Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Black Courage

When Calvin was a littler guy, he was very attached to his pacifier. He sucked that thing all night long, like it was his job in life. I was always amazed that he never seemed to lose it while he slept. I worried about his bite. When he was 3, we finally bit the bullet and sent them all off to the babies in Africa who didn't have pacifiers. (Ahem.)

I remember so clearly thinking that he would never get past that stage. I really just couldn't conceive of it.

Well, in the past year, my guy has lost two teeth, learned to tie his shoes, learned to ride a proper bicycle and learned to read. To name a few.

And as of today?
He survived his first day of soccer camp.

This boy who clung to me like a petrified monkey just a few years ago when I dropped him off for pre-school, the one who ended up puking on the steps while his teachers pried him off of me, the one who teared up on his first day of kindergarten, that boy, he hiked up his socks and tied his own cleats and trekked out to the field, a member of the Black team.

I wasn't convinced that he would go through with it.

I didn't hold my breath that he would enjoy it.

He has a bit of an aversion to heat, for one thing.

But he did it.

And he loved it.

Adding to the thrill of the day was this surprise visitor.

It was the ca-ray-zay-est thing I ever did see.

Where did he come from? How long had he been tooling around town?

Silas kept shouting, "Look! The doggy!"

Poor thing couldn't get out of the tall-fenced soccer field.

He finally ran behind a garage and passed out. He just plum fell asleep.

So very, very strange.

I spent my 2 hours on the bleachers, holding hope for my soccer boy like a smooth stone in my hand. I turned it over and over. I looked at it so hard, trying to see if it would show me a glimpse of his future, that my eyes crossed a little.

This guy never stops surprising us.

I was *so* proud of him.

Tonight he prayed, "Thank you for the good weather for my soccer camp. And thank you that I liked soccer camp. Oh! And thank you for my soccer coach."

I think we'll go on back again tomorrow.