Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Allegan Shenanigans

I'm no good at typing out of order.

I'd like to tell you about my day. And my dinner.

H has already joined the chorus of "I'm hungry! Hurry up and take the picture!"

She'd also like me to tell you that her name is Haven.

Hi Haven! Get back to work! :)

All of those things are going to have to wait, because there are still things I need to spill from all the way back to Sunday. That's 2 whole days, or 2,000 years, depending on who you ask.

Cory and I high-tailed it up to Allegan for the morning with our pals Chad and Kristen. It was a double-date of sorts, involving Burger King breakfast sandwiches, many shared anecdotes, heart palpitations (at least for 2 of us), and too-soft lemon bars.

And these guys.

These fellas came out in droves, and I can't say that I don't love them all. Because I do, in fact.

This was my favorite eavesdropped old man conversation:

Old Man 1: Jerry, are you losing weight?
Old Man 2 (aka Jerry): I've lost 50 pounds!
Old Man 1: Well, I'll be! I thought you're looking more fleet of foot these days!

Break my heart already, why don't you?

It turns out, Cory doesn't just stalk me, he also has a bit of a thing for rotund men sporting any manner of country paraphernalia.

Sidenote: I once saw a similar man at Springfield bearing a ridiculous hat, a kazoo and a large sandwich board stating "I buy all different instruments". He looked entirely jolly, so I asked him if I could please take his picture. He turned me down flat, with a glare.

But the burly fellas of Allegan? Much nicer, I'm sure.

I just have a thing for regular people. I'll take 'em, any day of the week.

In fact, I like to think I'm a bit regular, myself.

Although, granted, not every regular girl travels with her own personal paparazzo.

Photo #1 - Cheese!

Photo #2 - Stop-it-right-this-second-you-are-embarrassing-me.

I ran into a few friends, one of which was my dear friend Sandy, of Rhubarb Reign fame.

People, they are famous for a reason. They slay me every time. They are my decorating soul mates. I met Sandy years ago at Springfield and insisted that we become real life friends.

Joe's pretty nice, too. :)

In short, it was a perfect day. Perfect weather. Perfect company. Dang good food. Swoony finds. Even the bathrooms were surprisingly tidy, and I'm a girl who can appreciate a thing like that.

The top item on my list was a smallish, lightweight, budget-friendly dresser to house kid art supplies.

Score! Courtesy of Joe and Sandy.

I also found 2 more vintage sprinklers.

I'm calling it an official collection.

(I saw many for $20-$30 dollars, but the two I picked up were each around $6.)

And....I finally, finally got my Jolly Goode poster framed!
(blog here, shop here)

It is my new Very Favorite.

Just picked it up earlier today and plunked it down.

Silas almost caused mayhem in the Hobby Lobby.

Calvin and Ruby pretended to be driving a horse and buggy while trailing behind me, holding on to the ends of my cardigan belt. I ignored them until I just couldn't bear it any longer.

I waffled between yellow and a lighter aqua for the mat, but in the end, I sprung for some color, in honor of the artist.

Also, I really, really, really want to paint my walls very light grey. Or super light aqua. I liked the idea of the yellow up against that. But CMB is stalling. Maybe he's not so maintenancy, after all.

So, there you have it. My finds.

ps- Do you ever wish I would just real-quick say what I have to say instead of dragging it out?

Me, too.


  1. You and I are like neighbors or something! I work in Allegan (live in Portage.) Love the Antique Market! Great place to people watch!

  2. I can't believe you were in Allegan. We go every month and for some reason(busy times with family) we totally forgot it this month. I probably would have made a fool of myself when I recognized you. I am a big fan of you blog. Come again-maybe we'll run into each other.

  3. never do I wish that you'd just hurry up and say what you have to say....

    could read your writings all day long.

  4. No Ma'am, I do not.

    I heart vintage sprinklers.


  5. What a fantastic day! We use to live just one mile from a monthly antique fair. It was fantabulous!

  6. I love a good flea. I love your sprinklers. People watching is another fave of mine. Never do I wish you would spit it out...but you know me, I am a rambler. I also love that CM is such a fan of yours. It makes my heart happy.

  7. love that you travel with you own paparazzo :)
    Great finds!

