Saturday, May 14, 2011

Vacation 2.0

I'm going to just put this out there. Maybe if I say it super fast, it won't sound


Oh, you think I'm playing.

I wouldn't dream of it.

He's like, totally got a thing for me, or something.

So obvious.

(I hope he asks me out.)

This one? I like it.

Going in to this trip, I knew we would have a situation on our hands. There is just one beastly camera in this family. There are two picture-takerers.

Of course, the beast belongs to him, technically speaking, so I very happily and willingly kissed up to the point-and-shoot for 4 days. We got on like old Irish drinking buddies. Or something.

In order to add a little pizazz, I thereby did so solemenly swear that I would take all photos using the "nostalgic" mode on the dial.

Approximately three shots in, I doubted my course of action.

But I am nothing if not belligerent resolute.

In the end, I was quite pleased with the effect.

Isn't he dreamy when he's nostalgic?

He's dreamy, alright.

And not just because he took me to:

not one...

not two...

but three - THREE! thrift stores.

Oh, you've never known such thrift candy.

As you can tell, it put me in a most contemplative state.

I eventually pulled myself from the grip of thrift-store overload and walked out with a small pile of pure magic.

This $0.50 frame made the trip back home, baby.

Also? I'm wearing my sunglasses inside because I was too lazy to put on make-up.

One step away, my friends.

One teeny, tiny step away.

Make that half a step.

Being thrust back into our real world has proved interesting. I tried to prepare for it. I'm the girl who's a little sad the night before vacation because I know I'll be back home from vacation in 5 days. And I haven't even left my house yet.

Yep. I'm her.

But we did return to some biggish stuff. And a side-car of hormones.

For the record: If I have to clean my house for one more showing with 3 short-stacks underfoot only to hear, "They loved the house! Very cute! Their house is not on the market yet." well, I'll...I' something drastic. I'm not sure what yet, but I'll keep you posted.

In the meantime, I console myself with the knowledge that my humble camera captured the elusive Pelican-With-Sunset.

Nostalgic Cory and the Beast are still spitting mad.

I feel like I should stop talking about vacation, but I'm just not ready yet. Because this was my view whilst watching Bethenny in the late afternoon light.

And that means something to me.

Miss you, Beth.

Miss you real bad.

Version 3.0 drops sometime tomorrow, then I'll let you get back to your regularly scheduled lives. Prepare thyselves.

And remember the promise you made me before I left? To keep me abreast on what I missed while I was gone? Well, you've officially got the floor. I'm all ears. Literally. If you don't believe me, ask the kid who called me Dumbo in the 2nd grade.


  1. Please OH please let me be the first to comment! Love the vaca photos! I notice the strangest things...Is your hubby driving whilst eating a blizzard??

  2. SCORE!! I don't know why that made me so happy but it did!

  3. I'm not sure you could be much cuter. Just have to sigh dreamily at the idea of being in Fla. We got married in Pinellas Cty (St Pete Beach) in 2008, and haven't been back since. I miss it BAD.

  4. this is funny, I am about to start my novel of entries for "the move" part 1, 2, 3, 4, and who knows? I too get sad before I leave for a vacay I've even thought, should I even go? because it's just gonna be to hard to leave!
    oh and one more thing, my oldest son has that chevy shirt that your hubby has on and my lands he looks so young, how old are you guys? I almost mistook him for my son, when I see that shirt I instantly think of my son! is 39 really that old? have I aged that much since my early 30's? are you guys early 30's? I am frightenly close to those bobbie socks and white geriatric tenny's.

  5. HAHA..I think I have a crush on you!!! TMI

  6. Really? I'm not the only one who is sad that the vacay will be over before the vacay even starts?? I'm so relieved to hear it.

    I, for one, LOVE hearing about your trip! You had me at 2.0.

  7. I love the picture of u in the frame. u look so cute. what did u miss? well I honestly can't remember. most likely laundry.

  8. Yes, he's totally got a thing for you;)
    so cute...
    as always:)

  9. y'all are too sweet.
    i am loving vacation posts from you-keep 'em coming, woman!

  10. ok. I just realized I don't know where you stayed or anything like that...if I'm going to plan my copycat vacation, I must know these details.

    I have never seen bethenney and have no idea how to spell her name.

    I LOVE your sunglasses!

    I also LOVE that Cory took so many pictures of your hot self. :) Circle "yes" on that note he passed you in class!

  11. I love that you broke out at least one of the cute outfits ...too cute!! When did you get the picture of me and my walking partner? One step away is scary and so true. If you see me in a sleeveless white button up with a bra strap hanging out...shoot me in the head!

  12. PS I love Bethenny too and Ruby..aww Ruby is on Style and you would love her!

  13. The thrift store pics actually got me kind of excited! To have time to just wander and look---what a true vacation.

    Right now I'm in the middle of hosting a family reunion. Big stuff, let me tell you. And I don't know when I've had so much fun!

  14. I love it that you got to have fun!Thanks for sharing glad you could relax and have a lil together time.its the sweetest!

  15. We were one week shy of bumping into eachother in Pinellas County...but I would have been covered in alligator water wearing rattie clothes...and you would be all cute and fashionista...but I still would have eaten chips and salsa with you! :) So glad your vacation was awesome!

