Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Goodness is a Sweater

Warning: Random Flower Picture!!!!

You probably know by now that when I bust out an RFP it can't mean anything good.

I default to random flowers.

It could be worse.

I'm sitting in the near-dark with a pink nose, looking out at a peach-streaked sky. I'm caught in between today and the end of today, with my yoga pants on while my earrings are still in.

Here's something that I've decided about myself in recent days: Life is just so much better since I learned to hunt down goodness and put the dang thing on. It's not something inborn. I don't think I always had the good sense to reach out and take it. I may have been born glass half-full, but life is more than half-better when you go on ahead and pour in an extra glug or two.

For all of you who have to be reminded to relax those little lines pulling your eyebrows together, isn't it time you cut them a break? I mean, they're exhausted! It's hard work, looking at life through a cynical squint.

So try it. Just decide to see the goodness. Shake out the wrinkles and button yourself up in it then tell me if I'm wrong.

It may take a little practice, but one day, you'll be twisting your hair into an oddball ponytail and it will hit you: I love this life.

And like that, you'll know that it's true.

You'll officially believe me.

At least about this one little thing.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Allegan Shenanigans

I'm no good at typing out of order.

I'd like to tell you about my day. And my dinner.

H has already joined the chorus of "I'm hungry! Hurry up and take the picture!"

She'd also like me to tell you that her name is Haven.

Hi Haven! Get back to work! :)

All of those things are going to have to wait, because there are still things I need to spill from all the way back to Sunday. That's 2 whole days, or 2,000 years, depending on who you ask.

Cory and I high-tailed it up to Allegan for the morning with our pals Chad and Kristen. It was a double-date of sorts, involving Burger King breakfast sandwiches, many shared anecdotes, heart palpitations (at least for 2 of us), and too-soft lemon bars.

And these guys.

These fellas came out in droves, and I can't say that I don't love them all. Because I do, in fact.

This was my favorite eavesdropped old man conversation:

Old Man 1: Jerry, are you losing weight?
Old Man 2 (aka Jerry): I've lost 50 pounds!
Old Man 1: Well, I'll be! I thought you're looking more fleet of foot these days!

Break my heart already, why don't you?

It turns out, Cory doesn't just stalk me, he also has a bit of a thing for rotund men sporting any manner of country paraphernalia.

Sidenote: I once saw a similar man at Springfield bearing a ridiculous hat, a kazoo and a large sandwich board stating "I buy all different instruments". He looked entirely jolly, so I asked him if I could please take his picture. He turned me down flat, with a glare.

But the burly fellas of Allegan? Much nicer, I'm sure.

I just have a thing for regular people. I'll take 'em, any day of the week.

In fact, I like to think I'm a bit regular, myself.

Although, granted, not every regular girl travels with her own personal paparazzo.

Photo #1 - Cheese!

Photo #2 - Stop-it-right-this-second-you-are-embarrassing-me.

I ran into a few friends, one of which was my dear friend Sandy, of Rhubarb Reign fame.

People, they are famous for a reason. They slay me every time. They are my decorating soul mates. I met Sandy years ago at Springfield and insisted that we become real life friends.

Joe's pretty nice, too. :)

In short, it was a perfect day. Perfect weather. Perfect company. Dang good food. Swoony finds. Even the bathrooms were surprisingly tidy, and I'm a girl who can appreciate a thing like that.

The top item on my list was a smallish, lightweight, budget-friendly dresser to house kid art supplies.

Score! Courtesy of Joe and Sandy.

I also found 2 more vintage sprinklers.

I'm calling it an official collection.

(I saw many for $20-$30 dollars, but the two I picked up were each around $6.)

And....I finally, finally got my Jolly Goode poster framed!
(blog here, shop here)

It is my new Very Favorite.

Just picked it up earlier today and plunked it down.

Silas almost caused mayhem in the Hobby Lobby.

Calvin and Ruby pretended to be driving a horse and buggy while trailing behind me, holding on to the ends of my cardigan belt. I ignored them until I just couldn't bear it any longer.

I waffled between yellow and a lighter aqua for the mat, but in the end, I sprung for some color, in honor of the artist.

Also, I really, really, really want to paint my walls very light grey. Or super light aqua. I liked the idea of the yellow up against that. But CMB is stalling. Maybe he's not so maintenancy, after all.

So, there you have it. My finds.

ps- Do you ever wish I would just real-quick say what I have to say instead of dragging it out?

Me, too.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Well, Tonight It's Fish

Behold, Fish Tacos.
I used this marinade for the tillage.

