Monday, June 13, 2011

On Make Up and Luck

One of the reasons you and I are pals is the fact that we both appreciate the plucky power of serendipity. Right? Well, remember when I felt the need to divulge every last item in my bag(s)? Within two hours of hitting "publish" I was presented with the opportunity to review some CoverGirl loot. As in, free make-up. As in, I can now toss my ominously named "666" $1 lip liner that appears to be made of plastic. It doesn't even line, ya'll.

The honest truth is, I've always been a fan of CoverGirl make-up. I think it's the Noxema smell of the powder or something. It has a hold on me.

I have never in my entire life bought anything other than drug-store make-up. All I've ever needed was found in the aisles of grocery stores and drug-stores. As a twerpy teenager I would tag along with my Mom to Kroger just so I could look longingly at the CoverGirl make-up. I usually didn't buy any, because I never had any money. But I knew every available product and the color names of most. I was a girl obsessed.

Walking into Kroger two days ago armed with a $30 card to buy CoverGirl make-up felt like a full circle moment. I do believe Oprah would agree. I had finally arrived. I was there not only to gaze, but to bring it home, baby.

I can't properly articulate the pressure I felt in making my selections. I was compelled to go out on a limb, and I did, but I also managed to keep most of my wits about me and buy things I knew I needed and would use.

Sidenote: The Country Woods eye palette! I wore that out between the years of 1992-1996. It warmed my heart to see that it was still alive and kicking. Best browns ever. And so very nostalgic.

After much delibaration and consternation and picking up-putting back-picking up-holding against my forearm-putting back-doing math in my head-and-picking back up, I had reached my decision.

With my $30 I purchased:
Natureluxe foundation (already use/love this, but needed a darker shade for summer)
Outlast lipstain in Cinnamon
Cheekers blush - plumberry glow (a bit brighter than I normally go, but why the heck not?)
Cheekers bronzer - golden tan
liquiline blast eyeliner - violet voltage (this was my wild card and I love it! ps - it's not made of plastic. It lines like a dream.)

So there you have it.

Now the big question: Will this inspire me to more regularly Put On My Face?

Here's hoping it will.

Thank you to Kroger and CoverGirl for sponsoring this review. While CoverGirl provided me with a $30 gift card to purchase CoverGirl products at Kroger stores, the opinions I've expressed here are solely my own, represent my honest viewpoint, and not that of CoverGirl, Kroger, or Proctor & Gamble. I am making no claims about the products, just expressing my thoughtful opinion. Clever Girls Collective supports Blog With Integrity.


  1. I feel like my make-up bag needs an overhaul now.

    The word cinnamon in itself charms the socks off of me.

    I want to be you when I grow up.


  2. this is awesome! yes, cinnamon hooks me, too:)

    p.s. i love your face.

  3. Oooo, Shannan! You're famous! I'll keep that in mind when we need to sell pork. I set you up real good with some chops and bacon and let you blog about how tasty it is. ;)

    Love reading your tidbits!!

  4. I bet you are going to look SO stunning in that purple eyeliner.
    I used to wear makeup and then my allergies drove me crazy one spring and I cried everything off and I never went back to wearing it... so now I am fat and plain : ( Maybe I will try to wear some on Wednesday. Inspired by you : ) and cover girl.

  5. That tasty lip color sounds yummy. I need to go find me some :)

  6. Sounds like quite the trip to Kroger!! Yay!!!

  7. how fun! i think i want to go buy so make up now :)

  8. ooh! how exciting! Like a make-up shopping spree, who wouldn't like that. I too am a fan of Cover Girl lip stains, I have two!
    Can't wait to see some pics of you all MIA (makeup in action), especially the eyeliner

  9. Oh does the smell of Noxema make me think of high school or what! And I must admit, all my make up except for mascara comes from the drug store/grocery store. Mostly Cover Girl but a little Maybelline now and then. Of course back in the day, when you had some extra babysitting money I occasionaly splurged on some Almay.

    As usual, thanks for the memories!

  10. yay, you!! what fun! I hope we see some pics with your new makeup! :)

    also, have you ever thought about doing a 'what i wore wednesday' post? i'd looove that! :)

  11. I still wear the same 'shimmering sands' eyeshadow by Cover Girl, that I wore in HS back in the 90's. LOVE that stuff! Don't know what I'd do if they ever discontinued it?!