  8. several things:
    1) I once saw an ol fart in Tennessee w/ a sign in his yard that read "I want to fix lawn mowers."--classic
    2) Cory's pictures of old farts make me laugh
    3) your outfit is too adorable
    4) did I ever tell you my mom has an antique sprinkler collection? You should get together and talk "sprinklers". :)

  9. I love when you drag it out. I don't really want you to end. You are so fascinating. I totally would die if Cman was my husband. I mean, holy canoli, he loves to take pictures of you. You are scrumptious though. Not quite as scrumptious as the old man with tools adorning himself, but scrumptious none the less.

    The poster is fantastic. The wall color sounds groovy. You are the best.

  10. you are too hot to trot lady! love the WHOLE outfit- especially the braids

    Sandy is a sweetie....(and Joe too)

    have a great weekend!!
    p.s. are you goint to Tipton's?

  11. I looooove your skirt.
    And if I win the lottery I am not only hiring my friend Danavee to come help me redo/decorate my house, I would love to hire you as well. :) You have such an eye for things. (It may be a wait as I have played the lotto maybe 3 times in my 3 decades.)

  12. In answer to your question . . . no. No I do not. Because then I wouldn't have the joy of reading words like shenanigans and burly and paraphernalia. You are an artist with words. And I thank you.

  13. I, too, keep a soft spot for old men with quirky habits.....they make me smile. What a lovely, perfectly wonderful day.

    There is nothing better than a day spent with the hubby and good friends....

  14. No, no, no...way more fun when you drag it out. Aaaaaand how stinking CUTE are you in your yellow stripey skirt and patriotic tank?! (I'm slightly jealous that you can wear a tank top.) Anyway, you've reminded me that I need to organize this out of control pile of kiddo art supplies so I'm going to do that. Right now.

  15. No, no I don't wish you would hurry up.
    Sorry to see that boo-boo on your finger and am surprised that you don't have a band-aid that's a bit more fun...like you!


  16. I actually said aloud, "She is too cute!" love your entire look... Head to toe. I'm making my first trip at the end of July to Allegan.

  17. funny how it's the regular people that we're all drawn to... yet we're so afraid of being ordinary. i think you're simply gorgeous.

  18. I am so excited...I am going to Allegan next month! I can't believe i've never heard of it!!! Looks like so much fun!!
    ps...I am always happy you take a minute to get around to what you're trying to say! I LOVE your writing style...I always read every word!

  19. My comment goes out to....."HAVEN"!! And I can't wait to meet her. I love it that she is joining in the fan fare of ,let's get the supper show on the road. I also love that Cal and Rub pretend to be driving a horse and buggy,awwww, they are kiddos after Gam"s own heart.I guess you get the rambling from a close relative. Love you, and will see you soon.

  20. Hey, you just reminded me that I dreamed about you and Haven last night.
    Weird, huh?
    Ye Olde Flowerpatch Farm is looking mighty colorful these days.
    I like it!

  21. What a DAY!! Can you show me the rest of that purse that's on your shoulder? I love the straps already!

  22. I could listen to you 'regular' girl you ramble any ol' day!
    You've got me wondering though where the good flea's are around these parts?! Do they not exist or am I just not aware of um? I wonder? Looks like SO much FUN!!!

  23. Thank you for always dragging it out. It makes my long drawn out comments feel more appropriate. Speaking of,
    I feel as if it would behoove you to plan to make the trip to the Farm Chicks next year. You would love it! I can tell you're hard core - you have "the cart"!

  24. no ma'am. i have not once wished you to write any fewer words. swoony. that's you. and i am not the type to hush a swoony talker.

    love the art dresser! and the colors you chose for the print are perfect. it's tradition for my son to cause mayhem at the frame shop.
    i vote for the super light aqua. i'd offer to paint for you, but i live so darn far away. also i am deathly ill around paint fumes.

    anyways. there's that. i loved this post.

    p.s. just looked at your photos again. i reckon you are a regular sort. if pretty and hilarious is regular. you make for sweet photos, regular or not.

  25. I enjoy your blog so much. I didn't know the little red sprinkler was considered "vintage". I'll have to tell my Dad to stop using it. :o)I have to tell you I started laughing when I read about Ruby & Calvin holding the end of your cardigan belt. I think when you get older you forget about the little things that might have bugged your Mom a little bit. Thanks for always sharing. Please don't ever think of changing the way you write your blog. It's perfect just as it is.
    Kind regards,

  26. I thought maybe I would see pictures of Chad & Kristen.

  27. you are the cutest!
    i like you.
    and all your words.