For the mango salsa, I wrestled one ripe mango, diced up half of a red bell pepper, maybe 1/3 cup of red onion, some cilantro, the juice of half a lime and half a lemon, salt and pepper.

Mango, I'm sorry I publicly disparaged you today on Facebook. We're totally better together. Will you please give me another chance?

You changed my life tonight.

Or at least my fish taco.

Calvin and Silas both gorged themselves on fish and rice. Calvin declared the fish "creamy". And I do believe he meant it as a compliment.

You could thin-slice some red cabbage for these. That would be good. But I have arugula coming out of my ears, so I chopped that instead.

Peppery. Zingy. I had seconds.

Oh, this!

This is a picture of how it looks when I cook.

The island is always a mess. It is my bane.

I work around it.

I become one with the junk mail.

Earlier today I received this comment: You make the healthiest meals...have you always cooked this way or did you have to learn to eat healthy?

All I can say about that is, I just really like fresh stuff. I like gardeny stuff. I also like large bowls of Cookie Crisp at 10 pm or chips and salsa at 11. I don't think of myself as especially healthy. Also, these meals might look complicated, but they aren't. I was surprised at how quickly dinner came together today. Just some chopping and stirring together the marinate. Then rice (I am betrothed to my rice cooker) and Cory grilled the fish. The marinade and mango salsa were made earlier in the day, which probably helped.

Am I totally rambling here?

I am.

The moral of the story: Arugula + Lemon bars + chips and salsa + fish = Balance.

At least that's what I tell myself.

PS - I'm Pinteresting. Find me here, if you're into that sort of thing.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

It's All Greek

I have things to tell you about from today.

Flea markety things.

But before I get to that, and because I'm too lazy to put the pics on the computer, we shall cover a few odds and ends.

Mostly odds.

1. I asked Cory to take a picture of Ruby yesterday in her cute outfit (this is her favorite skirt, for obvious reasons) and my sunglasses. Not only did he take the photos for me, he took fantastically good ones and then "cross processed" them (whatever that means). I am pretty sure he did all of this just to spite me by drawing such a stark contrast between his work and my (cough cough) work. Alas, they are just too smashing not to share. Show-off.

2. Ruby recently came in to our room early one morning and started sniffing me, which I'm happy to report is not commonplace. The following conversation ensued:

Ruby: Mommy, you thmell different today.

Me: What do I smell like?

Ruby: You thmell like...Africa.

Me: How do you know what Africa smells like?

Ruby: Because it thmellth like brown people! And I'm a brown girl!

Me: Is it a good smell?

Ruby: It'th a very good thmell!

Sidenote: Ruby's birth father was born and raised in Africa, though we have never met him and actually know very little about him. She is very loosely aware that she has some connection to Africa, wherever that is.

I have really no idea what the whole conversation meant, but I loved it, all the same. I'm telling you, people, these kids inherently just know stuff. It's spooky-cool.

3. Silas has the cutest lips on the planet.

4. And homeboy's hairy. Let's just put that out there.

5. Every single day, Silas latches on to one or two random objects. He carries them around all day long. Today, it was Ruby's hot pink Barbie checkbook.

6. Friday, it was a microscopic Lego suitcase.

I can't find my head half the time, but he manages to go a full 30 hours without losing this.

7. Self-explanatory.

8. I think you should make this for dinner.
It garnered sweeping raves.

9. I'm still laughing over my phantom arm muscles.

10. I rue the end of this 4-star weekend.

11. But I'll get over it.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

What Love Looked Like Today

Today was my birthday + 1 week. My make-up Saturday birthday.

It started much too early and quite poorly, if I'm being honest. But once we wrangled our wileys out of the house, things took a sharp turn towards the serene.

In typical fashion, I daydreamed about every single thing we might cram into our 6 hours - the fun and the necessary.

We debated for minutes and minutes about which movie we were going to see.

We encountered last-minute drama of the teenaged variety that inspired me to proclaim, "I love busting people!" It's totally true. My kids are in for it.

Then, somewhere on the way to the theater, we found ourselves waylayed by rinky-dink city yard sales, complete with make-shift cardboard signage and piles of clothes they didn't even bother to fold. Hey, I don't mind. I scored a ziploc full of Barbie clothes (R's dream item is Barbie socks. Thoughts?), a box of Star Wars figurines and a ten-cent pair of red knee socks with snowflakes.

We coasted on over to lunch, then ran a few errands.

