Sunday, May 15, 2011

Vacation 3.0

Upon further review, we have determined, along with a team of professionals, that my camera settings veered slightly away from Nostalgic somewhere around day 2.

I couldn't possibly have pulled it off if I tried.

And it wasn't Nostalgic Cory.

I like to believe it was a vacation miracle.

God knew I needed a bit more color.

Sure, He could have fulfilled my life-long vacation dream of finding a piece of sea glass...that would have been nice. And colorful.

But mysteriously colorful Nostalgic photos works for a solid Plan B.

Thanks, God.

They're still subdued. Sun-bleached. Acid washed, if you will.


It was freeing to have the ol' Drinking Buddy back in my clawhands. I didn't worry about turning dials or trying to capture any artsy depth-of-field shots. I just saw something I liked and pushed one dang button. Boom.

Sherbet-colored umbrellas are positively charming, regardless of the machine. They can't even help it.

But can we please stop for a moment to discuss the Chicken Church?


I had NO CLUE that this church was a chicken.

I thought it was a rather Santa Maria-ish looking place. It felt so scandalous, to love a non-Amish looking church!

And now? Because of allayou'ns?

All I see is a beak and two beady eyes.

Thanks for that.

(Full-on Nostalgic)

(Post-Miracle "Nostalgic")

I felt like a total grown-up in my Big Girl, non-flip-flop shoes.

Sensible shoes. I felt as though I had finally arrived.

Although this pair kept making me think of Brad Pitt, for some reason.

And no, I did not have toe extensions. Those are all natural, baby.

While I'm clearing the air, I'd like to clarify that Cory didn't take 101 pictures on our trip. He took 101 pictures of ME on our trip.

But! It is kind of fun to have record of my vacation rack-combing.

I really wanted to bring that red and blue bedspread the heck home.

I did bring these home.

I bought them here, along with 3 frames. $5 for the whole shebang.

(John Rich is a babe. Just had to get that off my chest.)

Without exaggerating, thrifting was one of the highlights of my trip.

Now do you believe me?

NOW do you???

I think this is photo #72 or so.

I cracked UP when I saw it.

The look on my face! Law.

Then Cory very casually states, "Oh, that's the face you always make when you're taking pictures. You always look like you're in pain. You didn't know that??)

Uh - No.

This is Cory's impersonation of Dexter Morgan.

If you don't know who that is, you probably don't want to know.

One of the buildings looked exactly like his house.

He's a real guy, you know.

Pretty sure he lives in Indian Shores, FL. Not Miami.

This, I like to call "Some Things Never Change".

Guess which side of the bed was Cory's?

Does it seem like I'm losing steam here?

Like I'm dragging this out unnecessarily?

Well, you're wrong.

Stay tuned for a special 4.0 edition.

I've got all week, People.

I'm not going anywhere.


Nostalgic(ish) Shannan


  1. toe-extensions - hahaha - I love it. As a girl with "freakishly long fingers and toes" (my mom HATES when I say that), I want to adopt your phrase.
    And all of your pictures - nostalgic or not-so-nostalgic - are beautiful. I need a vacation. :)

  2. Oh gosh - I wish I would have know you were coming to Florida. You were only like 30 minutes away from me and I could have hooked you up with a really really reasonable condo on the beach - just where you went. I hope you had a great time - by the looks of your pics you did. Hope you enjoyed the sand between your toes and our awesome sunsets.

  3. I think I would have cried to have found such awesome prices on furniture and not be able to buy it, you can't buy furniture on vacation, right!?! Oh how I love thrift stores!

    ps-thank you for zooming in on that price I was trying to decide if that was really what it said of if it was 4,500! :)

  4. that chicken church is crazy. crazy awesome.
    super envious of your thrifting adventure. wow!
    you are too stinkin' cute! keep it up-i'm not going anywhere.

    ps. i. must. plan. indiana. trip. xo

  5. ahh I need a vacation so bad... thanks for reminding me!!

    i wish my hubsy would take more pictures of me!!

  6. bring it! love your outfit. you look very floridian;)

  7. speaking of babes...the sandals=brad pitt=Troy. he wore them. gladiator sandals are totally it right now. way to go, babe! :)

  8. An absolutely quintessential vacation! I want to read all about Vacation 4.0, 5.0, 6.0, 6.1,2,2.1, you get the drift. I love reading about the beautiful adventures, the ebb and flow of life. Thanks for sharing!

