Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Ruby Toes

It's been a soggy, dreary, frozen-garlic-bread, sauce-from-a-jar, kinda-cranky day.

Well, Silas has really been the only cranky one. But his crankiness has a way of seeping over to my side.

In the midst of cleaning like a banshee for a showing with all 3 Littles under-foot, tuning out the screeches of 10 little kids so I could have "normal" conversation with some of my favorite people, and getting rained upon, I had a visit from God. He swooped right down while I was driving in my janky van. He made me cry a little, because His love for me is so big and because He tries so hard to make sure that I know it.

So I'm calling this day a great one.


Have I mentioned lately how much I love my little girl?

Calvin has told me twice in the past week, "Ruby is such a great actor!" She's getting into play-acting with her Polly Pockets/baby dolls and I totally dig it. Calvin is endlessly impressed and fascinated by it.

Homegirl has a random streak as wide as a country mile. She's SNL random - like the sketches they save until the very end of the show when they assume no one is even watching anymore. She makes up songs constantly but they are always to the tune of The Farmer in the Dell and they always have just one line. "You know what to do. You know what to do. You know-ow what to do. You know what to do." Uh, Ok.

She cracks me up daily.

Here's the conversation I had with Ruby during her recent pedi:

Rubes: "Dogs with coats are fast runners."

Mama: "Well, all dogs have coats."

Rubes: "HUH???"

Mama: "Do you mean like their fur coats?"

Rubes: "No, kid coats!"

Mama: "Oh! So wearing a coat makes a dog run faster?"

Rubes: "MmmHmm!"

Mama: "Who taught you that?"

Rubes: "Nana."

In other news, I still have the Manic Blackbird bump on my noggin, but it doesn't hurt unless I push down on it, which I do every couple of hours just so I can feel sorry for myself all over again. Yep, I'm the kid that scratched my scabs open just so I could get a new band-aid. (I've got to say, it's not as gratifying as it used to be...)

Here's to sunshine tomorrow in droves! I've got plans to sit in shade with a dear friend, and it won't be the same if there's no sun to hide from.


  1. I still show my boo-boos to people. And sometimes I still call them boo-boos. As a child, my friend Megan and I tried to scrape our knees so we could go to the nurse. Although, I think that had more to do with missing Language Arts than it did with the injury... Glad you were spoken too, and glad your day was great.

  2. Poor Siles.

    He must be all tore up inside.

    Poor Shan.

    Now she is too.

    And as far as Rubes goes...

    She swoons me.

    I can NOT wait for SPP to get big enough for toe makeup.

    Can. Not. Wait.


  3. Hmmm, I wonder where Ruby gets her randomness from???

    In other news, I still have the Manic Blackbird bump on my noggin, but it doesn't hurt unless I push down on it, which I do every couple of hours just so I can feel sorry for myself all over again. Yep, I'm the kid that scratched my scabs open just so I could get a new band-aid. (I've got to say, it's not as gratifying as it used to be...)

    This really cracked me up, Shannon! Too funny!

  4. : )
    I love your posts.
    your pictures.
    your love for Jesus.
    your kids.
    your nail polish colors.
    I just love you!

  5. Girl,
    I just started following your blog. Really not even sure how I came across it. Just wanted you to know how much I enjoy your daily FPFGism's:)

  6. Hahahahahaha! My 10yo dd rates her "boo-boos" on a scale of 1-10. I think I have a looooooooooooong haul ahead of me......she hurt her arm so we had it x-rayed......that made her happy. I don't think she was so happy when she found out that it wasn't broken or didn't have a fracture. For heaven's sake, that would have been so much more dramatic!
    Today it was only a .25 on a scale of 10 (10 being the worst!) so she's doing better. Think I need some prayers for the puberty years........:).

  7. I must agree with Ky, above. Ruby's randomness most definitely comes from her mama:)

  8. birds are evil. I realize that comment may be better placed elsewhere. And I am slightly emotional today b/c just reading your couple of sentence about God swooping down to give you a Him-moment is making me tear-up b/c I am reminded that that is one of my favorite things about God - the way He shows up to show us love.

  9. she is sooooo adorable. love her little toes :) I love your blog and you are just the sweetest.

  10. Why is it that I can't shake the feeling that your being called to a far off distant mission field? You don't have to answer this. It's not really a question...justa thought really. As if the mission your on already isn't BLESSED and GRAND enough. But you want to climb even higher, be used even more. Bless you! I wanna heart like that!