And then we parked it.

This park was truly woeful. They don't even bother to mow this park. There were no kids to be found. It's near a busy street. It was a real piece of work.

Also? It was Heaven.

The blanket was positioned exactly half in the sun, half in the shade.

I read for thirty-five seconds or so before a daydream pulled me away. Cory conked.

We didn't even talk much, and it's the most fun I've had with him all week. I just really like the guy, that's all. He's the best do-nothing company I know.

So, the paint might be a bit faded sometimes and the grass a little long. We all have days like that.

But when I take the time to look closer, I see two hearts that have simply made room for the other. We take the late night laughing , cereal bowls in our laps, talking in the dark - good. We take weeds that over time can look almost like flowers, so we pluck them up and put them in a soup can.

We hold hands in a sketchy park edged in chain-link and decide to pretend that we don't even notice the garbage-can smell that wafts over when the breeze blows from a particular angle.

Marriage is work. Sometimes, it's hard work.

But mostly, it's perspective.

PS - I totally, totally do not have muscles in my arms.
Magical lighting, I tell you.
I told Cory, "Maybe I do have muscles and we just never knew!"
His response: Two slow shakes of his head.

Friday, June 24, 2011

How to Hear

For all of my make-believe, put-on smartness, I'm learning more everyday about my foolishness.

Most of it is hind-sight-obvious in a way that makes me want to crawl under something and hide for a while.

But hiding requires darkness and I want these truths to grow, so here I am, scattering the seeds of confession out into the sunshine of you.

The truth is, I've never been a good Bible reader.

Doesn't that sound dumb? Who says something like that?

Well, I've said it secretly to myself a million times, but I've probably never said it out loud until today.

I have found the Bible boring, sometimes. I've always believed in its power and it's searing truth, but, you know, I've heard it all before. In the way I prefer not to watch the same movie twice or read a good book again, I mostly concluded that I already knew what was in there. And, PS, a lot of it isn't as feel-good as I would hope.

I would go through spurts. I never let it get too dusty, because my secret thoughts aside, I knew enough to know that a nice, Christian girl has to put in her time. It felt good when I put a check in that little box.

All the while, I read books. Big stacks of books that entertained and transported me.

I mostly read fiction, but a few nights ago, I started reading Radical Together, by David Platt. We had listened to his "Radical" series over a year ago. (It's also in book form.) It flipped us end over end and we're still not fully upright. I hope that it stays that way. Having had my world already rocked, I sort of thought this newest book would be more of a reminder of what I already understood.

Then I got to the part about the Word of God and every life-shattering thing that it is.

In our lives and in the church , we are never without a revelation from God. At all times you and I have his message to use in all its power, authority, clarity and might. We don't have to work to come up with a word from God; we simply have to trust the word he's already given us. - David Platt, Radical Together

The loose, hazy notion that I was missing something gripped tight around my heart and I understood something very fundamental for the very first time. I ask and ask and ask, I pray and beg for God to speak to me, to make clear his purpose in my life. I know that my salvation does not rest in the number of hours that I read. I know that I walk with Him daily. He's right here, right this moment. I've never doubted that. But in all of my blind asking and clenched-jaw seeking, in all of my fears that His voice is too quiet or my ears don't work right, I'm not going to the place where he speaks the loudest. I'm here boo-hooing about not getting to talk to my best friend and all the while the phone sits bored and worthless on the charger.

His word never changes. It is relevant today. He knew every circumstance we would face, so he made sure to cover all of it. It's not about what we are supposed to be doing. It's not about doing a chore in order to make Him happy. I personally don't think he cares when we read or how much we read. But if we say we need answers from him, then it makes no sense not to pick them up off the bedside table. They're already there.

Right now we are seeking. We're begging for directions.

It only took 35 years, but I finally understand where I will find them.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

What Will Become of Lainey Courtland?

This photo has no relevance to Lainey Courtland.

Though she does like flowers.

At least in theory.

She's an interesting girl, but I'll be honest, she really upsets me sometimes.

She's made me cry a time or two.

She haunts me in my sleep.

She hogs all of my good thinking time in the shower.

I pray for her.

I do.

I pray that God will show me exactly what I need to share about her.

She isn't me.

But she's like me.

She's some of the best parts, some of the worst.

And some parts that I could only wish for.

The more I say about her, the more pressure I feel to keep moving.

And that's why I'm telling you about her today.

Maybe one of these days you'll be able to meet her for yourself.

But for now, I'm just a little past half-way.

Miles to go.

