Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Vacation 1.0

So, we made it back.

My eyes are a bit bleary and I'm still wearing yesterday's make-up (at least in theory), but that is neither here, nor there.

I have a million things to say, but since I unloaded 15 on you the last time we spoke, I'll cut you a break. No lists tonight.

Our trip? Well, I don't know exactly what to say.

Except for this: It was wonderful.

And this: I have officially fallen in love with Bethenny Frankl.

I always thought I liked her, but only because she was on The Apprentice (classic ed.), and that happens to be one of my favorite reality shows. (I still like to believe that Nick and Amy from Season 1 are married somewhere with a gaggle of wee, red-headed, future copy machine salesmen.)

I never understood why she was on the Real Housewives show. And I didn't understand the hype about her losing her baby weight. I thought I had heard something about her getting married? Maybe she wrote a book? (This is what happens when you live in the sticks and you're a cheapskate. You learn to infer things.)

I still don't understand the Housewives thing, but I can say this: The girl is funny. She's nice to Nick, the quirky Foodie. She's nice to her husband. She snot-cries on her nanny.

I miss cable tv.


OK, no. I'm not done.

We got some sun.

We got some sleep.

We burrowed into a world that is mostly foreign from our own.

The air shimmied over us like a noon-time samba.

Say what??

My apologies. That's what an overdue vacation will do for a girl.

Suffice it to say: Florida is different from Indiana.

In a good way.

It's amazing how effortlessly we adapted to all of the new and the different.

It felt so good to do whatever we dang well pleased.

We felt the usual vacation tug-of-war between doing nothing at all and feeling like we should at least be doing something.

In the end, "nothing at all" won me over, and Cory spent most of his time doing (mostly) something.

I've always had a well-honed lazy streak.

Cory is the best vacation partner I can imagine.

We just really like each other.

He mostly picked the restaurants.

I mostly picked the late-night reality tv.

It's official: getting hitched was a good idea.

We drove around listening to the radio, double-harkening back to those old days when we knew a thing or two about Pearl Jam, still amazed by the way the rhythm of an electric guitar can leave its fingerprints all over the intro of a song.

Man, it felt good to do nothing.

No cooking, no laundry, no email, no nada.

We fanned out with the fancy-pants palms and slipped right beneath the Gulf-coast skin, where the air smells different and alarm clocks are frowned upon.

I missed my kids at the exact same time that I relished not having them around.

I couldn't help but get a little introspective about our life and my dreams for it. Just felt like the right thing to do.

Then, just when I started to feel like I might start turning blue at the very edges, it was time to pack it up.

We crept out of town before daylight, wide-awake on account of the in-between feeling of leaving one happy place to return to one you like even more.

The burly guy with the mullet was on our flight home, and I cannot tell you how that comforted me.

It wasn't even 10 a.m. when the wide yawns of farmland met us. We had the day to find our groove.

I couldn't stop smiling as we rolled back into town, where we were greeted with unseasonably warm air and 3 sweaty little kids cranked up on flip flops and cousins and Mommy and Daddy.

The afternoon steadied back into its usual pace and we hugged even tighter.

I caught Cory's eye from over the top of the hullabaloo and I knew all of what didn't have to be said.

I knew that the only thing better than a solo vacation with my husband, is coming home with him when it's over.


  1. lovely, lovely recap. You have a way with words Ms.

  2. Missed you!
    Next time choose CA! YAY!

  3. Oh! Love:

    I missed my kids at the exact same time that I relished not having them around.

    I couldn't help but get a little introspective about our life and my dreams for it. Just felt like the right thing to do.


  4. It.Sounds.Perfect. And I'm so glad. Welcome home!

  5. Sounds like you had a wonderful and much needed vacation with your husband!

  6. I am so glad you had a great time. You look beautiful and tan and relaxed. YAY for rest. : ) I love that you have a well honed lazy streak. Adorable. I like Betheny too. Sometimes she can be a little TOO mean, but I blame that on her horrible upbringing : ) I am totally cutting her a break.

  7. glad you had a good time away with your hubby :) we're going away soon, but WITH the kiddos...not the same, but still needed.

  8. A perfect vacation! Alone time with the hubby, reality TV {that he enjoys watching too}, cocktails and a great feeling when you arrive home:)
    P.S. is it just me or does that church photo look like a little chick?!

  9. The best times are spent doing nothing....glad you were able to get some R and R, but more importantly, spend some time with your better half. Life is about more than jobs, hustle and bustle, lists and lists of errands. Life is about the in-between, the moment you catch your spouse's eye, and you know exactly what the other one is thinking--that life is too sweet not to savor and that the best recipe is the one you mix up at home.

    Take Care.

  10. delightful! so glad you had a beautiful time away.
    amen, only thing better than vacationing with the hunniepie is coming home with him:)

  11. I just feel warm and snuggly all over. I love a good romantic marriage post.

  12. your posts have a way of bringing tears to my eyes. i love how you manage to say the things i don't know how to put as well as you put them.

  13. Glad you two got to spend time together its hard with kids to get quality time.So Happy you got to relax Have a great weekend!

  14. Amazing writing. Simply wonderful. I can feel the Florida sun on my back and desperately want to run upstairs and kiss my sleeping husband.
    So happy for you both.

