It was my thirtieth birthday. And Cory plum forgot. Completely, utterly forgot. He swears to this day that he didn't forget it was my birthday, he just didn't tell me "Happy Birthday!", to which I reply something along the lines of, "Well, I don't think I'd be admitting to that." But that's not even the half of it. At some point during the day, I found myself dining with my then-boss, who, granted, did not know it was my thirtieth birthday, but who felt compelled to tell me that a) he had a crush on Giada De Laurentis and b) he was basically forced against his will by my previous boss, the meanest man in DC (whom I dearly loved), to hire me. He said it all with a jovial smile, I'll give him that. I walked through our back door that night somewhere past midnight and it secretly thrilled me to no end that Cory did officially go the entire day without acknowledging my birthday.

Not that I hold it over his head or anything.

So. Saturday? Not super fantastic.

Tonight? Fantastic. Super.

This is Sarah's new house. I squealed when I saw it, for all of its cuteness and perfection and charm.

Holy built-in!

Our friend Jessica met up with us and the tour commenced.
We oooh'd and aaah'd and I took pictures with the PAS in low light.

Then it was time for this.
Rick wrapped it for Sarah. He even did the bow AND he wrote a message for her in the card.
He covered the whole left side!
It's my new favorite ever.
I even love it that he misspelled my name.
His wonky "d"!

I love opening gifts.
(maybe that goes without saying)

Claw Alert! Claw Alert!

Jess and Sarah both cracked up in unabashed acknowledgment of my claws in this shot.

(Jess feels my pain and might possibly have me beat in the Claw Toes category.)

Did I mention that I'm easily pleased?
Maybe a bit excitable?

The truth is, Sarah has a knack for Shannan.

Remember the Blue Blanket? Hello.

Heavens to Betsy.

A jadeite cake-stand.

Made in O-hizzle.

Aren't we a pair!

Is it ok if I kiss my cake stand? I'm totally gonna. I sometimes kiss things I really love, including but not limited to: blankets, cake stands, husbands, books, magazines, children, linens, flowers and pictures of Tim Riggins.

After all of the cake stand hoopla, the fun was only half-over.

I still had my house-warming gift to unveil.

Backstory: 8 or so years ago, Sarah and I visited Green Oak Antiques, in Rochester, IN. I found a fun green cabinet. I decided to buy it. Sarah was insanely jealous, spouting off things like, "But it's my color of green! It was made for me!" She had no where to put it and I did. Still, she persisted.

She named my cabinet "Sarah", in honor of herself.

To this day, we have conversations like this:
CMB: Where's Scrabble?
Me: It's in The Sarah.

It was difficult to say goodbye, but I knew for sure that it was time for Sarah to fly away home.

We both screamed at the top of our lungs when I showed it to her outside her house.

We really did make a scene.

I jumped around a bit, which I am not prone to do.

A policeman drove by slowly and gave us a good, hard looking-at.

Those were three intense hours, man.

On my way home, I drove by this woeful place and decided we should probably just rescue her.

It puts me right in Sarah's back yard and just around the bend from Holly and Jess. We could all squeal together regularly. We could even jump a bit, if we were so inclined.