Buckets of angst.

And every now and then, a sunbeam so bright that I have to squint while I smile.

Be good to me, Lainey Courtland.

I'll do my best to be good to you.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Black Courage

When Calvin was a littler guy, he was very attached to his pacifier. He sucked that thing all night long, like it was his job in life. I was always amazed that he never seemed to lose it while he slept. I worried about his bite. When he was 3, we finally bit the bullet and sent them all off to the babies in Africa who didn't have pacifiers. (Ahem.)

I remember so clearly thinking that he would never get past that stage. I really just couldn't conceive of it.

Well, in the past year, my guy has lost two teeth, learned to tie his shoes, learned to ride a proper bicycle and learned to read. To name a few.

And as of today?
He survived his first day of soccer camp.

This boy who clung to me like a petrified monkey just a few years ago when I dropped him off for pre-school, the one who ended up puking on the steps while his teachers pried him off of me, the one who teared up on his first day of kindergarten, that boy, he hiked up his socks and tied his own cleats and trekked out to the field, a member of the Black team.

I wasn't convinced that he would go through with it.

I didn't hold my breath that he would enjoy it.

He has a bit of an aversion to heat, for one thing.

But he did it.

And he loved it.

Adding to the thrill of the day was this surprise visitor.

It was the ca-ray-zay-est thing I ever did see.

Where did he come from? How long had he been tooling around town?

Silas kept shouting, "Look! The doggy!"

Poor thing couldn't get out of the tall-fenced soccer field.

He finally ran behind a garage and passed out. He just plum fell asleep.

So very, very strange.

I spent my 2 hours on the bleachers, holding hope for my soccer boy like a smooth stone in my hand. I turned it over and over. I looked at it so hard, trying to see if it would show me a glimpse of his future, that my eyes crossed a little.

This guy never stops surprising us.

I was *so* proud of him.

Tonight he prayed, "Thank you for the good weather for my soccer camp. And thank you that I liked soccer camp. Oh! And thank you for my soccer coach."

I think we'll go on back again tomorrow.

Monday, June 20, 2011

A Tale of Two Gifts

Hallelujah, I made it out of the house for 3 precious hours this evening.

Dinner was Chicken with Garlic Sauce (not to be confused with Garlic Chicken).

My date was Sarah. (a.k.a., well, you know.)

We were long overdue.

The evening was dual intentioned:
1. My birthday was Saturday.
2. Sarah and Rick just bought a new house.

But first, a word on my birthday. I believe I mentioned that it was less-than-stellar. Well, that's true. But it was really no one's fault. I had been pumped for a year that my birthday was going to fall on a Saturday, but I only very recently discovered that Cory would have to work the better part of the day. I'll be honest, I sulked a little. I may have moped. Possibly. At least that's what I heard. I did get to sort of share my 4-year-old nephew's dinosaur themed party for a few hours, which was fun. I painted Father's Day stuff with the kids and traipsed around in humid air wearing a tank top and flip flops. I'm not a girl who minds a little humid air. I hauled all of our dining chairs out to the porch and scrubbed them down, which wasn't as lame as it might sound. Then I spent the evening by a campfire with friends and was reunited with my honey and all was not lost.

It was no where near as bad as my thirtieth birthday, but I won't even go in to that.

OK fine, I'll go in to it.

I was in DC on a business trip. It was my first birthday as a Mommy. It was my thirtieth birthday. And Cory plum forgot. Completely, utterly forgot. He swears to this day that he didn't forget it was my birthday, he just didn't tell me "Happy Birthday!", to which I reply something along the lines of, "Well, I don't think I'd be admitting to that." But that's not even the half of it. At some point during the day, I found myself dining with my then-boss, who, granted, did not know it was my thirtieth birthday, but who felt compelled to tell me that a) he had a crush on Giada De Laurentis and b) he was basically forced against his will by my previous boss, the meanest man in DC (whom I dearly loved), to hire me. He said it all with a jovial smile, I'll give him that. I walked through our back door that night somewhere past midnight and it secretly thrilled me to no end that Cory did officially go the entire day without acknowledging my birthday.

Not that I hold it over his head or anything.

So. Saturday? Not super fantastic.

Tonight? Fantastic. Super.

This is Sarah's new house. I squealed when I saw it, for all of its cuteness and perfection and charm.

Holy built-in!

Our friend Jessica met up with us and the tour commenced.
We oooh'd and aaah'd and I took pictures with the PAS in low light.