  15. So lovely to get away just the two of you. There's nothing like going away to reconnect and remember just how delicious home actually is!
    So glad you had a wonderful time!

  16. I missed you.

    I have a boat-load of life to tell you about.

    How was the salsa?

    I missed you.


  17. I love doing nothing. Hola!

  18. Hey, looks like you did end up wearing one of your cute outfits! :) Also, is it me, or does the church look a little like a chicken?

  19. You know...I think if you are parents you could be on a tour of the sanitation system in New York city and have a wonderful time. There is just something about recharging those batteries with your honey, remembering why and how you started all this to begin with. So powerful I tell you. I could use a recharge right this very minute. Or a shower. One of the two. Florida looks lovely...even better than the sanitation system of New York city.

  20. Ahhhhh Sigh.... I feel like I've just had a holiday (or vacation as you guys say!).

    Wonderful post. Dreamy.

    And yes, that church looks like a chick!

  21. This is definitely in the top five of my favorite FPFG posts. Just beautiful.

  22. Love this post. The words, the pictures, the feelings. Beautiful.

    Oh, and am I the only one who sees the duck face in that church? Because it's a duck face I tell you.

  23. Welcome home, sweet friend! Love your pics and glad to hear you had a great time! Can't wait to catch up with your sun-kissed self!

  24. love it! am very jealous right now :)

    "I caught Cory's eye from over the top of the hullabaloo and I knew all of what didn't have to be said." made me tear up

  25. "We felt the usual vacation tug-of-war between doing nothing at all and feeling like we should at least be doing something."

    This is me. All over. Doing nothing usually wins, too. But, then again, We've only vacationed once (delayed honeymoon) for more than one night. Someday soon, I say. Someday soon. I've missed you while you were gone :)

  26. Sounds delightful. (Florida has yet to disappoint me :)) Loved your pics too.

  27. Just made reservations for Destin Fla. We go every year and stay in a beach view highrise condo. If I had my way I would live there full time. One week is not enough! Now I really want to go. 4 more weeks! judy

  28. Goodness.. I smiled the whole way through this sunny post! Now my face hurts. :) This makes me ache madly for our upcoming time away on Kauai.
    Your family is dear honey and I am soooo happy for you.

    oh yeah...
    Your pics are perfectly fabulous too. :)


  29. I read Pearl Jam and guitar solo, and I immediately here "Yellow Ledbetter" playing. I love that song. Oh to be able to take a trip with my just my husband.

  30. lovin' all the pics...thank you for that! the two of you was my fav. so good to get away...i'm sure the gang missed you something awful!

  31. You have a beautiful way of expressing sentiments that I've felt myself. Glad you had a happy vacation!

  32. oh wow, are you gorgeous or what?? The sun-kissed face and the beachy hair? Lucky Duck! :) Your vacation inspires me to take one of my own. You know, we've never really done that, just the two of us!

    So glad you are back!! Missed you!!

  33. That. Was. Beautiful. Every word. Every picture.

  34. Good for YOU!

    Gorgeous pic of you and your hubby! And your ruffled shirt did INDEED make an appearance!

    I always enjoy no emails and no access to technology. I find it is the most relaxing thing.

    I'm off to Tucson and am hoping to see this on my flight later today:

    "The burly guy with the mullet was on our flight home, and I cannot tell you how that comforted me."

    LOL! Glad you had such a great time!! Whenever I vacation with my hubby, I feel as you do..that I really like him, we get along well and marrying him was one of my smarter moves in life. :-)

  35. I love Bethany too. Totally. And that sounds just lovely. Sweet Man and I need one of those soon... welcome home!

  36. It sounds fantastic...both the "there" and the "coming home" parts. Welcome back! :)

  37. Sounds like an amazing time! Love the photos, the beginning definitely through me off a bit! haha!

  38. So, happy you had a mommy refresher! I think I need one too! We have 2 year old twins...

    PS I know I'm nuts but I swear that picture up above (church maybe) looks like a chicken!

  39. beautiful! (as usual!) LOVED the Pearl Jam line! ;)

  40. oh my word, I am about to cry or crumple on the floor in desperation from viewing your photos of somewhere warm! I need some warm! So the pic of the building with the cross looks like a chicken, that's why you took that picture right??
    Love the umbrellas and love love love bethenny, I watched her on housewives and bethenny getting married and bethenny ever after, she is a hoot.
    I need one of these vacay's so badly with none of my sweet blessed children along, maybe for my 40th?
    glad you had fun.

  41. Haha! So I'm not the only one who thought the picture of the church looked like a chicken! :)

  42. So, is it just me or does the building really look like a duck?

    If you don't see it, please remember that I DO spend my days with a 2 year old. Any old thing can seem entertaining.

  43. Oh, yay! Everyone sees it...except they see a chicken.

    I meant chicken, not duck.


    Sorry I didn't read the comments first.

  44. Sounds awesome. We are leaving for Florida in a week. But for us, it will be our first vacation "with" a child, so we're excited about that :) Glad yall were able to get a little get-away!

  45. What a great trip!! Husband + wife time - kids = priceless! Love coming home though too :)