Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Goodness is a Sweater

Warning: Random Flower Picture!!!!

You probably know by now that when I bust out an RFP it can't mean anything good.

I default to random flowers.

It could be worse.

I'm sitting in the near-dark with a pink nose, looking out at a peach-streaked sky. I'm caught in between today and the end of today, with my yoga pants on while my earrings are still in.

Here's something that I've decided about myself in recent days: Life is just so much better since I learned to hunt down goodness and put the dang thing on. It's not something inborn. I don't think I always had the good sense to reach out and take it. I may have been born glass half-full, but life is more than half-better when you go on ahead and pour in an extra glug or two.

For all of you who have to be reminded to relax those little lines pulling your eyebrows together, isn't it time you cut them a break? I mean, they're exhausted! It's hard work, looking at life through a cynical squint.

So try it. Just decide to see the goodness. Shake out the wrinkles and button yourself up in it then tell me if I'm wrong.

It may take a little practice, but one day, you'll be twisting your hair into an oddball ponytail and it will hit you: I love this life.

And like that, you'll know that it's true.

You'll officially believe me.

At least about this one little thing.