Saturday, June 4, 2011

Freedy Johnston Is A Wonder

Tonight, we embarked to retrieve our two oldest peeps from the sticky grip of Grandparents Gone Wild.
On the way down, I ate this.
Shredded beef burrito bowl, mild, guac.

And then I bought this.
(It's on sale! And I had a coupon! And I swear, it's orange, not red.)
And we listened to this.
"Why'd you call me? Must be back. Disappointed man. Where you been?"

Full disclosure: Until this very moment I always thought it was "Must be bad." I like my way better. More dramatic.
And this.
"Don't don't don't don't don't don't don't don't come around..."
And this.
"You know I'm such a fool fer youuuuuuu...."

Siley occupied himself with De Pitty Light and Elmo.

We drove with the windows down and the stereo way, way up. I hollered out the angsty bits as loud and off-key as I wanted to.

It felt like 1995 with 2011's sensibilities.

And that's when it hit me: When you love your Honey and your life, even a 4-hour drive in a mini van with a toddler can be a pretty fantastic date night.

Go grab one of your own, Dears.


  1. You know I got a bad reputation, right?

  2. That Cranberries song and "These are days" soooo remind me of college. Gamma Phi Beta. Rush. Everything that entailed...ah, nostalgia... :) Glad your date night was a fun one too!!

  3. i often sing at the top of my lungs off key. in my car. windows open.

  4. Great musical choices, and that dress almost makes me want to be a maxi-dress convert. Still not convince I could pull it off.

    I adore when it feels like the 90's! I went for a bit of a jog the other day, and just when I was feeling gassed, two girls walked by blasting TLC's "No Scrubs". I had to laugh -- and it got me to the next streetlight.

  5. O.M.G.

    I am SO going to buy that dress....I am having a love affiar with anything striped.

    Thanks for the tip homegirl.


  6. I used to love the Cranberries... wait I still do! My niece (who is now 16, yikes,) used to sing
    "do you hap to
    do you hap to
    do you hap to wet it winger"

    I can't listen to that song now w/o singing it that way!

  7. Makes me nostalgic for that CC disc, which I haven't listened to in ages: Good night, Elisabeth; Monkey; A Long December. Sigh.

    And "Linger" was on all my high school mixed tapes, some of which I still proudly own.

  8. True! Have you seen, "Something Borrowed"? In it they have a 90s cover band and that is what your post reminded me of. Sweet nostalgia.

  9. What a fun post...... glad the drive went well.... you never know with little ones.

  10. You almost made me consider throwing SPP in the car for the upcoming 5 hour drive to my cousin's surprise birthday party.



  11. Totally agree - date nights can be fun even with the littles! I haven't had a date night in eons it seems - yes eons!

    PS - O's surgery is Thursday so drop some extra prayers on the wee one :) Thanks friend!

  12. BAAAHHHAAAA! Yes that was my play list in 95 too! AWESOME date idea!

  13. You're lucky. Someone gave my kids a traveling kids song cd. Their favorite song is Stinky Skunk (Kinky Kunk, as they say). I hate that song. It is the worst. WORST.

    And we hear it once at least, every road trip.

    Let me know if you want to borrow it.

  14. I would take a date night like that too.... :)

  15. Here's to grabbing ahold of those blissful unexpected moments that sneak up on us without warning & enjoying every last ounce!

  16. p.s. the skunk sings, and he sounds like little richard.

  17. Sweet Nostalgia!

    I saw Freedy and you took me back to the 90's! Then it got better when I saw Counting heart was happy. I SO loved them! Then the Cranberries...thank you for taking me back to my 20's!! I'm a much happier person in my 30's so I can't say I miss that decade, but there were some good times.

    For your next NostalgiaRide may I suggest "Today" by the Smashing Pumpkins?? And perhaps Four Non Blondes?

    Thanks for the Ride!

  18. Part 2: For the kiddies, I suggest that Barney song "If all the raindrops were lemon drops and gumdrops..oh what a rain that would be!"~ little Emerson at age 3 1/2 was obsessed with that song. I got tired of it at the time, but now i kinda miss it.

    Passing you the baton..(for Siley? Calvin and Ruby may be past the Barney stage..?)

  19. Oh yes. I love the way you love life. And I love the first line of this post. Clever girl, you.

  20. Love everything about this post. Everything.

  21. super cute dress, and a coupon too...score;) i just heard that cranberries song on the radio. love it!

  22. Oh you took me back to my University days....a lifetime ago! Love this post!

  23. oh girl.
    we are driving home from minneapolis right. this. minute.
    me, the man and cranky, sleepless toddler-to the tune of a sweet nineties mix(pearl jam, cranberries, boyzllmen...) and holding hands with my babe! life is good. even with crank-mcrankster:)


  24. Love a good road trip with my man & good songs.
    Fun, fun!

  25. Chipotle AND the Cranberries...amazing!