  28. fabulous finds! i scrolled through slowly - those sprinklers are really cute....speaking of cute you are darling by the way! xoox, tracie

  29. Love, love, LOVE your pigtails!

    And I'm jealous of the sprinklers.

  30. Cute post - never make them short. Love your pigtails - you look 12 - LOL. Adorable.

  31. I for one never ever wish you'd say what you have to say more quickly. I feel like I needed commas in that sentence. Oh, well.

    LOVE your finds and photos. Seriously, it looks like an enchanting time. I also love your outfit. You've got an awesome style going on.

  32. okay it's official...you need to wear braids every day! you looked adorable. love all your great finds.

  33. 1. Flea market dates are the BEST!!! love my hubby to go with me (:
    2. Your skirt... amazing fabric
    3. old man convo.. hee hee .. T is a eavesdropper King! shhh don't tell him I said so.. (:
    4. your past couple food pics ..just slay me now..how many time do I have to say it's always the FOOD that stops me in my tracks .. Cook off sometime ( just so I can eat more delish food:)
    5. your make up birthday, day..LOVE I'm still waiting on mine.. T had to work.. I had a baby shower..
    6.and the muscles I totally seen them too before they were mentioned later.
    7.. as always I need to comment more often so not sooo drawn out...
    8.and why is it when I have umpteen things to do I dill-dally... Like you can answer that.. have a great Wednesday (:

  34. You collect the neatest things! Tell Mr Papparazzo you need a new colour for the LR and don't dawdle. ;)

  35. oh what fun- the poster looks FAB! you dressed it up wonderfully : ) jealous of your flea day, though I did get a little in while I was away last week. love the sprinkler collection!

  36. I'm glad to know I'm not the only person who sports braids :) cute! And jealous of your Allegan trip but glad you had a great time with great company. P.S. I will email you pronto :)

  37. shannan- your arm muscles disappeared! :)

    I just got to hang mine too, it's the last pic on this post: http://achosenchild.blogspot.com/2011/06/what-im-loving-this-month.html

  38. mmmm...looks like a super fab flea market trip...i'm jealous. we aren't blessed enough to have any in my neck of the woods. love your skirt....and the braids. i wore braids yesterday...to which one of my littles said, "oh mommy, your hair looks so lovely." score...that little statement made my day. :)

  39. ah! I'm convinced I need to go flea marketing with you. Yes? Can we squeeze that in in a foreign city in September? lol

    And I'm here to say...50,000 words! wooohoooo (non-blog related, I realize but still.)

  40. I loved this fun and fresh post :) And if you're looking for a beautiful, soft, true grey to put on your walls, try Benjamin Moore "wish". It's in my bedroom and both bathrooms. It's soo gorgeous!!

  41. p.s. no, I love the way you "drag it out." It's adorable and entertaining.

  42. NOOOOOO! Please don't change the way you tell a story. It's the reason we all keep coming back for more.
    Also when you get finished with your house I need you to head over here. I need some help!

  43. Swoony, old-man-chatting Allegan. August is my month! You definitely scored with those sprinklers. And the dresser and print are jolly good, indeed.

    Let me be the 324th person to say, "You are so cute!" :-) Because you are.

  44. So fun. Wish I could find some vintage sprinklers, I think in all our Australian droughts they just got thrown out. At least we can still find cheap garden furniture! Thanks

  45. me likes your shirt.

  46. I'm rarely able to get my point across in a few words so never change! I like your long posts.

    what I also like: That whole outdoor thrift market! I just returned from Canada, but it made me realize that a day is coming soon..that I will force my hubby into a similar day with me!

    I like the fact that your clothing choices would seem wrong on someone else, but on you they just work! That comfy looking skirt with your t-shirt? Love it. Also..how you casually shove said shirt right into the waistband of skirt? that would look very messy on me.

    I may try it anyway.

    Call me inspired!

    Love the braids. I rock them once in awhile and am told I look a lot like Swiss Miss. those are always good days as I take it as a compliment.


    "I thought you're looking more fleet of foot these days!"

    Beautifully, perfectly Old Timey!!

    With Love,

    Tina Turner

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