Then it was time for this.
Rick wrapped it for Sarah. He even did the bow AND he wrote a message for her in the card.
He covered the whole left side!
It's my new favorite ever.
I even love it that he misspelled my name.
His wonky "d"!

I love opening gifts.
(maybe that goes without saying)

Claw Alert! Claw Alert!

Jess and Sarah both cracked up in unabashed acknowledgment of my claws in this shot.

(Jess feels my pain and might possibly have me beat in the Claw Toes category.)

Did I mention that I'm easily pleased?
Maybe a bit excitable?

The truth is, Sarah has a knack for Shannan.

Remember the Blue Blanket? Hello.

Heavens to Betsy.

A jadeite cake-stand.

Made in O-hizzle.

Aren't we a pair!

Is it ok if I kiss my cake stand? I'm totally gonna. I sometimes kiss things I really love, including but not limited to: blankets, cake stands, husbands, books, magazines, children, linens, flowers and pictures of Tim Riggins.

After all of the cake stand hoopla, the fun was only half-over.

I still had my house-warming gift to unveil.

Backstory: 8 or so years ago, Sarah and I visited Green Oak Antiques, in Rochester, IN. I found a fun green cabinet. I decided to buy it. Sarah was insanely jealous, spouting off things like, "But it's my color of green! It was made for me!" She had no where to put it and I did. Still, she persisted.

She named my cabinet "Sarah", in honor of herself.

To this day, we have conversations like this:
CMB: Where's Scrabble?
Me: It's in The Sarah.

It was difficult to say goodbye, but I knew for sure that it was time for Sarah to fly away home.

We both screamed at the top of our lungs when I showed it to her outside her house.

We really did make a scene.

I jumped around a bit, which I am not prone to do.

A policeman drove by slowly and gave us a good, hard looking-at.

Those were three intense hours, man.

On my way home, I drove by this woeful place and decided we should probably just rescue her.

It puts me right in Sarah's back yard and just around the bend from Holly and Jess. We could all squeal together regularly. We could even jump a bit, if we were so inclined.

Combing the BFF Archives

I have sent and received more emails from Sarah than any one else. Hands down.

We have written volumes, people. Volumes that have kept us connected across the ages.

In fact, for a couple of years we diligently saved every. single. email. that was sent between the two of us on a pipe-dream lark that we would one day compile them into a book, which would naturally be published and soar into best-sellerdom.

We planned to play ourselves, respectively, in the forthcoming (duh) movie.

For your enjoyment and collective head-shaking, I present to you a small collection of excerpts from the first three months of our years-long endeavor. Note: We did/do have an unnatural fixation on Hollywood. And we appear to have had a good bit of down-time on our hands.

(It pains me to note that the following emails were sent not in 1995, as it may appear, but in 2005.)


To: Shannan
From: Sarah
April 20, 2005
So, I think that is the news except for my fashion scoop today. I'm loving my hair, always, first. and then today I'm wearing this fun netted scarf as a belt. I like it. But then I had been thinking about my new fashion thing I wanted to try that I've seen done (mostly in Hollywood) and so I have done it. I'm wearing two necklaces at the same time!!!!!! You might do that often, but I never had. It's a first and I like it. One is my silver S and the other is just another silver one that's longer.

To: Shannan
From: Sarah
April 21, 2005

On the way to work this ayem this little boy was walking with another on the sidewalk going to school and I spied him holding a sign made out of lined notebook paper. I slowed and turned to read, but he probably wrote it in pencil. He was holding it out for passing cars to see, when he saw me looking, he thrust it out, but I had to keep driving. What did that little towhead of 8 or 9 have to say to the world? SERIOUSLY.

To: Shannan
From: Sarah
April 22, 2005

i SO wish you could have joined me in my dream last night. It was seriously the bomb. I think you were in it, maybe, though. It was set in Larry's BARN. Light was pouring in (which it doesn't) and you could see so well, and I climbed up high, high, high and was hanging there pulling open drawers with all sorts of treasures in them. One thing i found I knew was for you (it was an old apron) and I was dying and I kept feeling a little bad, but then I was like, it's our barn, and someone (an aunt) came in and was like, what are you doing, and I yelled, I'm shopping in the barn! (That was a great funny line to say.) And then I came down and I opened this drawer and my mom was there beside me and there were these old journals she wrote to me and Karah and I started reading it and crying, it was so sweet and the infamous line (from the valentines card) "you light up my life" (the lyrics) were in there and my mom was sort of singing it. It was a killer great dream, SERIOUSLY. And so inspired by my real life desire to make it to the loft of the big barn.

