Thursday, June 16, 2011

Hit Me.

Every now and then I am reminded of how awful I am at answering your questions. It's so wrong. Totally unfair. I have the best of intentions. I do. But you know where good intentions get us - halfway to nowhere. (Note to self: embroider that on a throw-pillow ASAP.)

I seem to suffer from the affliction of out-of-sight-out-of-mind. No, that's not exactly right. My affliction is more "my-brain-can-only-process-so-much-info-at-a-time", and these days, there's just no slowing down the info train.

Things are falling through my cracks. It ain't pretty.

It's enough to make a control freak question her identity.

While I'm thinking about it:

I have always wondered about the Littles names. Did you pick these, are they old family names or were they from their birth mothers.They are all so very old fashioned (don't get me wrong I do love old fashion) but have always been curious about these 3 names. - Nancy

I cannot stress this enough: I am an 82-year old in a 34-year old's body. Scratch that. I'm an 82 year-old in a 13-year old's body with a 34-year old's face and a 46 year-old's under-eye baggage. I go to the World War II cemetery to hunt for "new" names. If I could, I would change my name to Bessie and call it a day.

But I can't, so instead, I name my kids Calvin, Ruby and Silas. I wanted Amos, but you only get so far with that one before your mind wanders to all of the playground nicknames that might arise. Or at least to one.

If you ask CMB, he will tell you that Calvin is named for John Calvin. I like to think it's nothing more than a coincidence. Their middle names (Lee, River and Park, respectively) were given by their birth moms. I love them.

Have you ever thought about doing a 'what i wore wednesday' post? - Kristen

Whenever I think about doing this, I crack myself up. Maybe I will try it for a few weeks, and you'ns can crack up right along with me.

Shannan - I must know - whatever is on that sandwich?? It looks like the most amazing sandwich in the world and I can't hardly figure it out. Tomato, is that avacado? the sauce? and are there more hidden goodies that i simply don't see?!? please do share! - Elizabeth Leigh

Girl. It's a cobb salad sandwich. Rotisserie chicken, lettuce, tomato, avocado, bacon, hard-cooked eggs and homemade gorganzola sauce. I tried and tried to find the recipe to link it up, to no avail. Hold on, I'll try once more... Ta-da! (Thank you, Shanna!) It's from the June 2011 issue of Everyday Food. And for what it's worth, this magazine is totally subscription-worthy. I try something new out of every issue.

Is there anything else you're dying to know?

Now's your chance. Hit me.


  1. I want to know if you have a blogging schedule. Do you aim for a certain number of posts a week?Do you check your stats and see who is coming to visit?
    And lastly, and honestly, most importantly, what would you do with an extra hour every single day of just you time ; )

  2. What do you for discipline when the kids misbehave? Me? I'm a yeller... and I don't like that about myself. I'd like to know what works for you since you seem to have your stuff together :o)

  3. When did you become a Christian?
    What's the coolest thing God's done for you?

  4. ps, now I have that song "Hit Me With Your Best Shot" stuck in my head...who was that? Pat Benatar maybe? away......

  5. how far along are you in that book?

  6. Yeowsa. Are you sure you wanted to ask people what they are curious about? Sister, you have some giant questions to answer! And I can't wait to hear unless you don't have time to answer in which case I TOTALLY understand.

    hmm. My question: when will we meet?

  7. Okay, but what magazine? You're killing me here...

  8. I love your kids' names. I always thought mine would be weird with the name Grandma in front of it but now I dig it.
    Q: cats or dogs?
    Me I am all about a dog.
    Q: Did SCL ever have her baby? She hasn't blogged in forever.

  9. Ohhh If i wasn't so worn out at this moment, i would go to the store right now for the ingredients! I'm making that yum-o sandwich asap, minus the bacon b/c i don't eat that... but theres all sorts of fake stuff in the store these days i can try out i'm sure:) Thanks for sharing! And for taking the time to answer our silly questions too! :-)

  10. My 90 year-old grandma's name is Bessie. She Americanized it from Bozena. (The z is pronounced like J in French) I would like to see more of your pressed tin backsplash. Is it real tin or the panels from Lowe's or other home improvement store? I was looking at some and dreaming of using it in my kitchen. That is IF we can ever afford to re-do our countertops!

  11. Hey, I reconize you. I'm a child of the thirties livin' in 2011.
    I don't wanna ask you any questions since I've already stole enough of your x today. Just a thought! Maybe you could post in public, cause I think we'd all LOVE to hear your answers!

    ~I have that same mixer/same color. Best christmas present eva from my fella~

  12. i adore your littles names. adore them.
    i suppose i have a bundle of things i'd ask. really now all i'll ask is,

    would you please be my sister?

  13. Hannah if she says "Yes" there's gonna be a lot of jealous sisters out here!!! I think. I KNOW we'd all like that! N I love your name too! I have a (2 yr old) Hannah. I'm proud to say....we chose it 13 years ago before it was in the top 10.

    OK....I changed my mind. 'Baby-brain..... It'll do that to ya!
    This questions for you Shannan & all your Gal Pals too.

    Do you plan on continuing to blog? Do you have any regrets about blogging?

    Thanks as always!