  12. I have been on the hunt for a good foundation. I will give this a try. I always have a hard time finding the perfect match.

  13. My Gram says "Put my face on." - love that.

    I am a drugstore makeup girl or bust. And bonus only takes me about 2.5 minutes to apply. One time I went on a girl's weekend and was amazed at the makeup loot the women had AND how stinkin long it took them to put it all on. I went home and told Craig he had no concept how much money and time my easy breezy makeup choices had saved us. I don't know why people spend the $$ on all that fancy me crazy, but I still think $11 for drugstore makeup is expensive!

  14. I'd really love to see a photo with your 'face on'. Purple eyeliner? Show me! Show me!

  15. Oh what fun! I think you made some excellent choices. Purple eyeliner? Fab.u.lous.

    Covergirl and I are dear ol' friends. Cheekers blush in Brick Rose? Wore it on my wedding day and then today to the grocery store. And I don't leave home without their foundation. It's so light and purdy.

  16. Well ya know we're gonna need to see a picture...


  17. I'm a drugstore junkie when it comes to makeup and hair products. That's how I roll.

    Do you like the Liquiliner? I started to pick it up the other day and the way I sweat, I figured it would be wore off by the end of the day.

    I have used CoverGirl Simply Powder for 12+ years now. I used it in high school and still do. It stays on all day...I can use it with foundation or not. And the Noxzema smell is just an added bonus. And the CG LipSlicks...I will forever be addicted to "Cutie" and "Demure".

    I worked through high school and college for 4 years at CVS. We received a 20% discount...needless to say, most of my paycheck went back to the company.

  18. I'm a tried & true fan of Cover Girl stuff too! I've tried using the expensive stuff but it all makes my sensitive skin break out like crazy. I'm kinda liking this cheek bronzer you mentioned. I may need to look into that.

  19. Me likie!

  20. I love that you are always keepin it real!! What a fun post. Can't wait to see you all dolled up for your next date night, you are due...right? Love that you went out on a limb. I always have trouble choosing eye shadow...too many great choices. However, with green eyes, the purples or browns usually win out. Can't wait to see your selection in upcoming photo ops.

  21. I think a "before and after" post is in order!

  22. how cool! I'm so glad you got rid of that 666 liner, I'm surprised your words come out so sweet with that evil on your lips!
    ha ha, ok, I'm just joking, only I know some people really would say that!! :)

  23. Now I know to whom I need to ship a box of homemade cookies, for review, when my girls are a little bigger and I'm ready to go back into business. For reals. I might be wearing make-up, again, by then. :)

  24. how about doing a little piece on how to "normal person" apply this stuff. I'm still a little confused on the bronzer stuff. I do like some Cover Girl products :) Good for you!

  25. I've read some good reviews on the Natureluxe foundation. I'll have to give it a shot!

  26. So terribly disappointed. Where is the before and after shots? You know the ones where you look like a tired suburban farm frau, and then the JLo esque you in a sequined gown setting the picnic table. At least some cinnamon lipstained lips.
    You owe it to Cover Girl.

  27. i'd love to see you rocking the violet! :)
    are we gonna get a picture?? ;)

  28. Ahhh sweet nostalgia once again!

    I cannot believe I remembered (only after your mention above) the Country Woods Palette! You totally took me back to 1986 or earlier there! wow!

    I love drugstore makeup. I still recall the first time I bought Roc anti-wrinkle cream at Walgreens thinking "Now that was a serious expenditure..geez.." but hoping that it would take "ten years off of my face." Sadly, I think that happened around age 27. What a baby I looked like then!

    While I have no desire to age, I also care a lot less at the tender age of 39 and THAT is a relief!

    I raise you:

    ONE Cheekers blush in soft sable (a nice neutral for year round color)


    ONE Lip Perfection Lip Color in Romance.

    Yep. I just did.

    Sidebar (as usual)- was trying to find your very first post on here as I hadn't found you back then. What fun to go through your archives and see how little Calvin and Ruby were! So many faves, but the art post where Calvin only wanted to paint was so hilarious!!

    Here's what made me LOL today:

    "He usually only answers to "Bob Ross" during his art sessions, but on this particular day he informed me that he was "that monkey who paints with his mouth".

    The Bob Ross/PBS archaic reference was too much!

    I sincerely thank you!!