  16. I don't get tired of looking at your pictures. Love that Cory loves to take your picture. I'm not a great model and they always turn out badly when my husband takes some of me. He has to catch me off guard. Why can't I be photogenic like you?

  17. You might be the funniest girl in America.
    Truly : )
    I love your vacation posts. I hope you keep doing them for 10 days. Plus 1.

  18. Ahhhh.... Pinellas County! That's where my sweet grandparents lived and we spent months there every year. It will always be home and my heart skipped a beat when I saw that picture. :) (I know that's so corny, but my grandparents have passed, and I miss my "home" so much...)

    So glad you had a great vacation. The pics are wonderful!!

  19. You two are adorable!

  20. you could talk about your vacay forever...i wouldn't mind. i love getting lost in vacation pictures. that sunset was gorgeous and i tell ya the thrifting would probably have been my favorite part. he's definitely a keeper! that's one good man to take you to THREE thrift stores:)

  21. We vacation every single March at Indian Rocks Beach! Will have to find out where the thrift stores are now.
    I do love the Wagon Wheel Flea market.... have you been? Not to me missed!

  22. Shannanigans.


    Shanny Loo.

    Shanny Belle.


    Shanille. (No. 5)

    I have looked this post over thrice.

    Where in the name of nostalgia and good times is the salsa?

    I beseech you to show me the salsa!

    3.0 has relentlessly high expectations bearing down on it's shoulders, and it ain't pretty, my friend.

    I have seen nary a salsa.

    Nary a chip.


    On a cheery note- the frame was a good score.

    Siley's pic will be perfect in it.

    Love to Siley.

  23. Loved all of the vacation pictures. You missed a very rainy camp out. I'm jealous. Would gladly have traded with you.

  24. Awww, the pics are cute! I feel nostalgic just looking at them!

    What's new? New to me is that the big red Farmer's Market in Nappanee is for sale! With 315 acres (in many tracts)! Think of what you could do with that place! We are on the auctioneers mailing list and this by far was the fanciest, glossiest "book" we have received from them. And they do ALOT of auctions...Did you really want to know all of that??

  25. So glad you two got the chance to get away---it looked wonderful, restful, and restorative. Hope the transition back into non-vacay mode goes more smoothly than it has! Sending lots of love and goodness in your direction :)

  26. While you were gone...let's see...
    my 2 y.o. learned how to squeeze the life out of baby frogs, we had a funeral for the 1 my 8 y.o. girl noticed, my boy's fallen for a girl his sister's age, we attended foster parenting class, have an even greater excitement about God's plan for our family, and we hit the jackpot at a neighborhood yard sale. The end.

  27. I'm that girl too! And holy---three thrift stores!?! Keeper!

  28. Oh I am super jealous - looks fabulous & not one, but THREE thrift stores then 100+ photos - you have a good man lady - a good man indeed!!

    Miss O got her surgery date - June 9th - seems like forever away & at the same time too stinking soon :)

  29. With this crazy Indiana weather, I'm ready to go back to looking at my vacation pictures! Glad you escaped the madness if only for a little while. I swear I just saw a snowflake go by! Sheesh!

    LOVELY pictures! Keep looking at them all next week!! ;-)

  30. sooooo... i'm in florida. for a whole month. and i am fully prepared to post pics of nothing but sandy baby bums basically that whole time. and i think 101 pics is on the light side really-- but i am a freak show like that. :) can't wait for more pics. sun sand surf and love never get old. word. :)

  31. You two are the cutest.

    Thrift stores? Could there be a better vacation?

    There is a rat running around on my roof. Like galloping. Or trotting. Right now while I'm typing this. Back and forth, back and forth.

    Hurry with the 3.0. Your pictures make me forget the rat. They are very important in my life. Or making me forget parts of my life!


    Your friend,


    Oh yes. Definitely Katie.

    Or more likely...Katie's other friend. The girl scout. What's her name? I can't remember.

    Your readers probably think I'm commenting from the insane asylum.

    I like it that way.


  32. Welcome back!! Your hubby is definitely a keeper. Any hubby that takes you to three thrift stores on vacay is a keeper in my book especially if there was no growling or grumbling whilst you were roaming those three treasure troves.

  33. So stinkin cute! :) I love love your vaca posts. I totally am sad before I leave on vacation..knowing I'll be home soon...but, then I'm so happy to be home again. Weird.. :) Thanks for sharing your amazing life with us - your sense of humor and beautiful writing style make me smile!

  34. I also totally love Bethenny!

  35. While you were away...I had a baby...a little girl! Yay! Her name is Lillian and she's beautiful. We are all in love!

    I'm vacationing vicariously through your posts while I am on the newborn schedule: change, feed, sleep, repeat.

  36. We leave for vacation in three weeks and I can hardly wait. But, just like, you I start getting sad about coming home before we even get there. So weird.

  37. Ummm, I've been linking within and 727 is in my neck of the woods, FPFG. If you're ever back in town, please tell me so maybe I can stalk you in person. (Actually we live across the Howard Franklin Bridge from there, so you'd be a relatively safe distance, technically.) Still. Come on down.