  14. Ooooh, I've got questions, but I'm going to wait until I have you captive. For each question you answer, you get to sleep in an extra hour. In the greenhouse, of course.

  15. I'm totally with you on the old school names. Picked a couple myself, thankyouverymuch. Also on the old lady in a 30's bod. Its so confusing to the rest of the world! Can't everyone just understand that a glass of wine makes me fall asleep and an exciting Saturday night includes a game of scrabble? We may as well pick out our red hats now.
    Thanks for the (picture of the) flowers! I'm question free. Carry on.

  16. Let's see:

    If you could visit ANYONE'S home, who would that person be?

    At what age did you begin using your "Old Timey" words? Teens? Twenties?

    Who was the first woman you looked at and thought "She's smart, amazing and cool and I'd like to be like her when I'm older." Can't be your mom or your granny.

    How many good friends have you made from blogging? Don't you call them "Crossovers"? When I first read that, I thought your Coop Friend had passed on!

    That's it! Thanks for taking our questions!



  17. LOVE the names. And the old soul!

  18. 34? you look pretty darn good to me. I guess having three young ones is keeping you young as well. I always LOVE your writing! Lori

  19. What denomination are you? I keep thinking you're Mennonite....

  20. love your defining yourself by age- tooo funny!!!

    we have an Ella Rose, Solomon & a Audrey Pearl- i know all about grave yard & obituary reading!!

    adore the old names- and it's so special that their birth mothers gave them a second name each....

    melissa -Miss Sew & So

    i wouldn't mind being called Betsey...!!

  21. Oh I do the same my friend....I so forget to answer all the lovely questions I get. So if you have ever asked my something...please forgive me if I didn't get back to you....

    Happy Happy weekend....can you believe it is here already. Wow. old names...I have a MOLLY!

  22. ok.. that sandwich sounds totally awesome. must make and eat asap. since i know you love the 90's supermodels (me too!), i am going to ask a totally meaningful and thought provoking question... what were your favorite shows from those model loving days??? can't wait to hear!:)

  23. Well I won't burden you with yet another question. I'll just tell you that I love the old soul in the younger body explanation. I have always felt I should have been born in the prior generation. It's just weird. I always loved talking to older people, love the old stories and old fashions and old appliances and collect old everything. People had stronger morals and ethics back then it seems. Just watch some tv and see what I mean. We're going to hell in a handbasket I fear. Just recently, meeting people on my new blog, I have discovered I'm not alone. THERE ARE A BUNCH OF US OUT THERE!!! WOOHOOO!!! Ok, I feel better, thanks for letting me vent. Have a nice day!

  24. I want you to know I have left this page open for a good 24 hours in an attempt to comment. I was gonna, then the baby started crying and I sat on the couch instead and watched 30 Rock on netflix...because that's what you do when your baby wants to be held for an hour right? right? In any case, the unfinished business led to me dreaming that I found an article about you in a magazine I was reading, and you were running a business called "savvy souvineers" I do not CARE that I spelled that word wrong.
    anywhoo, though you should know that in my brain, you find good deals to buy for people when you're on vacation. what the?
    I would also like to tell you that Tobias was RUINED by arrested development, and the jerky character in the bible, so he got dubbed Tobin. It was a close call though.
    Your posts are a ray of sunshine in the day. Seriously. And if you do a "what I wore yesterday" post, you should have a link up so we can all laugh at my pajama'ed state. I have rockin' pjs.

    Cheers to you friend! You've been CRACKING me up lately.

  25. Your kiddos names fit them oh-so-perfectly! My Si's birthmother gave him his middle name, too - what a gift. It makes me happy that he answers to either name I holler out to him.

    A question, let's see.

    Do you have a favorite memory from your visit to Korea? {Besides meeting Silas, of course} Looking back I try to pinpoint a favorite, but it's all a beautiful blur of breathing in the places and details and people that swept me off my feet and left me wanting more. My heart found a home there. Do you feel the same?

  26. Oh gosh! That sandwich sounds fabulous! You are too funny about the 82 year old thing. :) LOL.

  27. I'm with you ladies on wishing I had been born in an earlier era. I love anything old-fashioned and hearing stories about the past.

    I'm wondering how you do it all (or at least make it seem like you do it all.) What's a typical day like for you?

  28. Love ya, girl! Thanks for answering my questions! I'm looking forward to that wwiw post. ;)

  29. An "82 year old in a 34 year old body"...that explains why you are wise beyond your years.

    This is not exactly a question, but I would love a post about what the ordinary daily routine looks like for you and your little people on the flower patch farm. Ha! That's almost funny now that I think about it. Do you even HAVE ordinary days?! :)

  30. I need to tell you this now, even though it's at in inappropriate time. My grandmother's name was Hattie America Golden. How cool is that? OK - My question - when you be coming to the Blue Lagoon?

  31. Bessie,
    Where have you been? I miss you! We must get together this summer! My question: Have you titled your book yet? I love a good title. I'm guilty of judging a book by the cover or title. And hurry it up already, I'm wanting to read it! No really, I'm amazed as I watch your running word count! I'll be satisfied reading your blog until your novel is unveiled!
    xo Millie