Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Black Courage

When Calvin was a littler guy, he was very attached to his pacifier. He sucked that thing all night long, like it was his job in life. I was always amazed that he never seemed to lose it while he slept. I worried about his bite. When he was 3, we finally bit the bullet and sent them all off to the babies in Africa who didn't have pacifiers. (Ahem.)

I remember so clearly thinking that he would never get past that stage. I really just couldn't conceive of it.

Well, in the past year, my guy has lost two teeth, learned to tie his shoes, learned to ride a proper bicycle and learned to read. To name a few.

And as of today?
He survived his first day of soccer camp.

This boy who clung to me like a petrified monkey just a few years ago when I dropped him off for pre-school, the one who ended up puking on the steps while his teachers pried him off of me, the one who teared up on his first day of kindergarten, that boy, he hiked up his socks and tied his own cleats and trekked out to the field, a member of the Black team.

I wasn't convinced that he would go through with it.

I didn't hold my breath that he would enjoy it.

He has a bit of an aversion to heat, for one thing.

But he did it.

And he loved it.

Adding to the thrill of the day was this surprise visitor.

It was the ca-ray-zay-est thing I ever did see.

Where did he come from? How long had he been tooling around town?

Silas kept shouting, "Look! The doggy!"

Poor thing couldn't get out of the tall-fenced soccer field.

He finally ran behind a garage and passed out. He just plum fell asleep.

So very, very strange.

I spent my 2 hours on the bleachers, holding hope for my soccer boy like a smooth stone in my hand. I turned it over and over. I looked at it so hard, trying to see if it would show me a glimpse of his future, that my eyes crossed a little.

This guy never stops surprising us.

I was *so* proud of him.

Tonight he prayed, "Thank you for the good weather for my soccer camp. And thank you that I liked soccer camp. Oh! And thank you for my soccer coach."

I think we'll go on back again tomorrow.


  1. Awwwwwwwwww. I am so happy he loved it.
    He is a blessing that baby of yours. An absolute, soccer playing, blessing!

  2. He needs to be wearing those sweatbands!!


  3. Maybe we should try soccer camp! Gib has a case of the heat aversion as well. He wants to go out, so out we go. Five minute later it's too hot.
    Totally understand the proud Calvin moments! He conquered so much today and doesn't even know it. But you do. :)

  4. Any boy with an aversion to heat that is placed on the black team (major heat absorbtion!) and STILL thanks God at night for soccer camp must LOVE soccer! :) What a cutie.
    I can't get over the surprise visitor...Oh. My. Goodness! The excitement!

  5. happy sigh. What a sweetheart.
    And that doggie looks like an odd kangaroo on the field. I had to look at it a couple of times.

  6. Look at that grin. And that sweat. Way to go, Calvin! I hope tomorrow goes just as swimmingly.

    Our church is hosting a soccer camp this week. :-) We did not have a surprise visitor on our field, though! Wowzers. The camper kiddos are as precious as can be. They are so proud and brave and eager. I was high-fiving all mornin' long. Good stuff.

  7. Awww! So sweet! We are always seeing deer in the backyard but never on the soccer field! Wild!

  8. Yay for Calvin Lee! This is sooo awesome and so fun and GO you for sitting there for two hours (TWO HOURS!) watching the boy! :)

    I just love every second of it. He is such a cool kid, Shan!

    PS. Remind me to tell you about the time a deer ran through the children's section of our library in my hometown... it was so funny...only, you know, not really at all since it ran straight into the glass and didn't fare so well on the back end. Still. Deer in the library???

    Deer on the soccer field?

    Or is that an antelope? An elk? A buffalo?

  9. Awesome!! He looked like a natural! Thank heavens he had his summer hair cut.

  10. I totally thought the 'kangaroo thing' too!
    & that Mr. Lee what a QT!

  11. I do believe your soccer camp is two houses away. Had I been home today (and not at a SUPER EXCITING LITERACY conference) I could have seen the deer from my front porch!

    It was a hot one for sure! My oldest is getting ready for Kindergarten, and I'm afraid I'm going to be the one puking and holding on to her for dear life. I never thought I would be that mom, but after teaching in high school for 7 years now, I just don't want her sweetness to disappear and her kind spirit to be broken. Oh goodness, I've said too much in a blog response. I'll blame it on just writing a "deep" post. Anyway.... If you need a fresh drink of water, or iced green tea tomorrow, I'm just a hop, skip, and a jump away!

  12. hello again:)

    this is funny i'm commenting here to respond to your comment on my blog:) i didn't know the etiquette. Ha!

    YES!! We do know each other! I've been reading your blog for YEARS! And I think you've even emailed me about my wood ceiling in our farmhouse. Which, btw, is currently the house that your girl, Heather, is living. I keep trying to tell my SIL that we were friends first, but she doesn't seem to think so:). I'm surprised she hasn't outed me and told you how much I ADORE you and your sweet family!

    So....yep! I'm "5 chicks and a farmer" AND Heather's SIL.