    Why do I think these things? Beyond a couple of emails I don't even know you. I do pray God's will be done for you though!

    Your posts are a daily 'Gift' to me! Wrapped in pretty flowered paper & tied with sparkley bows. Thank You!!!

  11. Holy cow, you just made me choke on a Spicy Sweet Chili Dorito.

    "but it doesn't hurt unless I push down on it, which I do every couple of hours just so I can feel sorry for myself all over again."

    You just put into words, that which I could never explain. I always wondered why if it hurt I would "test it" to make sure it still did. (and now I know why my kids do it too :o)

  12. Glad you're still alive. (And feeling the Jesus love, too.) Knowing as much means I don't need to e-mail you, tomorrow.

  13. I almost spewed my Red Velvet Cupcake wine all over my laptop. The pushing on the bruise & the scab picking? Wow. I am guilty.
    As a kid, I'd pick my knees all through Sunday school, every week. I know it was really emotionally disturbing to the teachers.

  14. Frog, frog, sittin on a log...
    Frog, frog, sittin on a log...
    Hmmmph. It loses something when it's not being sung by Jaymes and Ruby in the back seat.

  15. I get you loving those toes my daughter now 21 came home to us a few months ago to heal her heart and she just left. I cried in my heart as I dropped her off to start her life all over again.I miss her toesies even now.

  16. Hey dude !!!
    Nice Photos !!! nice piece of writing !!! Nice comments !!! i just love it !!!

  17. That pushing-on-the-bruise and picking-the-scab is so funny! (er, and so 'me' too ;)

    Loving you all through cyberspace x

  18. You must have the best camera in the world. I love your photos and your daughter is gorgeous! From one theater girl to another, go Ruby!!!

  19. Little lovey girls are good for the soul. Mine recharges me on a regular basis. I'm glad your day turned around.

  20. Love to sit in the shade (in the sun). Hopefully will get some of that done today, too.

  21. Those God swoops always come at the perfect moment, don't they? He meets us right where we are and covers us with grace...or gives us a little kick in the britches. Both of which I need often.

    Miss Ruby with her pinkie raised as she sips tea - that just made me like your Homegirl even more. We all need a some Ruby-like random in our life.

    I hope the sun shines today for you.

  22. I loved the entire blog. But that little raised pinkie did me in. HOW CUTE!!! Now I can't wait until my little one is big enough for nail polish and tea parties.

  23. First of all, I can already tell that Ruby and I would make fast friends. The random thinkers gotta stick together. You should play the game "Tri-bond" with here. Random thinkers dominate that game! Also, what is with cranky kids lately? Ugh! Let's put our cranky boys in a room together and have coffee.

  24. That bird pecking your head is so funny. I mean it's not funny for you since you're the one with the swollen and sore noggin. Sorry about that. Hope it feels better soon.

    Ruby is a doll. Maybe she'll be on Broadway one day! Enjoy your sunshine and jar sauce.

  25. Rubles is a great actress! She entertained me all the way from Ohio. Put some Spring Chicken serum on your bird bump - which is hysterical that a bird attacked you. And Silas - all you have to do is say 'ta da!' - that should take care of that....gosh, I guess it's a good thing I stopped by today.

  26. aw. I like this post. I like you. And your day wasn't ALL did get to have a lovely little convo with your favorite Colorado transplant. Right? :) lol

    Sorry it was rotten. Mine was rotten too. And remember those 2 lbs. I mentioned? It's more like 3 now. I'm doing my best to destroy my weight loss efforts. So far, I'm winning!

    Hope today is sunshiney and delicious!

  27. we have had a string of soggy dreary days here, too. pfft.
    ruby is adorable-and so be her toes;)
    (and she has the most delightful mother. ever.)


  28. i've just been scrolling through a marathon of your posts and having a grand old time. i think my fave post was calvin's performance anxiety - he was so adorable in those photos. also love that photo of the nail polish, and your new "napkin" curtains, and the rest of your gang, including beautiful you.

  29. good grief, that popped tea-drinking pinky finger!
    you've got quite a lady on your hands.

  30. Don't you just love these little 'visits from God' that perk you up? You just have to be quiet enough and attentive enough to notice them :) You seem to have that skill.

    This Good Life

  31. i love my girl. i love the quiet moments like painting piggies when we actually have a moment to just talk. we need more of those. i also need more reminders to hand my worries over. He has a plan even if He has not clued me in

  32. What a cute girl drinking tea!