  9. hmmm.. no. i maintain 101 pictures of you is still minimal. especially with no kids. i mean how many pictures of birds can you take? or chicken churches(awesome)? oh and p.s. i bought those stripey target shoes too and love them big time. :) i am kind of dying to know where in florida you went...

  10. that chicken church is a crack up!

  11. Hahaha- that's funny people told you about the chicken church! The first time I saw it I thought, "Can't wait to see what she says about this little clucker!" And then you didn't mock it, and I didn't want to ruin your view of it so I just didn't say anything. :)
    I have to tell you, after losing an adopted child and getting a divorce and finding out I probably can't raise another child because I'm on bed rest almost 24/7 with no cure, I get bitter when I read mommy blogs. It's hard to find ones to read where I don't roll my eyes at their "complaints" or feel anomosity to the writer, through no fault of their own other than that they get to raise children. Anyway, I wanted to tell you that your is so sweet, it is one of the only blogs I can read without feeling upset! :) I bookmarked it and have enjoyed reading it over the past few months. You don't take your children for granted, and you're so sincere that I can't be mad at you. I sound like a crazy, bitter person, but all I mean is that it's usually much harder to read a blog, and I'm grateful that I can read yours! Thanks.

  12. chicken church is the best laugh I've had all day. I could not stop. I only saw the pretty church until you mentioned it and now all I see is our holy sepulcher of Chick-fil-a. Someday I may need to take a picture of our local touchdown Jesus church. But alas, I fear it will place a distant second to the chicken church.

  13. Chicken Church ROCKS! Also, the sandals (i'm sure someone has already written this but I don't have time to comb through the comments) are Brad Pitt because he wore similar ones in the terrible no good movie about Spartans. TROY, that was it. Maybe it wasn't about spartans.

    Love you and your thrifty ways. AND? Nostalgic you is super fun. Just saying. I think you can find sea glass in Alaska. Go there next time. My mom did and she came home with sea glass that she fashioned into some sort of ornament with metal wire. It's in my tree.
    Just you know, FYI.

  14. Keep it coming! I am loving the vacation posts. I didn't think about the church looking like a chicken until I read the comment about it. Now it's painfully obvious.

  15. I'm living vicariously through your vacation pictures. Where are we going tomorrow?

  16. It's funny - the last time I was in Florida I was a thriftin' fool. And I think the church looks like an owl - and truly, if ANY one should know...wouldn't that be me? The Coop Keeper that wears owl hats? I thought so. Sounds like you had a great time-and as soon as I saw that Corxter pic - I heard the theme song running in my head.....

  17. ...neither are we...going anywhere...

  18. Oh my goodness! I'd make a trip there just to load up on furniture!! Those are unbelievable prices:)
    I love all of your very pretty:)

  19. Just got updated on the hubby vacation. At this point, I would go anywhere with the mister and I mean anywhere. I am to that point, right now! I love the verse on the price tag. Awesome. And, most importantly... yes, John Rich is a babe!

  20. I was just down in Ft. Lauderdale two weeks ago for Fleet Week to visit my sailor. And it was SUCH a treat. Glad you soaked up the warmth and the fun!!!

  21. Love the chicken church! Cracked me up (like an egg, get it?) Great pics!

  22. I didn't notice the chicken church before. Glad you mentioned it : ) Cluck. Cluck.
    Laughed about your toes.
    And all of the clothes on Corey's side. I wish he could get himself together ; )

  23. I can not even leave a comment here.

    Again, there was no salsa.

    What kind of vacation was this?

    For the love of Pete.


    P.S.- Good pics of Shannan, Cory.

  24. haha I thought it was an owl church too. BTW I want that nostalgia setting on my point and click and I don't think mine has it..who would know though since I have an aversion to instruction booklets. They are always written in smart adult English...I need dumbed- down English and then I still wouldn't read them. It is how I roll.
    Love the sandals. I'll take a bit of those toes.I have Fred Flintstone feet. Or tiger paws.

  25. Oh, my goodness! That church does look like a chicken!!! I wonder if the worshipers cluck instead of saying Amen. I'm glad you're dragging out your vacation. It's kinda been like a little getaway in my mind. I really enjoy all your beautiful photos. You're sandals are very chic.