    And, can you imagine LIVING with these people from Haiti who cause heads to swivel?? I tell ya! Lots to ponder around here that's fo sho.

  13. oh yes, it is amazing when they surprise us in the best of ways. love it. go calvin!

  14. this tugged my heart. a glimpse of his future...he will do great things i am sure of it!

  15. Way to go Calvin!

    I don't like to sweat. Anyone that sweats for fun is my hero :o)

  16. Aww...what a little cutie, pulling all these heartstrings! Loved the pic with the beds of set! Too precious!

  17. I remember thinking just last summer that Shel would NEVER WALK and I would be forced to let him crawl around McDonald's floor and other gross places. Isn't it funny how phases seem like they'll never end?

    Soccer camp looks awesome. He is so GROWN UP! And what the DEER!?!?

  18. Awww!!

    Emerson just started soccer this year. He LOVES it and it's the most focused I've ever seen him. He's 8.

    We also had to do the "we need to give your pacifiers to other babies who aren't lucky to have any." and he sadly boxed them up. He tried to steal them back for a few years whenever he'd find a stray one in a cupboard and yell "My boo!" or when he'd get mad at me would yell "I WANT MY BOO!"

    I'm tired so when I saw the deer I honestly thought "A gazelle!"


  19. i have tears welling up all over the shop here!!!

    our 10 year old Sol, plays soccer at a pretty elite semi-professional level here in ol'blighty {england} -yep they start seriously early here with the commitment!!- and i remember when he was at my ankles all day long -bless him....and then suddenly he was captaining a team and running off proudly...

    nothing more emotional than a proud mama!
    he looks like he had a brilliant day!!!

    Melissa x

  20. The milestone moments are so amazing, wish i had been blogging when mine were little, to have the record somewhere other than my heart! Before you know it, he'll be so pro, you will be dropping him off, heading to town for errands and collecting your lil' hero on the way home! Staggering. xx

  21. Sweet! Bless his heart and yours too.


  22. well its a good thing those babies in africa now have pacies! you good people.
    yay for him loving his soccer camp!
    what a big brave adorable boy!
    have fun today!

  23. Yay for Calvin!!! And the deer...I just plum can't believe it! That is nuts!

  24. that deer was crazy!! what the heck was he doing?!? hope he's back in the bambi forest now. and way to go calvin!! little guy looks plum tuckered out! but it's so cool when our kids excel at things, especially when we're aprehensive.

  25. Calvin is so sweet! Look at the sweat on his dear little head.

    We have crazy deer all over the place here. They like to shop in town for some odd reason.

  26. Beautiful! I am so proud of him! And crazy deer! I swear the little ones just don't know what's what.

  27. For crying out loud, this post made me tear up.

    What in the world?

    I am so proud of C-man.

    Tell him I said so.


  28. Awww...he's so sweet! I love his prayer. That deer is cray-ze!!! I bet it was fun for the kids though. Glad he likes soccer camp.

  29. What a treat of nature to see that Deer run across the field. Do mice count as cute little critters because it seems our backyard is filled with them at nighttime.

  30. What a sweet heart! So proud of him! Soccer looks so much fun!

  31. now that's an exciting soccer event...ours are kinda boring;)

  32. well we are aware blogger hates me. moving on... our eldest children should hang out. i would pay good money. make that REALLY good money for her to sit and chat and me to listen while those two have discussions on topics ranging from the spiritual to all things courage required. a serious hoot that would be. :)

  33. How exciting! JDaniel jumped in the water without looking back at me in swimming class yesterday after clinging to me at the pool for months.

  34. omg i just love reading stories about your little ones. so much fun!

    oh my is that grass green or what! i just want to roll all over it!

  35. What a precious post. And that deer .... speechless.

  36. Shannan. My heart started racing really hard, looking at your photos. And it's because of this; you have to check it out: http://www.pelorian.com/deer.html

    I used to think deer were so cute/pretty. Now I think they're creepy. Even the ones in my yard. Shoo, deer!

    It probably has rabies to be acting so weird. Shoo!

  37. Way to go C!

    And I'm so excited you caught a picture of that dear deer. What a moment!

  38. Oh sweet boy! I could kiss his sweaty forehead!

  39. Hooray for Calvin!! and his wonderful mama too!

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  41. Awesome post. What a big guy. My baby is 15 now and just spent the night away from home - I didn't think that would ever happen. My oldest is leaving for college soon - enjoy these days - they go by way to fast. Hug those babies.

  42. I so loved reading this. Calvin's smile melts me, really. He's so darn cute! And that prayer, PRECIOUS!


  43. so precious. way to go, Calvin! and way to go team black! such an exciting thing, seeing that courage rise. what a cutie.

    and that doggy is cracking me up. what on earth!?

  44. I love Calvin more every day..He's so sweet and I love that you encourage him ALWAYS..xx

  45. oh my goodness a rouge deer on the field. wild!

  46. Sweet! And that is some craziness with the deer on the field. Last year during one of my son's games, he actually chased a butterfly on the field DURING the game. Sigh.