Oh man.

To: Sarah
From: Shannan
April 22, 2005

A quick Cory note: He looked so dang hot last night! Seriously, every time I looked at him he looked so good. His hair is at a good stage or something. I am lucky!

Your dream was TO-DIE-FOR! Some of my all-time fave dreams have been those where I am antiquing and discovering treasures. Your sounds like the best ever! I needed to be there! It inspires me to just say, let's go home the same weekend sometime and tackle the loft together. We could do it!

To: Shannan
From: Sarah
April 27, 2005

Your assignment: Shannan, last night i made the good scrub and it rocked my world!!!!! You have to try it. I loved it!!! It was so good, I could have ate it (ok, i did take a tiny taste.) It's so good. I don't know if it works, but my skin felt great, and it seems really easy on the skin. Here's the recipe again, I want to share with Keisha as well. 1/2 juice of small lemon, 8 Tb of brown sugar, and 1 tea. of honey. Mix and put on your body. It was seriously so good. Could I market it?

To: Sarah
From: Shannan
April 27, 2005

I am v. excited to try your edible scrub! And I love that you tasted it. I told Keisha the good news of H&M. A funny thing about that: When I checked the website they had it listed as "Ford Wayne", but I confirmed that it is in the Glenbrook Mall. But isn't that weird that they misspelled the city?

To: Shannan
From: Sarah
May 10, 2005

Well, it's official, what the heck are they putting in that punch out in Hellay. Seriously. I see a divorce in ONE year, mark my words, maybe even an annulment.

To: Sarah
From: Shannan
May 10, 2005

You truly give Ren-Ken (HA!) only a year??? I know, you're probably right. You know me, ever the optimist about this crap.

To: Shannan
From: Sarah
June 1, 2005

I loved your ps of fashion news. I would love to see your outfit, that's one thing about not seeing each other enough, we miss out on all this stuff. I am wearing a fun new brown/army green outfit today. I am seriously in love with brown and green. It's weird.

One more thing I keep forgetting ot mention, it's just a funny. When Tianna and I were watching Tom Cruise on Oprah (did you see that?) we had to crack up b/c he was telling Oprah how he had been her "work" and "admired it" etc. and wanted to meet her. And I was like, Hello, Her work on DAWSON"s CREEK or in FIRST DAUGHTER?? HA! I mean, come on. Although Pieces of April was good and you know I've loved her on DC, but seriously.

I cannot get over them.

To: Shannan
From: Sarah
June 21, 2005

Anyhow, Bobby (i'm not sure if I am spelling that right, is it bobbie) is for Bobby Pins which I seem to increasingly enjoy, but feel like a fool in. I don't mind my partial top up in one or two, but today I went way out there and busted up the top half of my head back in like 6-7 pins all over. I think I must look ridiculous, but some days I can't handle all the hair down, it just always wants to part down the middle and I feel so bored by it. Anyhow, I'm pushing through. Today I'm in pink and brown, a new fav combo, which I believe you have seen me in.

From: Shannan
To: Sarah
June 22, 2005

I'm happy to hear from you again, and such a short email! (Not) (I love reviving the stupid "not" from time to time!) I loved your words of wisdom to the world on how to cure a low-self-esteem day. Good for you for busting out your finest! And you are right, I was lying in bed last night lamenting the fact that I did not get to see Bobby Pin Madness. As for me, you only really missed my skirt and bracelet, and only b/c I was out getting dirty earlier and the skirt wasn't conducive to working.

Oh, my Ebay chandelier came today! Sarah, it is TO DIE FOR! Oh my word. And the girl I bought it from is so fun, I just know it. It is a tried and true beauty, although it def. needs rewiring. I'm thinking of putting it in the boudoir, although I sort of hate to give up the ceiling fan. It's ugly, but functional. We use it all the time in the summer. But who likes to be functional, anyway??? Cory, that's who.


That's just a glimpse.

I could go on.

And on.

In a sad twist of fate, the sum total of Sarah's archives were destroyed at the hands of an overzealous IT guy on the last day of her previous job. Poof. All of my words of wisdom were gone. (Thank you, overzealous IT guy!)

I love that with the click of my mouse, I can time-travel back to a different era in my life. One where I had time to micro-manage my wardrobe. One where I watched Oprah at my leisure. This is the history of a friendship, the history of connecting. I'm so thankful I have it archived and at my fingertips, when I have a hankering to go back. Embarrassment be danged.