  26. I'm laughing hysterically right now, because Lily, aged 7, glanced over my shoulder at "the church" and said, "That looks like a birdie with a cross on its head. Why did they make that church into a birdie?"

    Cute pictures with trusty, fits-in-your-pocket point-and-shoot.

    Glad you had a time.

    Loved your thrifty finds. Rob and I stopped at a vintage shop this weekend, sans kids, but I didn't buy anything. I never know what in the world to do with something adorable, like a stack of vintage fabric scraps. I need some training. I pick you. :)

  27. Ooops, meant to say "Glad you had a great time." But I bet you did have a time, indeed.

  28. I love reading about your vacation!! Bring on the 4.0!! And the chicken church is pretty hilarious :)

    Happy Monday.

    Angie from Ohio

  29. I dont' think I can go to Florida because #1 I don't have grown up shoes and #2 I don't think my hair can tolerate the humidity.

    You, on the other hand, seem to ooze into that world perfectly and if I weren't pulling for you to move to Colorado (what? A girl can dream) I'd tell you to move there. Ok. Just kidding. Stay put. But keep sharing so I can live vicariously through you!

  30. please please please please please tell me you bought the fabric before the red and blue bedspread???

  31. Gracious, I LOVE these posts! Keep 'em coming, Girl. I wanna see more thrift, too! :)

  32. I was always "Ostrich toes, flamingo legs, albatross body" thanks to my older brother who apparently had a thing for birds. I love all of your vacation .0's, since I won't be on vacay until who-knows-when. Its a nice little peek!

  33. Oh, I love Indian Rocks, and John's Pass! Did you eat at the Friendly Fisherman??? Did you have the grouper cheeks??? They are SO GOOD!!! And their slaw with the pineapple in it is pretty tasty, too! I haven't been there in several years, so thanks for taking me down memory lane. Although, we always stayed on Treasure Island, just across the bridge. Thanks! Becky G.

  34. Oh, I'm so excited...I just read that I'm not the only one who thinks chicken church should be re-named owl church. It is totally an owl! Hats off to the Coop Keeper. I'm lovin these pics. Waiting for 4.0
    J.R. TOTALLY deserves to win. Just sayin. Keep your fingers crossed.

  35. I've got you beat on the long toes, girl.friend. Promise! :)

  36. I have to comment on the "chicken church" three year old was chattering over my shoulder while I read your post, and I couldn't keep from busting into laughter when he stopped mid-sentence when seeing the church picture and said..."thats a funny looking owl"!! :)

  37. You are adorable. I bet you hear that a lot but I don't say that a lot. It's true!


    ps Your comments are for real among my faves every time. How do you do that?

  38. My husband and I recently became familiar with Dexter Morgan, what an awesome show! We just finished season 4, holy cow, can't wait for season 5 to come out on DVD. btw: great outfit, and what fun finds from the thrift store. And seriously, $40 for that hutch?!? I hope they deliver! Awesome.

  39. dexter.morgan.
    once i set my fb status to: fried eggs, ham, and fresh-squeezed blood-orange juice sounds good, and (fortunately) not one of my fb friends had any clue what i meant!

  40. As clear as day...that church is a chicken.

    My recent vacation photos are a lot like yours. I didn't worry about making them artistic, interesting or about contrast or light. I just clicked away.

    I look angry when I take photos. Or a bit unhappy at best, which is odd since I love taking pictures.

    Cory thrifts with you. Sigh. My hubby doesn't enjoy a Goodwill or any thrift store. I mean, I can guilt him into going with me, but there's not joy. He doesn't appreciate or understand the hunt. He can usually be heard saying "It just smells funny in here." and then I lose patience and say something akin to "This is the smell of opportunity!" or if I'm more annoyed "This is the smell of broken dreams, Brad. Be grateful."

    I guess it's no wonder he doesn't enjoy those moments.

    I'm loving the white shirt!

    And the sandals remind you of Brad Pitt in Troy.

  41. Ahhh! I came a vistin' from Jayne's blog and I found this entry about vacation! We vacation in Madeira Beach every year. My mom owns a condo there at the Yacht Club. Wonderful place! :)

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