Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Ruby Toes

It's been a soggy, dreary, frozen-garlic-bread, sauce-from-a-jar, kinda-cranky day.

Well, Silas has really been the only cranky one. But his crankiness has a way of seeping over to my side.

In the midst of cleaning like a banshee for a showing with all 3 Littles under-foot, tuning out the screeches of 10 little kids so I could have "normal" conversation with some of my favorite people, and getting rained upon, I had a visit from God. He swooped right down while I was driving in my janky van. He made me cry a little, because His love for me is so big and because He tries so hard to make sure that I know it.

So I'm calling this day a great one.


Have I mentioned lately how much I love my little girl?

Calvin has told me twice in the past week, "Ruby is such a great actor!" She's getting into play-acting with her Polly Pockets/baby dolls and I totally dig it. Calvin is endlessly impressed and fascinated by it.

Homegirl has a random streak as wide as a country mile. She's SNL random - like the sketches they save until the very end of the show when they assume no one is even watching anymore. She makes up songs constantly but they are always to the tune of The Farmer in the Dell and they always have just one line. "You know what to do. You know what to do. You know-ow what to do. You know what to do." Uh, Ok.

She cracks me up daily.

Here's the conversation I had with Ruby during her recent pedi:

Rubes: "Dogs with coats are fast runners."

Mama: "Well, all dogs have coats."

Rubes: "HUH???"

Mama: "Do you mean like their fur coats?"

Rubes: "No, kid coats!"

Mama: "Oh! So wearing a coat makes a dog run faster?"

Rubes: "MmmHmm!"

Mama: "Who taught you that?"

Rubes: "Nana."

In other news, I still have the Manic Blackbird bump on my noggin, but it doesn't hurt unless I push down on it, which I do every couple of hours just so I can feel sorry for myself all over again. Yep, I'm the kid that scratched my scabs open just so I could get a new band-aid. (I've got to say, it's not as gratifying as it used to be...)

Here's to sunshine tomorrow in droves! I've got plans to sit in shade with a dear friend, and it won't be the same if there's no sun to hide from.