Sunday, May 15, 2011

Vacation 3.0

Upon further review, we have determined, along with a team of professionals, that my camera settings veered slightly away from Nostalgic somewhere around day 2.

I couldn't possibly have pulled it off if I tried.

And it wasn't Nostalgic Cory.

I like to believe it was a vacation miracle.

God knew I needed a bit more color.

Sure, He could have fulfilled my life-long vacation dream of finding a piece of sea glass...that would have been nice. And colorful.

But mysteriously colorful Nostalgic photos works for a solid Plan B.

Thanks, God.

They're still subdued. Sun-bleached. Acid washed, if you will.


It was freeing to have the ol' Drinking Buddy back in my clawhands. I didn't worry about turning dials or trying to capture any artsy depth-of-field shots. I just saw something I liked and pushed one dang button. Boom.

Sherbet-colored umbrellas are positively charming, regardless of the machine. They can't even help it.

But can we please stop for a moment to discuss the Chicken Church?


I had NO CLUE that this church was a chicken.

I thought it was a rather Santa Maria-ish looking place. It felt so scandalous, to love a non-Amish looking church!

And now? Because of allayou'ns?

All I see is a beak and two beady eyes.

Thanks for that.

(Full-on Nostalgic)

(Post-Miracle "Nostalgic")

I felt like a total grown-up in my Big Girl, non-flip-flop shoes.

Sensible shoes. I felt as though I had finally arrived.

Although this pair kept making me think of Brad Pitt, for some reason.

And no, I did not have toe extensions. Those are all natural, baby.

While I'm clearing the air, I'd like to clarify that Cory didn't take 101 pictures on our trip. He took 101 pictures of ME on our trip.

But! It is kind of fun to have record of my vacation rack-combing.

I really wanted to bring that red and blue bedspread the heck home.

I did bring these home.

I bought them here, along with 3 frames. $5 for the whole shebang.

(John Rich is a babe. Just had to get that off my chest.)

Without exaggerating, thrifting was one of the highlights of my trip.

Now do you believe me?

NOW do you???

I think this is photo #72 or so.

I cracked UP when I saw it.

The look on my face! Law.

Then Cory very casually states, "Oh, that's the face you always make when you're taking pictures. You always look like you're in pain. You didn't know that??)

Uh - No.

This is Cory's impersonation of Dexter Morgan.

If you don't know who that is, you probably don't want to know.

One of the buildings looked exactly like his house.

He's a real guy, you know.

Pretty sure he lives in Indian Shores, FL. Not Miami.

This, I like to call "Some Things Never Change".

Guess which side of the bed was Cory's?

Does it seem like I'm losing steam here?

Like I'm dragging this out unnecessarily?

Well, you're wrong.

Stay tuned for a special 4.0 edition.

I've got all week, People.

I'm not going anywhere.


Nostalgic(ish) Shannan