Sunday, June 26, 2011

It's All Greek

I have things to tell you about from today.

Flea markety things.

But before I get to that, and because I'm too lazy to put the pics on the computer, we shall cover a few odds and ends.

Mostly odds.

1. I asked Cory to take a picture of Ruby yesterday in her cute outfit (this is her favorite skirt, for obvious reasons) and my sunglasses. Not only did he take the photos for me, he took fantastically good ones and then "cross processed" them (whatever that means). I am pretty sure he did all of this just to spite me by drawing such a stark contrast between his work and my (cough cough) work. Alas, they are just too smashing not to share. Show-off.

2. Ruby recently came in to our room early one morning and started sniffing me, which I'm happy to report is not commonplace. The following conversation ensued:

Ruby: Mommy, you thmell different today.

Me: What do I smell like?

Ruby: You thmell like...Africa.

Me: How do you know what Africa smells like?

Ruby: Because it thmellth like brown people! And I'm a brown girl!

Me: Is it a good smell?

Ruby: It'th a very good thmell!

Sidenote: Ruby's birth father was born and raised in Africa, though we have never met him and actually know very little about him. She is very loosely aware that she has some connection to Africa, wherever that is.

I have really no idea what the whole conversation meant, but I loved it, all the same. I'm telling you, people, these kids inherently just know stuff. It's spooky-cool.

3. Silas has the cutest lips on the planet.

4. And homeboy's hairy. Let's just put that out there.

5. Every single day, Silas latches on to one or two random objects. He carries them around all day long. Today, it was Ruby's hot pink Barbie checkbook.

6. Friday, it was a microscopic Lego suitcase.

I can't find my head half the time, but he manages to go a full 30 hours without losing this.

7. Self-explanatory.

8. I think you should make this for dinner.
It garnered sweeping raves.

9. I'm still laughing over my phantom arm muscles.

10. I rue the end of this 4-star weekend.

11. But I'll get over it.